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Sona Build Guide by GS Valkyria

Support GS Valkyria's Sona Support - Control the Teams (in Progress/

By GS Valkyria | Updated on June 23, 2017

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Hey guys, this is my first guide to my beloved Sona <3
I see so many Sona where I think "What are they doing?" or "What bought he/she?".
I play my Sona for some months have her on Level 7 with more than 100k points (okay that's little bit low) and have a 65% Winrate with her.
Here I show you how I build my Sona in the actually season and situation in League of Legends.
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You're just wondering why I have double penetration in my runes? Calm down, calm down, step by step.
First the seals, I have the seal runes of armor cause we fight against an adc. We're squishy and need a little bit defense. Same with the glyphs. Here we build magic resist 'cause we play against ap-supports and maybe ap-midlane. Now the marks. I have double penetration in the marks, 'cause we hit the enemy with spells and auto-attacks. Last but not least the the quintessences. Here I have two of ap (ap is everytime good) and one of armor (we have to compensate armor and magic resist).
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Seems very normal but where are the 5% cooldown reduction? We don't need it. We help the team and our with more penetration-stats. Okay seems maybe legit, but where is insight? Ya, that looks crazy but it work fine. You get poke and poke again and your adc stand far away in the save zone and look at the pretty sky without taking damage. And before we heal only ourselfes up and throw out our mana we can heal with the passive to full life - from poke to poke. That's why I use this masteries ;)
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Ya.... the items..... it's a hard theme but I explain my difference to other.
First of all we bought the blue support item [spellthief's edge], normal, normal.... If we go back we have to buy the frostfang [frostfang] as fast as we can 'cause why? We get 15 gold per enemy hit and that's more than 8 gold :D
After this we will buy the normal support items like boots, sightstone [sightstone], sweeping lens and the 5-boots. Aaaaaand after that we buy.... Ardent Censer? Wait what? Sure, it's more useful than redemption on Sona. Redemeption is good in teams fights.... but the clear stats are.... wasted. Ardent Censer heal your adc very good up with each auto attack and later in teams fights? Delicious. W -> run in all allies -> all get the buff from Ardent Censer. After that.... only sheen? Hey! Wait before you hit me with something let me explain. We need sheen for the extra prog on our auto attacks. Each time we use a spell (and we use often a spell) we prog sheen. Sounds very good huh? Okay forward... ehm ludens echo? For sure, we could need this extra prog too, movement is nice, ap is nice and the buff <3 but why we won't buy lich bane? 'Cause we need only the "extra damage" and buy first more damage as ap and can use the lich bane prog better, explain: Sheen has a ad prog, Lich Bane a ap prog and scaling and we don't have so much ap. That's why sheen -> ludens echo -> lich bane. I think frostqueen is little bit wasted, you have the ghost but you are fast enough with your E to chase an enemy. Eye of watchers combine two items -> frostfang and sightstone and the result is? Yay an item slot more. In the last item slot I put Banshee at most 'cause the shield is very good and the MR, CD and AP are very good on us. If we have all items, we have 40% CDR ;)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GS Valkyria
GS Valkyria Sona Guide

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GS Valkyria's Sona Support - Control the Teams (in Progress/
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