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Draven Build Guide by king_morisa

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League of Legends Build Guide Author king_morisa

hear that? DEATH is knocking!-Draven guide

king_morisa Last updated on October 4, 2015
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it's me again KING Morisa and this is my second guide on mobafire after the guide about Nocturne.WELCOME to the league of DRAAAAAAAAAAAAVEN!
I hope this guide can help the one or the other to improve your skills with DravenIt would be very nice of you if you read it ,and leave a comment so that i know whats missing in my guide and what i can improve.

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what makes draven special?
well,draven's playstyle revolves around one of his useful mechanics called Spinning Axe
with active spinning axe he has one of the hightest dmg output from ALL ADCs in LoL.
i think he the best in kiting tanks/chasing them down thx to your Blood Rush
even his ultimate is very useful in differnt sitations

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-very high dmg output,thx to Spinning Axe
-very easy to farm ,thx also to his q spell
-brilliant in kiting tanks
-can heal up very fast,if he has The Bloodthirster
-can trade nice with a combo of his e Stand Aside,his w and his q -if your ult doesnt hit enemies at first nothing is lost:if u time getting back it back u can kill the fleeing opponent Whirling Death==> great chaser/global ultimate
-the passive League of Draven gains you bonus gold by stack of q or last hit in early


-needs much gold to be efficient
-without activeded q draven is vulnerable
-has no real gap closer
-natural sqishey
-hard to catch the axes in teamfights
-u will be the target NR.1
-cc(crowd control) counters draven hard,be aware of Alistar,for example
-hard to catch 2 axes during walk
-positioning is important
-suscetiple of ganks
-dmg depends on the item build
-draven has no dash or repositioning spell

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how i alreay said, Spinning Axe shape draven's play and is very important for him.
It's his most important dmg source.It's important to know that you can throw 2 axes at the same moment.It might be harder to catch them all the time,but that is drav.
Everybody thinks that Draven's new passive is useless League of Draven
but actually its the opposite:u gain bonus gold for cathing your axes,which are thrown all the time/for last hit/for kill.So if your game and match-up is hard and if the other adc is fed and you have only for example 3 kills, so that you cant buy much,u can get a better item build by farming ,because of your passive
with dravens global ultimate Whirling Death u can secure objectives,f.e. steal drake/nash,kill enemies and u can also destrcut the others with a well timed ulti in a teamfight

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  • try to farm till lvl 6,because u will have much passive stacks,then u can start a all in,to transform the stacks into cash
  • harass your lane opponents from farming and trade them with your e Stand Aside and your q spell Spinning Axe
  • in fights try to stay in the back and focus the squishiest target for example the enemy adc or mid laner
  • focus yourself on catching the axes,but if the axe falling down far away,ignore it and dont try to get it,because the enemie support can easily grab/hook you when you are too greedy and too far away from your mate.But actually u should know that the Spinning Axe
    is falling down in your movement direction,this u can make to your advantage.
  • dont be too greedy with draven:positioning is very important with an adc,expect with draven

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Item build:brutally build

i have waived on purpose on guardian angel,but if the enemies deal heavy ap/ad you should think of it and build it perhaps

i think Youmuu's Ghostblade is very useful for drav,because it synergizes very well with The Black Cleaver the enemie tank will be bursted by your heavy amor penetration and even its active is very op
most of the draven players build him first on crit,that means first item is Infinity Edge
i personally shop first The Bloodthirster,with it you have in my opinion unlimited sustain on the lane

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Item build:classic build

this is the most bought build on draven:

it start with the Infinity Edge,for early crits and then lots of players build a last whisper after the boots,which are a duty for each adc,expect for draven without any repositioning ability.Then most of the draven palyers build a Statikk Shiv.I have actually nothing against this item but i think draven needs this 50% as from Phantom Dancer more than only 40% from this item.And btw you will crit more oftener than with Statikk Shiv,even when his electricity charge might be op.
In my the brutally guide you have in the end no defensive item.Actually each adc must have one.
When i play the classic drav,i usually buy then a Guardian Angel.Its a nice mixture of amor and mr and will revive you from death.

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Skill Sequence

Spinning Axe:
of course u max it first this spell,becasue it is your primary dmg source and it can heal your very nice in combination of lifesteal
try to catch the axes always,when it is possible
start lvl 1 with it
Blood Rush:
it's useful for catching fleeing enemies and gives u nice as/movement speed buff,which can be reseted if you catch a Spinning Axe that's why you max it second
Stand Aside:
apart from the rly nice slow and little hook,the e spell of draven is useless and has a pretty long cd
Whirling Death:
global ultimate,which can be used in diferent situations
in teamfight it deals like the ulti of Graves Collateral Damage, on all enemies heavy dmg==>total destrcution
btw skill it by lvl 6,11 and 16
this shows you what to skill and max first
you should max...
at first, as the second, as the third, and finally

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for the classic Draven,i recommend taking the Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
and for the marks also normal ad and a little bit attack speed,to throw your axes much oftnener

the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resistis especaially for late game ap bruisers,like Katarina
the seals can variate,for example life seals can replace them
In my opinion armor is the best against your lane opponent

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as your can see i didnt take so much ad only two [[greater quintessence of Attack damage],
but actually each adc needs some ad thats the reason

i recommend 9 Greater Mark of Attack Speed,because u can throw your Spinning Axe
much oftener
in seals the Greater Seal of Armoris a must-have,to be not so vulnerable to ad
the glyphs can be variated,but i think scaling mr is a good choice
a compromise which is can function also is taking 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
the Greater Quintessence of Life Steal can heal u very nice in combination with Doran's Blade and The BloodthirsterIts personal prefernece what you take,I only give tips.