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Hecarim Build Guide by Kuinu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kuinu

Hecarim, The Ponydramon

Kuinu Last updated on September 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the guide of Hecarim, the Ponydramon, Leader of the Brohoof, Enlightement of the Pegasisters, God of Trol- Let's cut the jokes here :3

The name 'Ponydramon' comes from a 3vs3 gameplay I had along with my friends, we began messing around, since we were dominating the enemy team. When I killed the dragon for second time, I yelled; 'Pony vs Dragon; we know what's the result now.', After a heated discussion about if the result would be 'Pony Dovahkiin' or 'Ponydragon', we decided to call my Hecarim 'The Ponydramon of the Ardent Stick, Son of Escrotomon, who fought in the Casquet Wars'. We had a good laugh with that, truly :)

Anyways, this build is based on a mixture of Offtank and AD Melee. Hecarim is capable of providing an offtank role, since his W heals him over time during a team fight, and R gives a huge advantage starting dem warz. Not only that; His Q haves a huge AD damage output, and will help you attain your kills and farms early, mid, and late game.

At the moment of making this guide, I had 2 3vs3 matches in a row that ended with me having +20 kills, following this kind of build.

Note this; Don't completely rely on this guide, the build you may use will most probably change over the course of the battle, and depending of the kind of enemies you're facing. USE THIS GUIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I want to thank jhoijohi's guide for the help it has been on making my guide look... Decent?


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The Pros and Consecuences

1.- You're one of the fastest champions in the game.
2.- Your ability to stand is quite a deal; A normal DD AD wouldn't survive that long.
3.- Creep in jungle and outside it, able to chase anything, and escape from anything.
4.- YOU'RE. A DAMN. PONY. How could that be bad?

1.- If you aren't careful early game, you'll run away of MP fast.
2.-Your hit box is... A bit large. Prepare to dodge a lot.
3.- Requires some practice; To succeed on your ultimate, you have to crush on the enemy group by yourself, becoming the objetive of all of them.
4.- Squishy in terms of magical damage; If he receives a direct hit from a feeded Veigar or Kennen, quite a lot of HP will be lost, compared to other champions.
5.- He's weak early game. Be careful, and plan your moves along with your companions.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Whenever you're going kind of an AD build, this should be the first mark you should rely on.

Greater Seal of Armor Compared to other fighter champions, Hecarim is a bit apart. This will still help stand the autoattacks early on, and yet be a good buff for mid and late game.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Same thing as Resilence Seal, yet there's a difference; Hecarim is really vulnerable to Magic Damage. Burst damage will dish him out in a matter of seconds. Buy these in order to increase your magic resistance a lot more late game.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed Hecarim's passive, Warpath, does the same thing as Fizz's passive and Ghost; ignores collisions with minions and else. Not only that, it will give you AD equal to a set over time percentage on Speed. That's why, instead of more Armor Penetration, you get this.

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Hecarim is a champion that you won't feel comfortable with until you get the hang of him. You'll die, A LOT. So, while you learn him, I'd say you should go with some tanky mastery build:


Resistance over Hardiness , Hecarim doesn't have a lot of Magic resistance, so we have to assist him somehow. Initiator and Enlightenment were made for Hecarim. These 2 will help you whenever you're following the tanky way, or just want to play aggresive/AD with a nice buff on defensive terms.

Once you've got a good experience with him, you may be thinking on making him more attack-focused. This is the way I go always:


Many of Hecarim's skills require AP, as Spirit of Dread and Onslaught of Shadows. We will focus on that later, just know that This mastery build will help you attain the AD output you want, along with your Attack Speed and Rampage.

I won't be using any Utility masteries, since I don't like them for a fighter, but you're free to use them at your own will. ;)

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Skill Leveling, Usage, and Order

Hecarim is a champion that fits in the roles of both AD and AP champion. Yet, this skill set is focused on maximizing the AD range, and using the rest of skills as of an utility usage.

Hecarim's passive. It's a great advantage in terms of AD and part of the reason of this entire guide. You won't be colliding any unit, so you'll be free to proceed any chase wihout unit interruptions. Alas, this will make Phantom Dancer give you a good attack buff.

Your main attack's source. The reason you're not an AD Carry, but a good damage dealer. It deals a fixed physical attack damage that goes up to 190 plus +0.6 AD, with a cooldown of 4 seconds. The fun of this skill comes whenever you hit anything; Cooldown will be reduced for 1 second, stacking 2 times, reducing it to less than 2 seconds, counting that you have any Reduce Cooldown percentage. This will help harass the enemy team, clean up minions/last hit them, use a very reduced AoE in short periods of time, and proceed with excellent chases (Since you won't be stopping to autoattack; Rampage enables you to use it while moving). Max it at first sight.

Look at the skill's information; It basically heals you part of the ammount of magic damage you deal over time to all the enemies within the range of your AoE, being the usage on minions limited. The skill has an interesting feature; It will heal Hecarim part of all the damage the enemies receive, so it's usage in team fights it's very reccomended; The damage your allies do will also heal you a part of the damage. Use it whenever you're running away, chasing, farming, starting fights, healing with minions, or in the middle of the battle. Max it after Rampage.

Take this skill as Master Yi's Ultimate, Mini Version. Whenever you use this, your movement speed will increase over time for 3 seconds. If you target any reachable enemy during the skill's duration, you'll charge after him, pushing him a bit, and dealing a damage that equals the distance you've used to reach the enemy. How we're using this skill; Iniciating a fight one on one, to prevent the enemy from seeing you from the bushes or the jungle; extra damage to a tower (Whenever you're sure you won't need it to run away), and chasing. it stacks with Ghost, so try and check out the speed; compare it to Master Yi's :3 Give your last points onto this, since it's an utility skill.

THE INITIATOR. It's not just an initiator, it's THE Initiator. But don't focus only there, it has many usages, given the decent cooldown it has. It will deal magical damage on a really huge line, and the place where Hecarim lands will deal another wave of magical damage, which will also scare enemies for 1 second. But as Spirit of Dread, this is a mid-utility ultimate for me: The first usage we give to it, it's to initiate a fight, the range is big enough to reach all the enemies in one blow, it won't be a deadly hit, but it will be a good start up; The second usage is to chase enemies, because it's scaring nature can be used to prevent enemy from running to Mommy Tower and hide before it's skirt... It can be used also to reach an enemy that's about to reach the tower with low life, when you don't have any other resource; Third, and lastly, you can go by walls with this skill: This means, whenever you're running away, or want to steal a Dragon/Nashor, this will be the right skill to do so. Level when possible, as for every ultimate.


You're taking a nap on the bushes. Suddenly, you feel another energy around, apart of the minions; That Teemo is trying to farm minions, so his shrooms will be even deadlier. Why not give him a lesson? The jungle, after all, it's YOUR territory; You're taking a nap inside! here's what you should do;

1.- Devastating Charge won't be expected for Teemo. Crush him into that wall, scare him :3
2.- Spirit of Dread and Rampage right away, before he begins to launch his skills into you. He's that squishy, you'll take away a good part of his HP.
3.- Keep autoattacking and Rampaging, Teemo will eventually, sooner or later, notice that he's not able to defeat you, and will run away to his shrooms...
4.- ... BUT IN THAT MOMENT YOU Onslaught of Shadows HIM AND SERVE HIM AS BREAKFAST TO YOUR PONY ARMY! Here goes another death for Teemo :3

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Summoner Spells: The Two Eggs that shall not be kicked.

The Two Eggs. Yes, that part where you don't want to feel pain. That's exactly how I'm calling Exhaust and Ghost; No other spells will be as useful as these for Hecarim. I repeat; NO. ONE. My heavy position is supported by the nature of Hecarim and these Summoner Spells:

The item set I've set up for this guide enables Hecarim to ralentize any foe most of the time. If for any reason they manage to get away, Exhaust will prevent that situation. Also, it's a good early game spell, for that no champion has the tools to stand in that condition early game.

If we want to move, why not Flash? In my opinion, Ghost is more fit for Hecarim, since it gives speed. And more speed, for Hecarim, means more AD. That, along with Exhaust, makes a deadly combination, that no champion is able to escape from wihout help from others/summoner spells. It will also work wonders along with Devastating Charge; HECARIM AIRLINES AT YOUR SERVICE ;D

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Begin with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, given that the boots will give you a little buff on attack, so you won't need neither Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield. After you get enough money, depending on the team, get Mercury's Threads on a normal case. If the other team has a lot of AD, but no champions that inflict status, get yourself some Ninja Tabi. After that, build a Phage, Zeal, and Sheen, in order, and move on to Trinity Force. After that, begin building that beloved Frozen Mallet. There we have our 3 neccesary items; boots, trinity, and mallet :3


This section is a lot more flexible, for that our main items are made already. If everything goes right, build a Phantom Dancer and Maw of Malmortius, and if everything is still going fine, and you're able to win, build a Guardian Angel in the case that you die, for that it will be late game, and tanking/standing will become a lot more difficult.

If the enemy team is giving you trouble, you'll have to look on the team build they have; If the main source of the damage is AD, and AP isn't noticiable in terms of damage, you may build Thornmail. In the opposite case, get a Force of Nature, which will give you a bit of attack along with speed, and Maw of Malmortius. In these cases, you'll still be able to tank along with the main tank, and deal quite an ammount of damage. Remember that you can always go Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler, since it's never a bad choice for a tank/offtank.

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Again, I thank jhoijhoi for her guide on making a guide and her line separators, and all those Hecarim users both in Mobafire and LoL, for their motivation for this good, yet ignored champion!

With love, a bronie <3