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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by GrimmFate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrimmFate

Grimm's Middle Fiddle

GrimmFate Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Chapter 1

Thanks and credit to jhoijhoi for the banner~

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Hello all that are bothering to read this. This guide is about using Fiddle, in the middle lane (obviously). At the very least it is how I build/use him in the middle lane. Comments and criticism are always welcome. I will do my best to justify why I buy the items I do, and show you some situational items as well. Not only that but I hope to show you some combos/How to act in team fights/ and the thing that I always facepalm on when watching people play him, when and where to use your ultimate. Well hopefully I can help some people out with this, now... onto the actual guide.

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Pros / Cons


  • Excellent harass
  • Will piss people off with your drain
  • Ridiculously long fear that will also piss people off
  • Game changing ult. Don't believe me? It doesn't win games for you? Then you're doing it wrong.
  • Champs without a form of cc that try to 1v1 you early/mid game (Unless they are fed ofc) will ultimately lose.
  • Very easy to gank people with your ulti.

  • You can not really farm worth a ****. So knowing how to last hit is very benefical.
  • If the champion your facing has some decent cc, it will mess you up unless you use your skills right.
  • Squishy.
  • People will yell at you for not jungling :(
  • Somewhat long CoolDowns's on Terrify and Dark Wind.
  • If you use your ulti at the wrong time you will be going FFFFFFFFMMMMMMLLLLLL as you get molested by the other team.

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Very standard AP caster 9/0/21
- I take cripple because I take exhaust, and I don't think one point in Deadliness would be as reliable as a point in here

- You liek AP? I liek AP tew.

- Trust me, as fiddles you will need the Cd (And believe it or not you get all the CD you will need almost just from the masteries.)

- Who doesn't love a little extra Magic Pen.? (Pretty much necessary for all mage/AP nuke type characters.)

- You shouldn't be dying to often, but it does happen and when it does you want to get right back in as soon as possible.

- Hey, we had a extra point let over and we're not using ghost/teleport so why not.

Extra. EXP. Means you level faster. Faster leveling means You get your ult sooner. Earlier you get your ult, the earlier you go and gank top/bot lane. The earlier you do that the more likely they are to die. ( at least in my experiences.)

- simple enough, you are not a great farmer it'll give you a little extra gold to pay for your wards and such. A lot of people don't like putting a point into this skill. if you don't want to feel free to use it somewhere else.

- Simple enough reasoning helps out with your mana problems early on in the game. (Not much but every bit counts.)

- Mid game(and if your jungler is nice early game too) you will be taking blue buff, red buff isn't so great for you. Blue buff on the other hand you will want as long as possible.


- The faster your flash is off CoolDown the better, nuff said.

- Remember what I said about Cool Downs and masteries and stuff earlier? Yea.

- The more often you can use your summoner spells the better what more can I say?

I believe that covers the masteries section on to....

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
x9 Magic pen. - I like dealing more damage, you like dealing more damage, so why not? In all seriousness, the extra M. Pen from these runes will greatly benefit you early-mid game, By late game you should have your Void Staff Which will be all the M. Pen you need.

x9 I find that until I get my Catalyst The protector or my Rod of Ages I am very, very mana starved. You know the constant draining really starts takes it's toll.
x9 Ability power, good old fashioned ability power, These + you're Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Runes really add up early-mid game, and will make people fear you (with reason of course.)

x3 Refer to the previous, more ability power, means more hp healed. Means you stay in lane longer, and of course means your opponents die faster.

Note: I would like to add alternative runes to use as well but I do not have many caster runes set up besides these ones, so if you know some that work well with fiddles I will be more than happy to include them in here as well.

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Summoner Spells

Viable/Must get spells

- At the moment it is a must on Fiddlesticks after the nerf depending how big it is I might replace it. It allows you to gank much more efficiently and from farther locations. Also if they try to flash out of your ulti you can just flash after them.

- I find myself using this as a slow rather than for the debuffed stats (Until late game) Whenever I ulti in on two people I always fear the one just outside of my range and exhaust the one closest to me. It makes it so the one that is closer has to burn a flash to get away, or pretty much dies.

- A lot of people prefer this spell over exhaust, I can't say I blame them. There are plenty of times when someone will just barely get away, and if you want to take ignite for those situations that's perfectly fine.

- Personally I used to use this spell all the time, it allows you to be anywhere your team my need you instantly, and when used right with wards (or teemo's mushrooms) it can set up for a very nice gank.

The "O.K" spells

- Honestly a support should be taking this and you sir. Are not a support. But if no one else on your team has it... I can understand why you might take it.

- Alot of people have mana problems on Fiddlesticks that's no surprise. This spell can help you out a bit, but.. once you got the hang of him there is no real point to it.

- Obviously take this if you are going to jungle on him, just be aware that this is not a jungle guide.

- I am personally on the fence about this spell.. I mean.. it can help you.. but compared to flash it's useless unless you're running away on Fiddlesticks imo.

The not "O.K"/Viable/Must get spells.

- Hey. Your W key would like a word with you. Just thought you should know

- Get a Quicksilver Sash (However after the buff to it coming up I will probably consider this a viable spell...) But until then. No.

- You're not a tank. Don't take this.

- I.. have never used this spell... From what I can gather it sucks balls.. If you have some personal experience where it was useful... please give great detail about it and I will not consider it.

Unless you're doing a pre-made with a full revive team. There will be no point. You coming back alone to fight 3-5 guys by yourself won't accomplish anything.

Excelent now time for..

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About your skills.

- This is your passive skill, It lowers the Magic resist of your enemies around you, which means your Drain and your Crowstorm do more damage (as far as I know Dark Wind's range is to far away unless they're up close to you.) A lot of people like to use Abyssal Mask with to synergize with this passive, I however do not.

- Not going to lie this move is pretty damn useful. It can save you while your running away or immboilize a potentially dangerous enemy champ. It is also very usefull for keeping people within your Drain and Crowstorm range.

- I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this skillllllll. It can keep you in lane forever, it will piss off every single melee champ you fight and even a few ranged. It is very powerful, with a low CoolDown. However the obvious downfall being that if someone interupts you while your draining you're just SOL for the next 5 seconds. as your Dark Wind will probably be on cooldown same for your Terrify

- I consider this skill a one-point-wonder skill. It does pretty decent damage, especially if it bounces between two enemy champs. It has a pretty damn far range. Lastly but not least, it also silences whoever it hits. This move will be used to pick up kills more than any other for you because, just as they think they're safe....BAM they're dead. However it is also somewhat a luck skill. You cannot choose where the little birdie will bounce so you have to hope it will bounce to where you want it too.- main harass skill right here.

- People will hate you because of this move. People will love you because of this move. This move is literally a game-changing move. when used in the right situation it will completely turn a teamfight around. It deals MASSIVE damage to everyone within the area. However I cannot stress enough to know when and where to use it, I have seen so many fiddles pop there ulti at the worst possible times or in the most pointless places.

An example that happened to me the other day..

I'm playing xin zhao, and Bding the other team. I decide to take a few turret hits. I am at half hp. BOOM fiddles pops over his wall with his ult.. So I run of course. I flash, he flashes. I die, my team ganks him.

Now why was this the wrong place to use it? He could of just walked up to me from the fog of war feared + drained me. But Grimm, It'll be off Cd again in 70 seconds anyways, what's the big deal? The big deal is that your game changing ulti, just got wasted on one fffffffffffffing guy who you could of easily killed without it, then gone and 5v4'd the rest of his team, using your ult there guaranteeing you a win. But no, his ulti was down, so my team won the fight. Not that I'll complain about the win. But if he was on my team I would of been raging.


I should also mention that your ulti is a mini-flash. It will allow you to jump over walls quickly and from bushes. which is why it is so easy to be ganking with him on over-extended lanes. Of course in Higher ELO they probably will have enough common sense to stray away from the river bushes.. SO I am going to try and show you a few places you can ulti in from.

(Note: I recorded this video on short notice while making this guide, and it is laggy. it is just showing you a few places you can be using your crowstorm, which will hopefully get you the general idea of just about everywhere else that you can use it.)(Oh and tell me if the video doesn't work/does work please.) /league-of-legends/ability/crowstorm-191

Time for a some combos.

The most basic combo for me.
-->Close the gap between you and the feared person--> -->And as they are running away... Very simple combo I use it more than any other during the laning phase.

Another pretty simple one

--> --> Boom done.

The I really want to kill this SOB combo.

--> --> OR --> OR

Those are really the only combos.

I suppose you can

--> --> Auto Attack a few times

But otherwise that's about it.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence #1

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is my person Favorite skill sequence for Fiddles. I max drain first, because of the incredible damage it does early game, and for how easily it lets you control your lane. I only put one point in Dark Wind for the silence/bounce effect. As in I only use it with my combo and to harass if I can't risk getting close. I max Terrify after Drain for the CC. if you hit someone with your fear you are at the minimum getting half your drain off, and in most peoples case as soon as the fear is over they try to run out of the range of your drain .(Which goes on for a bit farther than most people think.) Be wary though a smart person with even one form of Cc, will head on charge you afterwards and cancel your drain.

I simply find this to be the most effective way for ME to lane with fiddles, however I do not have the same play style/preferences as everyone else... and that's where this skill sequence comes in...

Skill sequence #2(The more popular one and one I would recommend for new players.)
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Boom. Most people who lane with fiddle will take this route, maxing Dark Wind first for the harassment power. If you choose this path your harassing power will be significantly better however your power in an actual fight will be somewhat diminished. I can't really say anything too bad about it though as that is how I used to use Fiddlesticks If you are new to laning with fiddles or fiddles in general I would go this path. (Assuming you aren't jungling.)

As you can tell with both builds I max out Terrify second no matter what, and put a point into that godly Crowstorm every chance I get.

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- Early game survivability. Gives you some mana regen, a little extra AP. and a little extra HP.

- As you noticed I begin building this right away. With a lot of champs I find it "bad" to rush a Rod of Ages, Fiddlesticks however is one exception I will make to that rule as it has bought me some very nice results.

sorcery boots - Thank you Calibern and ap00pnugget For reminding me about these. I can't believe I forgot them. you're level two boots. you're going to be taking these for the speed boost and the magic Pen. (I hope the reason why will be obvious...You do magic damage--> Magic Pen = more Magic damage)

- this, when combined with your Drain and your Crowstorm can have some impressive results. You will be healed for a ridiculous ammount, and.. not to much it gives a little extra AP to you and your teammates.

- As far as I know this item gives the most AP in the game, and increases the current amount by 30%. No reason not to get it on this guy.

- The active on this thing can be life-saving. The only time I initiate fights late game is once I have this. It allows me to ult in fear/silence someone and then become invincible for a few seconds. I can't even count the number of times I have used this thing with Crowstorm...

- If the game is still going on, by now the other team will definitely have some Magic res on them, You're gonna need this to keep dishing out good damage.

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Alternative Items

- It DOES synergize with his passive, and alot of people like it on him, I have nothing against it. I just don't find myself using it often unless I am against a heavy Magic Res. team.

- it does give everything a little Fiddlesticks could want, however I just feel it can be somewhat easily replaced with other items.

hey.. if you feel like you're going to be kicking some *** go for it man.

You can use this if you would prefer it over another item.. However I just don't like it on Fiddles, that would entirely be up to your preferences.

- Very rarely do I ever get to my full build. but in the case that I do manage too, I will sometimes take this for the extra hp. and the slow. You've already got plenty of AP by now and more won't hurt, but I think that is more of a secondary thing for me. The slow and the HP will be very important for teamfights.

(Going to add survivability items to this later.)

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Laning/Teamfights Etc. Etc.

This section will be brief as I think I have covered plenty of what to do in the previous sections.

Early Game - Your main focus here is just to annoy the living hell out of the other mid. They go in for a last hit? Terrify him and Drain. They take one step towards you? Dark Wind They stepping AWAY from you? Terrify Drain Dark Wind. You pretty much repeat this while last hitting minions until 6.

Once you hit 6 you have two options. Kill the person you're midding against, or go to another lane for a quick kill. I usually prefer to go for bot lane for a double. Note: Do not simply go down there and ult on them, wait until they over extend to go for the kill.

If that means waiting until level 7 or 8 so be it. Otherwise if your teams are pushing to hard, or if the other mid is simply pushing you to hard, then your best choice is to make it look like you're going mia, come around the corner into either side of the river where the bush is, Crowstorm in on him/her (Flash is you have to but do NOT flash past them. you want to be blocking their way to their tower. Make sure to fear, and Drain for the kill.

Mid game - A tower or two may be down by now, you'll probably be roaming around picking up kills and ganking whenever you can. Remember to constantly pick up blue buff it will help you GREATLY.

Late game/teamfights - By now you're all sticking together as a group save for one or two people that are defending or back dooring. Next then you know BAM ENEMY CHAMPIONS EVERYWHERE OMFGWTFBBQDEAD.

You know that's happened to you don't lie.

Anyways, if a team fight breaks out you will want to do one of the following. Dark Wind anyone that has some sort of annoying beneficial spell ( Soraka Trundle Cho'Gath Alistar People like them), Terrify the AP carry on their team, and back off.

Not too far now, you ain't running away son, you just positioning yourself. You don't have to go so far back that the other team can't see you, you just need to be sure you're safe from getting interrupted while your ult is channeling.

After you Ult in Exhaust the main damage dealer (Probably someone like Caitlyn, Graves, Tryndamere People like that. if they aren't dead already) and again, position yourself before you started draining. If you just start draining in the middle of the fight you will probably die. move towards the exhausted squishy's or behind the tanks, so that if they want to kill you they have to turn their backs to everyone else on your team.)

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Well.. That's my fiddle guide.. I will try to update this guide over time, just like with any others I have/will make. Critic's are always welcome in my house. I definitely want to keep everything tip-top shape. Tell me some sections I might want to add on.. or some other runes I could use.. Weather the build/guide helped you or not, anything at all peoples.

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Credit to johijohi for the banner~

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Changes etc. etc.

11/10/2011 - Guide made :o

11/11/2011 - Added in two banners once again Thanks and credit to Johijohi <3

11/16/2011 - Changed masteries to what I am currently using on Fiddlesticks, however since I am still experimenting it is likely to be changed.