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Hecarim Build Guide by CzMate

Jungle Hecarim jungle [v 8.7]

By CzMate | Updated on April 18, 2018

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Clear route

start with the Blue, after that kill the wolfs (fastest clear: W,Q,AA,AA,Q,AA,AA...),then kill the gromp (same combo at every clear)->the closest scuttler -> raptors-> gank -> RECALL -> Red -> scuttler-> krugs (if you want you can kill it, but you don't really need it). After you are lvl 6 try to gank more and farm less
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1st gank is at lvl 3. I know, it's very early but you can kill with ease. the gank combo is: ghost,E,W and if you rushed the enemy Q. If you won't kill the enemy no problem cuz 99% you will have a good trade a ghost (CD:3 mins) to a flash (CD. 5 mins)then you can buy a jungle item. After you bought the jg item you need to buy the boots of speed
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About Dead Man's Plate Importance

Dead Man's plate is important in this build because of hecarim's passive: more mobility=more dmg and it gives a lil more speed buff for your E
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About Trinity Force's Importance

trinity force is imprtand too because it gives more attack speed and hecarim's basic attacks are slow and he needs CDR too.
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About The Boots Importance

Hecarim always need speed buff for his E but he don't really need offense items like youmuu he need like boots of mobility but if you want you can buy ninja tabi or mercury treads