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Nocturne Build Guide by Gorogoroth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gorogoroth

Gorogoroth's S4 Jungle Nocturne Guide

Gorogoroth Last updated on August 2, 2014
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Nocturne is a jungler and top laner who specializes in assassinating VIP targets with his ultimate, Paranoia. This guide will show you how to split push, join teamfights and hopefully, become a better player with Nocturne. Why should I keep reading I hear you say, don't worry Papa Gorogoroth will tell you what Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare, has to offer in a team:
- Has insane dueling potential, early and late game, when he hits level 4 (or 3)
- Easy isolation and assassination with his ultimate
- Crazy individual crowd control and damage
- Has an insane amount of innate tankiness in a duel thanks to his w (Spell sheild)
- Looks sexy!
- Has sugoi/ kawaii eyes

*NOTE* Gee whiz kids, 60k views and counting. I love y'all and I really appreciate it. My jungle Vi and Naut are incoming so pls keep doing **** and yeah :3

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About me

I'm a Platinum Thre... Only joking, my Lolking tells all, I am Silver V, (you can stop reading now if you'd like, or give my build a shot) but excited to see what the new season brings for me. I have only been playing for a year BUT, I have played DotA alot, especially the original on Warcraft III, which I was lucky enough to find consistent games on the battlenet. So.. I guess you could say I have some experience. I am not in any ranked teams as of yet (mainly because all of my friends have recently joined up on LoL and infuriate me with their lower levels), but do hope to join some in the near future. A little more about me.. Let's see here, I hate ARAM if I play it more than once a day, I didn't enjoy prolonged sessions of All-for-One. I abhor the LoL community, DotA is so much nicer. BUT I LOVE LEAGUE. MORE THAN DOTA. AND THAT SMITE ******** THAT I HEAR ABOUT. Anyways, enough of my boring scrubbiness.
PS: My first guide, please be gentle

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Now lets get this technical stuff outta the way, Two Quintessences of Armour Penetration, for the early game damage, as armour pen's base damage is insane. One Attack Damage Quint, for already high AD. Flat AD Marks, that's pretty standard AD boosting stuff. Flat Armour Seals, as armour is the lowest base stat, and in the jungle, all the creeps auto-attack. Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs, because magic resist is quite high anyway, it gives a decent early game boost and even better moving into later game phases. (NOTE: the reason I didn't put in Move Speed Quints is because Noc's boots are cheap and you will generally get them earlier in the game)

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Now,you could go 21/9/0 or 21/0/9 and be uber offensive in the jungle and gank 24/7, but, as I said above, you will generally be getting an early Beserkers Greaves, so won't really need the extra movement speed, mana regen, etc. As for the more defensive stuff, by nature, I am impulsive, so do stupid things occasionally, like an early dive, those extra defensive masteries help me survive some of those more silly moments, if you think you were right about me and I am a scrub, noob and all that ****, you are wrong (for the most part). I have given this build/ guide and tips to some of my higher elo mates who are in silver (BIG DEAL). Golden Acorn, ExplodingFist45 and SparkedRage. Also Gastadon (Gold), but yeah. If you are on the OCE server, I would love to grab a few games with you here and there (If it's not ARAM!!!!).

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Now items, start with the Hunter's Machete and five Health potions, as is the generic jungler start, now, build that Feral Flare as it is op and best on Nocturne,this is my personal opinion, but in saying that, the only jungle item I would get other than flare would be the Spirit of the Ancient Golem, as it is kinda ridiculous in how much tankiness it gives you and how cheap it is. You'd want to rush a Ravenous Hydra as soon as possible, or at least the Tiamat, and move straight into your Beserker's Greaves, these two items synergise particularly well together and speed up your clear/ gank times. Grab an Avarice Blade as soon as you get boots of some kind. DO NOT UPGRADE IT INTO ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING! For a while at least. Work with your support or top laner to see who is going to build your Aegis/Locket, if you have a gold lead and want some cheapy cheap defensiveness, GRAB IT! If you aren't going to build it, fill it with another tanky item, whether it be a Spirit Visage for a pesky Lux picking you off after every duel and/or gank, or a Sunfire's for an Udyr who is being an arsehole and counter jungling and you want to speed up clear time. From here on out, build your own items, preferably my items that I have suggested for you. But hey, who's not stopping you from getting an Abbysal Scepter, just joking, never do that, ever..

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Skill Sequence

Skill order is pretty self-explanatory right? Max q for higher damage output and better mobility. Max e straight after for lower CD on your only cc ability. And chuck a point into your w early, but leave it till late game, as it is purely utilitistic value. Put a point into your ult when ever coz IT KICKS ***!

Some people have asked me why I put a point into my w before my e, the fact is the attack speed boost is IMMENSE!!! It is actually more beneficial to take the w in terms of clear time and damage output, plus if a Shaco or Lee invades you, gives you plenty of time to kill or run away as it is also a spell sheild.

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Smite and Flash, standard sheit right here. I guess you could swap Smite or Flash for, Ghost, Ignite, Exhaust, Teleport, and Clairvoyance. (CV for those sexy outta nowhere rape assassinations) Although, personally, that is just ******ed (funny as balls, but ******ed). Ghost would be the only one I would consider at all, and getting rid of Smite destroys any and all clearing advantages pre-Tiamat/Hydra.

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Creeping / Jungling

Generally, on every small camp you would just q, and go pick flowers outside. But for the larger camps, chuck an e in there. Easy ****. Clearing with Nocturne has never been easier.

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Team Work

Now, with ganks. If they are an ignorant crotch-sniffer, they will not even see you coming, as you would just destroy any wards they had there in a precautionary measure easily with a Scanning Trinket. If they aren't my Bronze buds I play with, as soon as you leave a brush, q into their escape route/current position, e as soon as you get in range and smack them about a few times waiting for your fear to kick in, if this is not enough of a signal for your laner(s) to join in the glorious gank of Nocturne, never bother with their lane again, unless they are losing it, as it is a lost cause. If you burn a flash, leave it their unless you are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAIN YOU CAN KILL THEM! If you can get an easy kill or kill(s) make an effort to camp the lane, unless it's Fiora or Nidalee, Fiora is gayer than Aids and Nidalee is a one trick cougar, or leopard, or whatever she is.
Don't engage. Never engage. Stay back splitpushing, farming or violently masturbating in the corner, whatever. Just don't engage. As soon as someone else engages, or gets the ADC or Ap Carry on half hp, ult and rape em, cc anyone who tries to stop you. I use Nocturne as an "Executor", entering the fight and executing someone important with my ultimate. I then move on to then next target and the next, etc. He is just a huge, pulsing, throbbing black mass. Just like my uncle's huge bla-. Anyway. He's good.


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Thankyou for reading my Nocturne guide, this is my first ever guide, leave constructive feedback in the comments, and give it an up vote in the comments if you enjoyed this build. :)
Thanks again