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Graves Build Guide by kapein

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kapein

Graves, The Carry of all Burst (full guide w/Support part)

kapein Last updated on December 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Who am i.

I'm kapein1 a 1500 elo player playing in the eu west server.
I like to make this guide, because I hate the way people build graves in early game.
If you have something to tell or ask you can ask me in-game or here on mobafire self.

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Graves, The outlaw is the strongest early game burst carry out there.
why build attack speed again?
That's why i'm making this guide to tell what all graves players are doing wrong.

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Pros / Cons.



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Spells from graves.

True Grit great magic and armor resist for great survive ability's together with a Aegis of the Legion aura an Guardian Angel

Buckshot Great burst damage, Max Physical Damage: 102 / 161.5 / 221 / 280.5 / 340 (+1.36 per bonus attack damage) IF all 3 cones hit the target.

Smoke Screen The anti ad carry spell out there when placed good they won't cant shoot you for seconds, No Twisted Fate your Destiny won't do shet.

Quickdraw 4 seconds rape time, Attack Speed: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 % and every basic attack wil reduce the cooldown with 1.

Collateral Damage the Longest attack in the AD carry history with high damage.
0-1000 range = Initial Physical Damage: 250 / 350 / 450 (+1.4 per bonus attack damage)
1001-1800 range = Explosion Physical Damage: 140 / 250 / 360 (+1.2 per bonus attack damage)

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Why is graves the best carry?

Graves is able to deal over 600 damage on lvl 6 if only having Double Doran's Blade Doran's Blade With only his Collateral Damage and Buckshot dealing so much damage to most ad carry's that they wil directly think they wil lose the fight with you, because you are still full health and they are half.

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Team Fights.

Graves wil allways be the person the other team wants to focus. 9/10 times their top wich could be Irelia is going straight for you that's when Smoke Screen Shine's just when you see Irelia jumping towards you throw Smoke Screen on her face and Quick Draw away and kill her.

You're Collateral Damage Has an incredible range and damage try to aim this over as many enemys as possible to deal alot damage on their face.

Focus the enemy AP and AD Those 2 are the main damage dealers in the game those wil eitherway go for you. if their are dead first you're team is about to win.

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Kill stealing baron and dragon.

Collateral Damage deals damage to monsters so can be used to killsteal baron and dragon . Tough the range from buckshot is lot shorter so it wil be more risky to do with buckshot.

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Supporting a carry? this is what you must know.

important items the support must get!
Aegis of the Legion, Will of the Ancients Or Zeke's Harbinger Depending on what you're team could need.

if you die alot dont buy oracle's elixer

Aegis of the Legion is a MUST it is worth about 4000 in team fights with it's overpowered aura and it also gives 8 attack damage so you're carry can kill even harder!

For an example Rumble top, Nautilus jungle and Ahri mid, Graves carry Take Will of the Ancients
For an example Irelia top, Lee Sin jungle and Annie mid, Graves carry Take Zeke's Harbinger

both Zeke's Harbinger and Will of the Ancients wil apply great on Graves

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Support's that fit graves.

important items the support must get!
Aegis of the Legion, Will of the Ancients Or Zeke's Harbinger Depending on what you're team could need.

is a MUST it is worth about 4000 in team fights with it's overpowered aura and it also gives graves 8 attack damage so he can burst even more!

For an example Rumble top, Nautilus jungle and Ahri mid Take Will of the Ancients
For an example Irelia top, Lee Sin jungle and Annie mid Take Zeke's Harbinger

taric is my favorite his Dazzle Shatter Radiance combo is so great that it wil do al these things, stun 1.5 seconds, 395 damage(without AP) reduce armor by 10/15/20/25/30 Graves wil go and Deal almost TRUE DAMAGE. Radiance wil increase the attack damage AND ability power on graves 15/25/35 for both AD and AP. that's a free Pickaxe Long Sword and Blasting Wand

wil do great early game for graves if leveling her Eye Of The Storm Giving graves another 50 attack damage and 200 shield on lvl 9!!! Thats Pickaxe Pickaxe Ruby Crystal

this champion doesnt really allow more burst damage but rather more cc Zenith Blade wil briefly immobilize the enemy and apply sunlight and if anyone hits the champion than it he wil take extra magic damage and the same for Shield of Daybreak wich wil stun for 1.25 seconds after that hitting the Solar Flare is fairly easy and apply's sunlight and another 1.5 seconds stun making the enemy cry.

Good champion with the Cc Headbutt and Pulverize deals good amout of damage But, that combo could result in graves missing his Collateral Damage And Buckshot

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Summoner Spells.

Remember that time when you were low and you're enemy also wel he died and said this "oh forgot about you're heal". Heal is so strong and everyone forget's it's there so use it when you are low health and about to die.

Flash allows you to survive impossible situations, or finish off kills you want

Cleanse is great against teams with alot cc like Irelia, Annie Nautilus and Alistar with a Varus. Then cleanse is a really great choise.

ignite is nowadays allmost as good as Heal exept that it wont safe you in bad situations.

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Different items and reason why the build.

graves is exeptional to go straight for the Infinity Edge Rather then Berserker's Greaves just because of the burst damage he needs in the early game. later on you want a Phantom Dancer all high elo's agree on that every champion can carry if they have a Infinity Edge and a Phantom Dancer
"u no get lifesteal?". i rather burst out a billion damage and go b then have no dmg and sustain. you have double Doran's Blade and Vampirism thats allready 9% lifesteal allmost equal to vampiric sceptre.

Help i'm maxed

Different items

Great suitable item to get because of the magic resist attack damage magic shield and for every 2,5% hp missing 1 attack damage

great item when fighting against a Malzahar or Warwick

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For Masteries you want to go for 21/9/0 picking up all attack damage, Vampirism , 6 armor, more heal, and more health points.

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Allway's let you're support Ward the river/Dragon and the tribush if you die in you're lane cause a gank from their jungler.
You are going to have a bad time.

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First back to base @ 950 gold.

Push the lane through on the turret on 800 gold and Get you're self a double Doran's Blade.

double Doran's Blade is the key to succes and because you have pushed the lane through to the turret the enemy carry wil stay on lane giving you the easyest first blood.

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First back to base @ 1450 Gold.

you got a kill on you're lane? Great job then.
Push the lane through on the turret on 1450 gold and Get you're self a Doran's Blade and a Pickaxe for ultimate level 6 rape.

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Pickaxe Vs B.F. Sword

Everyone seems te get B.F. Sword first, but Pickaxe is allmost just as good and when u fight with a double Doran's Blade and an Pickaxe and the other Ad Carry wants an insta B.F. sword.
It will win you the lane

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Learn to Farm.

Go into custom and simply go bot lane and farm with only normal boots and lets see if you can get more creeps than the minutes*10
Aim for this 20 minutes 200 farm If you succeed that you are an incredible farmer.
20 minutes 150 farm is great.
20 minutes 100 farm is minimum but keep practising.
20 minutes 50 farm keep practising.

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Skype or teamspeak.

having direct contact with you're support Taric Leona Janna is the best thing you can have.

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Video guide on graves.

Will come soon.

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Thanks for reading.

im kapein1 and i hope you reply on this and rate it after trying it out!