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Gragas Build Guide by Powerhouser

Gragas - For the drunks among us.

Gragas - For the drunks among us.

Updated on August 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Powerhouser Build Guide By Powerhouser 6,435 Views 8 Comments
6,435 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Powerhouser Gragas Build Guide By Powerhouser Updated on August 27, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Gragas
  • LoL Champion: Gragas


Gragas is a great character is you like to chase down people and just be all around disruptive. He can be pure ability power and a big beafy tank. Some say he is almost badass if u build pure attack damage. This build focuses on Gragas' ability to be a hybrid. I do this mainly because his third skill stack AD and AP. The value of attack damage to Gragas will be more apparent as you read the abilties and how to use them section. This build may be for people with a different kind of play style than most but this build always works well for me.
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Runes and Masteries

I use the same Runes for my tank build and damage build.
---> This give Gragas that extra dmg in the beginning of the game.
---> Gives Gragas more survivability early game and helps his passive
---> This maxes out Gragas' CD Reduction for his ult so he can be more disruptive.
---> This gives Gragas' good starting burst damage early game for his body slam.

For masteries I take 9/0/21. This is where the builds start to differ from damage to tank. For tank I take 1 point in cripple to make Gragas a more effective tank. This will allow u to debuff those carries so your carries can get away or get the kill. The utility page is just basic stuff focusing on CD reduction and Haste .
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Start with a . Gives Gragas more starting AP and mana regen.
Stay in lane long enough for a . More CD reduction.
Then buy a and upgrade to a . This maxes your CD reduction and the 15% increase in healing effects add to your .
Starting with a build a . More AP and the passive allows you to be more of a disruptive tank. Your will apply a slow as well as its attack speed debuff and your will proc slow after pushing people around.
Now build an . This gives good attack damage that will stack on your and also good armor.
The game is usually decided by now but if you have that long game buy a and build it into a if the team is AD heavy. It won't matter if they are melee or not because you can use your to get in close. You could also build that extra into a for even more AD.

Tank Build
build the same as above until you finish your . Then build a . Obviously, more health + = More survivability. This is like a natural . which is also a good choice if you seem to need more magic resist.
Then an is good for armor and AD.

Situational Items
Rhabadon's Deathcap is always a good choice on an AP champ. Gives more damage for all of Gragas' abilities.
For the sixth item or an item to replace the I would choose one of the following.
Usually I would buy an for the magic resist and the AP plus a little magic pen.
is expensive but gives you more slow on top of your other slows. This would be for more AD and catching.
is always a good choice on almost any champ. Get this if there are a lot of CC and/or having MR or mana problems.

best for tanking because as Gragas your should not die very much. You can escape like a boss with your if your not focused and your team dies. But if you do get focused your doing your job and should be getting assists anyway.
and are both good only if you are doing very well.
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Abilities and How to use Them

The priorities of your abilities are ---> ---> ---> but taking at lvl 5. This allows you to have less mana problems by taking at lvl 5.

---> Gragas gains back 2% of his health after using an ability. Built in . Instead of running to your tower to port back to base, use and to proc your passive.

---> Gragas throws a barrel to a location. Upon reaching its location the barrel can be activated to do magic damage (+0.9 AP) and applies a attack speed debuff. This is your go-to ability on the enemy AD carries and farmers. If I know I'm about to get into a fight with someone like , I'll wait in a bush and throw the barrel on myself. Pop it when he attack me and he does less DPS than he thinks. Sometimes the player will miss the explosion animation and get cocky. This also is a good way to easily apply your passive.

---> Gragas gains mana, and reduces dmg taken by a percentage and increases his attack dmg after a 1 sec channel for 20 sec. ALWAYS HAVE THIS ON. IF your in the middle of a team fight, its okay to stop and channel this for a sec. You will be more powerful and more effective for it. With all the CD reduction you will have you will be able to constantly have this up. This allows you to stay in lane longer with the mana that is given and the increased survivability. The increased attack dmg stacks into your also. The only time I do not stop to cast this is when I'm chasing.

---> Gragas charges forward and collides with the first thing he hits dealing magic dmg (+0.66 AD)(+0.5 AP) and applies a 35% slow for 2.5 sec. The damage is split among the units. This is your main source of damage. This is great for last hits and ganking. Always lead with this. This gets you in close so you can melee and applies the slow. When trying to gank enemies, make sure they are not around enemy units. This will split the damage. Save the ability for when the move away. Sometimes I step out to see if they move away from minions to hit them. Ganking becomes extremely easy when you combine you body slam with and . Both get you close to hit them with the slow and do great damage.

---> Gragas throws his cask and does magic dmg (+1 AP) to all units and knocking them back. This is a very disruptive ult. You can use this to move people into your own tower range in the laning phase or to single out a squishy. If I am facing a or a with sustained ults, I like to wait until they use it and then throw it to cancel out their ults. This gives the victim time to get away. When chasing someone you can use your to get in range and throw your .
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Using Gragas

When laning, the most important thing to do is NOT DIE. If your in lane getting exp and minion kills your set for the game. Stay in lane and stay alive. I'm not saying play safe and not get kills. If your laning partner is aggresive back them up and keep them alive and maybe get a kill out of it. When placing your place it on top of your minions with low HP so when runs up for last hit u can apply debuff and harass. Use you to take advantage of the enemy champs walking away from the creeps to get last hits and farm a little. NOTE: Your ends in an area of effect. Keep this in mind when ing at short ranges, especially in team fights. After reaching lvl 6, dont forget to use your to catch and move the enemy to where u want them.

Gragas' ganking potential is amazing. After getting your , gank mid when you can. Run out from the bush and lead with your and apply the slow. Make sure you have on so you can maximize your damage output. Then work them down with your melee attacks. I go by the rule that if the enemy has to use a summoner spell or their ult to get away, the gank was successful. If the enemy seems like they are going to get away, use your to push them back to you and your teammate. If the enemy has small HP left, throw a to get the last hit.

When moving through the jungle and you find a single opponent, just like ganking, lead with . can be used to get through walls and obstacles. Use this to either catch or escape enemies.

Faking the Escape and Juking
A situation that this usually applies is those little fights before the minions spawn at the beginning. If you get worked down to low health and a squishy with low health is chasing you, you have most likely used your . Wait for it to come off of cooldown then use it to backwards to hit the squishy. This usually catches them off guard and kills them right out. Also, when running, stop in a bush and wait. Then away. Gragas will move faster than plain running so you get away faster.

When tanking, you of course have to be in front and do major CC. Between your and your you can slow everyone to a crawl and debuff their attack speed with .
If your pure damage, wait for the initiation and then focus down the carries with and melee attacks. of course, if they try to escape use to get them back in the fray. Also, keep a look out for a chance to save your own squishy teammates.
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Gragas is a fun champ to play if played right. This is my first guide and I would appreciate tips and advice on making guides and general game play. This build works for me all the time. It does seem odd at first but it works.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Powerhouser
Powerhouser Gragas Guide
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Gragas - For the drunks among us.

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