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Hecarim Build Guide by Jackiekiki

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackiekiki

Hecarim Jungle Guide, Going For The Win

Jackiekiki Last updated on March 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Mobfire. This is my first guide and I decided to do it on Hecarim with Jungler rol. I decided this as, for my surprise, little people use this champion or when using it get a completely wrong build from my point of view. As my main character, I usually get positive scores on game, helping team and being of really importance in late game. Hope this guide well help people appreciate more this champion. Good luck and please comment any different points of view.

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    - Flat Armor Penetration Marks for extra damage on early game.
    - Flat Armor Seals for extra armor + build in your AD Offtank Rol.
    - Flat Magic Resist Glyphs for magic resist in your AD Offtank Rol.
    - Flat Movement Speed Quintessence for good all-around movement in map plus extra damage on your passive.

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I use a 0/9/21 book. Although this causes a start with less damage, its gives you a crazy mid and late game bonus and extra jungeling sustain.
9 on Defense for extra HP, income hen using smite and toughness vs creeps.
21 on Utility, which gives you extra map control, mana reg and experience, with helps you early game. More duration on golem buffs and extra lifesteal and spellvamp always comes handy. Last point for and extra movement speed for extra damage and quicker chase down on enemy ganked champions.

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The item selection above recommended gives you attack speed, extra movement speed, armor and durability plus final extra damage included with your passive. Although this is not a fixed build, its has been the best on I´ve seen until know, and it boost your passive, gives you better gank option, reduces cooldown for your spells ( making you Q a spam ability, as you can use it every 2 sec) and overall makes you to carry the game and give and mid and late support push.

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Creeping / Jungling

"This image belongs to Xiaowiriamu, if there is any problem with me posting it, I will delete it immediately"

This is the usual strategy I follow when jungeling, with changed depending on the enemies jungler.

After doing your wolfs and blue golem jungle, asking your teams help to do it smiteless and using the advantage of your extra movement speed, you invade enemies read, waiting for his to get there. If your HP is here than your enemies, or if you feel confident enough, you wait for the enemy to start red and after a short period, in which the enemy has used some abilities, you instant attack him or use smite over his read (depends of each one election. This is not necessary to be done this way, but when mastered this strategy, it can give you a early First Blood and give you and your team a huge advantage on the game, as you destroy his jungler, leaving him under level and taking his farm.

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Overall, Hecarim is a strong Ad Offtank Jungler, which can help the team and be determinant in the game. Although its hard to master, when done, you will love it.

- This guide may inherit some mistakes and will be fixed shortly after revision.
- The overall look of the guide will eventually be improved and become more visually appealing.
- More content will be added and various chapters improved.
- Please comment and express why you think this guide deserves a downvote before doing so.