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Gragas Build Guide by RainLiss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainLiss

Gragas: Please Use Responsibly

RainLiss Last updated on June 6, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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It has come to my attention that MobaFire doesn't display the passives of both Archangel's Staff and Rabadon's Deathcap. Don't let that make you think different of this build, this build will get you to at least 700 AP when completed.

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Hello random people who think my build has any value! Well let me tell you something. It does! This will not only make you Gragas dish out tons of magic damage. It will also teach you valuable lessons about life it self... Hahahahhaha if you believed me right there you should see a psychiatrist. So, many people have asked me, "Why AP?," or "Gragas is a tank you noob!" Now that's true. Gragas technically is a tank but with AP and a splash of health, he can carry team fights, or maybe even the whole match!

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Pros / Cons


+Half of skills do AoE damage
+Has 10-18% damage reduction for almost the whole game
+ Body Slam can be used like Flash
+ Explosive Cask can knock back enemies
+A fat drunk man.
+Good AP ratios
+Nice base health


- Barrel Roll is very easy to escape
-Mana hungry at early levels
-If targeted in team fights, has a little chance of escape
-If you miss with Explosive Cask, you'll hate yourself for life

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You see this 21-0-9 build helps a lot with the AP cannon-y-ness. I recommend you follow the Offense Points I set before you, but if you like being tanky then go ahead and switch the utility points with defense points. Or maybe you just don't like my utility point build. Go ahead and change it. The last 9 points are for you to mix and match.

Offense Masteries

Summoner's Wrath : I pick this mastery because of the bonus 5 AP. Go ahead and throw it into Mental Force but AP is AP.

Mental Force : I only get it to three because the other is in Summoner's Wrath. This helps in the early laning levels. You'll get to harass the enemy laners much easier.

Sorcery : Cooldown Reduction can do that little push for you to dish out more of your spells.

Arcane Knowledge : Magic Penetration = More Magic Damage. More Magic Damage = Better Use of AP. Better Use of AP = Better early game harassment skill. Better early game harassment skill = You being fed. You being fed = You dominating late game. You dominating late game = You winning the match. You winning the match = You being happy. I like people to be happy.
*Note. Outcome of this mastery's potential may be subject to change without notice.*

Havoc : This increases your damage... Please refer to the huge paragraph on "Arcane Knowledge" above for why I pick this mastery.

Blast : It gives you more ability power. Gragas could ALWAYS use ability power.

Archmage : Please refer to the reason why I pick "Blast"

Executioner : This is a great mastery to have. My personal use for it is to utilize the mastery with my Ultimate. That 6% bonus damage could pick off a champion in a vital team fight.

Utility Masteries

Summoner's Insight : This mastery helps with Flash. Even with Gragas's beautiful E spell, Flash comes in handy. The cooldown reduction with Flash makes you more able to get out of stick situations.

Good Hands : I hate being dead. Just hate it. Thus is why there is 3 points in this mastery. If you feel like it's a waste of points then throw them into Expanded Mind.

Swiftness : Gragas can be naturally slow and I feel like this mastery can help counter that. If you can live moving as fast as a turtle then throw these into Meditation.

Runic Affinity : This mastery makes all your buffs last longer. The Baron buff and Blue buff work in favor of Gragas. If you don't want this mastery, you're insane.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: I pick this rune because of one thing. Magic Penetration. Do you know what magic penetration does? More damage!

Greater Seal of Vitality: I basically pick this just to shut those people up. You know, the ones that complain that "Gragas is a tank."

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: Come on. It's an AP Tank build. More Ability Power!!

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: Do you really have to know why?

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Summoner Spell Reasoning

There are many reasons why I pick these specific Summoner's Spells and I'll show you now.


    Great escape spell
    Can jump to fleeing enemies to seal the kill
    Steal buffs with
Flash's "wall-jump" like qualities
SPACE Ignite:
    Can pick off enemy champions in early, mid, and late game
    Can scare away/intimidate enemies that could kill you easily*
Summoner's Wrath Ignite can grant bonus AD and AP while on cooldown

*The scaring away and intimidation depends on the enemy player's point of view towards the battle.

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Gragas's Beautiful Skill Set

The order for building your skills should go like this.
1st - Barrel Roll
2nd - Body Slam
3rd - Drunken Rage
Finally just level up Explosive Cask like any other ultimate.

Happy Hour: This Passive is fairly well. Not a personal favorite though. It does replenish 2% of your maximum health but I find that not being enough.

Barrel Roll: This spell is so fun to use! The satisfaction of killing an enemy with a barrel (or wine bottle with his skin) is oh so rewarding. It's also a great early game harassment spell. I recommend to take this at level 1 and max it out by level 9.

Drunken Rage: For over half the game this spell will give you 10% damage reduction. After that half you get 18% damage reduction! This spell also comes in handy with building the 2 Archangel's Staff. I recommend to take this at level 4 and leave it to be maxed at level 18.

Body Slam: I love to use this spell more as an escape method. It does a distance as far as Flash. If you want to initiate some fights then use this skill to stun the highest priority enemy champion. I recommend to take this at level 2 and max it out at level 13

Explosive Cask: This spell is great to use to knock enemies towards allies in team fights as well as dishing out a huge amount of damage. I recommend to level this at the regular 6, 11, 16.

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Early Game:

: You need to get around the map fast. This will help you.

: Depending on who you're matched with you could get into some rough fights. These will help ease off the pain.

: Gragas will get VERY mana hungry. Take this potion to feed that hunger.

: This will help boost speed and the overall potency of all of your attacks.

Mid Game:

: This is a must have for ANY AP champion. The passive on it affects all of your AP items.

: Two. I repeat TWO! You will get TWO of these for your build. The outstanding mana bonus and IMMENSE ability power will help you hugely!

Late Game

: The effects on this item help greatly with Gragas. The cooldown reduction and movement speed boost will help you on the field greatly.

: This will put the final touch on your AP amount. The lovely passive and health add on.

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In total, Gragas is a great champion to play on the field and I use this build to utilize all of his skills. Of course this is only a suggestion and reading this doesn't bind you to the AP Build I have before you. Feel free to experiment! That's how I made this to begin with ;)