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Udyr Build Guide by UGANDANMILITIA

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UGANDANMILITIA


UGANDANMILITIA Last updated on May 14, 2016
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General Build

Udyr Build

Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lee Sin alright like with any leesin theyre probably not good unless theyre smurfing or youre like plat 1+. Other than that its generally an easy matchup because you scale better than him at all stages of the game. Also if you're going Tiger GODYR you easily outduel him. good lee sin players are kinda cute so maybe ask them out.
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Hello I am BIGCHIEFKEEFSOSA, General, Master Tactician, and Theorycrafter for the pu55yp0unders. Today you are looking at the fourth track from my mixtape The Life of Cowey.
Udyr is very good hero because he just runs around like a escaped convict drawing attention from enemy team (cops) away from his team (GANG GANG). Unlike other champions, Udyr has no ultimate, and can level any of his abilities from rank 1. However this means that one of your abilities will only have 3 points. This ability will either be Tiger or Phoenix stance. If you go Tiger Stance you max Phoenix last, and vice versa.

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Jungle Enchants

Jungle Enchantments
Warrior - Go warrior if you're playing Tiger. You can build it on Phoenix but the other three are better.
Runic Echoes - If you build this one on Tiger you're actually trash. ONLY BUILD ON PHOENIX
Bloodrazor - This item is pretty new and I'm not really a huge fan, but I think it might be better on Phoenix because Tiger likes to have raw ad and Warrior is great for that. You can build it on tiger if you're against a bunch of hp stacking champions.
Cinderhulk - This works on both Tiger and Phoenix, however I would probably hold off on completing the jungle enchant until like third/fourth item because it scales once you have health.

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Udyr can use any of the smites but Blue is generally the best because the ranged slow is great.
Trackers you would take for vision control if your support is boosted and "forgets" sightstone.
Red Smite is if you're hard carrying and like 90/0

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The two most important stats on Udyr are CDR and Mana. Why? because building the two of those allow you to spam your stances and be able to run like a nigerian. An item that builds out of Sheen is also very good on Udyr, because most of your damage is from autos and you have 4 low CD spammable spells that make it easy to proc sheen.
Other than that you generally want either one or two damage items and two tank and then boots.
There is also the AP Udyr build for Pheonix where you go Runic Echoes and build Nashor's and Lich Bane. any of the items in this guide could theoretically be built its just that certain items don't synergize well with each other. For example, if you go Lich Bane but you went Blood razor, you're better off just going with Trinity Force or Iceborne Gauntlet, because they will out damage Lich.