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Sona Build Guide by Dev_elopment

AD Carry Harmony or Death (AD Sona Dominion Guide)

By Dev_elopment | Updated on June 16, 2014

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Track 1 : Intro

Sona is probably one of the all time most underrated Dominion champions. She has speed, good looks, and can poke and defend fairly well. My track record with Sona is so good that when I realized no one made a Dominion guide for her, I had to make one.
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Track 2: Mastery of Rune

Honestly it depends on how you plan to build her, She is very versatile in Dominion as she can ADC APC and Hybrid Carry. I personally prefer to AD Sona in Dominion as her damage output is extremely high.

For AD Sona i get damage marks and quints, armor seals, and Magic resist/ mana regen Glyphs
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Track 3: Summon the Flame

Ghost is probably the best Dominion Summoner, even over flash, as it allows her to get to the top point very fast. However i wouldn't burn it at the start if they have a Rammus or Teemo, it may not be worth it

Flash works on Sona as it does 90% of all other champions in the game. It gives her a gap closer (she has none!) and a way to go over terrain. When used offensively, Sona can setup plays for her team with Flash and Crescendo.

Shield also works well as a defensive summoner, i like it over Heal aas she already has a reliable Heal.

Exhaust means you can single someone out as a focus target, like an enemy carry, or reduce the power of an enemy bruiser or assassin who is on you.

Another recommendation is Heal for the heal and movespeed buff
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dev_elopment
Dev_elopment Sona Guide

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Harmony or Death (AD Sona Dominion Guide)
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