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Lux Build Guide by NNBao

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NNBao

HexTech Lucian - The Most Op Champion Yet

NNBao Last updated on July 24, 2013
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About Me

Hi!!! My name is NNBao, master theory crafter, last hitter, kill stealer; I play LoL alot which made me want to make a guide for the newest champion in the league (as of now) Lucian! I have come up with a lot of builds for Lucian already, but I finally found the one that can do TONS OF DAMAGE with his ult, and even when it's on cool down (most people just stack Nashor's and do no damage after their ult is on CD).


Lucian is a highly mobile carry, that can be played as an attack damage carry, or an AP caster. He is crazily good in team fight with positioning and heavy spamming of his ult.
Too me, I thnk Lucian is the best carry in the entire game as or now (except maybe of Ezreal)

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Pros / Cons

Scales AD AND AP
High mobility
High burst potential
Decent range
Lastly, is SUPER OP
Scales off of bonus AD, not total AD
Mana porblems early game
Doesn't have a cool skin (in my opinion)

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Let Me Tell You A Story

You might ask yourself, why? Why would you buy a hextech gunblade on Lucian? Well, poorly educated LoL gamer, hextech gunblade gives you Ad AND Ap which scales with Lucian's W and Ult. Why not just build Blade of the Ruined King (typical Lucian first item)? Well, the hextech gunblade gives you WAY more damage than the Botrk. It's Ad and Ap out damages the Ad and attack speed of the Botrk, on Lucian's ult. ALSO the hextech gunblade give you SUPER DUPER SUSTAIN!!!!! LIFESTEAL AND SPELLVAMP IN ONE ITEM?!?!?!?? OP!!!!!!!! After you build your hextech Lucian, you may proceed to a Botrk, and then a Nashor's Tooth for game dominance over anyone that isn't smart enough to surrender at 20 (those fools)! League of Draven? More like League of Lucian.

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Why get these spells? BECAUSE THERE BEAST, unless your support or jungler

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Standard ADC Runes. You don't get armor pen, because you Q and W scale off of bonus AD, and not total AD. Armor and MR for more durability.



Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Precision
If you have balls, and wanna troll the enemy team by doing tons of damage (at the price of survivability) to the enemy team. Use these runes. I personally use these runes.

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This is your toast and butter. Hextech Gunblade Shh... Don't tell Riot, but this item is so op. It gives AD AND AP. It gives lifesteal AND spellvamp. it also slows! Is there anything that this item can't do? This is good for your AD and AP W AND ULT, so basically, getting this item will destroy the enemy team (unless you suck=).

Blade of the Ruined King Typical Lucian buy. Why do you Lucian's buy this item? Because it provides 4 important things a Lucian needs. Damage, Attack Speed, Lifesteal, and DAMAGE!!! Why did I say damage twice? Well, because your passive procs on-hit effects, and the blade of the ruined king's passive is an on-hit effect, so you can do MAJOR damage by just using your passive. I hope riot doesn't nerf this, cause there is better things to change, (like buffing Quinn hint hint ;)).

Nashor's Tooth deals SO much damage with its Ability Power and Attack Speed. The moment you get this item, the enemy team will pee their pants. It's passive is ALSO an on-hit effect!!!! Which means you can have 6 sources of damage in one auto attack (after you use an ability).

Youmuu's Ghostblade is everything an ADC needs. AD, AS, and Armor Penetration. It's active is like a second ult for Lucian. I usually set this item on 4 and I press 4 and then R
(your middle finger on 4, and your index finger on R) so your ULT does so much more damage!!! The movement speed also give you great positioning FOR your ult, so you don't look like an idiot walking around shooting at one place while your enemy is some place else. We've been there before..... Your final item is your Rabadon's Deathcap at this point if the enemy team hasn't surrendered yet, it's either because you suck at Lucian, or some noob fed. Anyway, the Rabadon's Death Cap is mostly for your ult, and for your Nashor's passive. This alone gives you 38.4 more magic damage!

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Damage Conclusion

Combine all of these items; with your passive, Auto attack, Hextech Gunblade Blade of the Ruined King (assume your enemy has at least 1000 health) Nashor's Tooth Youmuu's Ghostblade
and Rabadon's Deathcap;


but generally, at level 18, your enemies will have 2000 health, and you have 4 abilities so that means 4 passive procs, plus the actual abilities so in conclusion, your burst (more like using all your abilities, and AAing between them) can deal,

9087.145 DAMAGE!!!!! WTF?!?!?

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This is the single most OP passive in the entire game. This passive is like Quinn's harrier, but instead of having to wait to be marked, all you need to do is use an ability, and then your next auto attack will attack twice with full applied on-hit effect. This is you main damage output. Always procing your passive after an ability will make you win ANY duel, even with the duel duo master, Quinn. ALWAYS AUTOATTACK BETWEEN SKILLS!!!! I can not stress this enough. Your passive does 50% of your damage alone, so don't forget to use it. Max this skill first...

This is you primary skill in laning and team fight. This skill lets you harass and last hit AT THE SAME TIME!!! This is your only skill that lets you attack through minions, while your other skills can be blocked. This is also a unique targeting reticle(or sumthin) this is not a skill shot. You have to point and click to aim the skill, but your opponent has 0.4 seconds to dodge the skill, so it is half skill shot, and half targeting. Witch is pretty weird to me. Minions also take 75% of the damage.

Ardent Blaze is a skill shot AoE. It explodes at the first enemy hit. IT EXPLODES INTO A STAR!!!! YAY!!! This skill marks enemys that are hit. When Lucian damages a marked target with a basic attack or an ability, Lucian gets movement speed for 2 second. 40% movement speed! This makes Lucian a pretty good chaser. This skill has AD and AP ratios, witch is SUPERB with our Hextech Lucian build. This skill will out damage your Q by the late game.

Relentless Pursuit"Active: Lucian dashes a short distance and removes all slowing effects. Relentless Pursuit's cooldown resets if Lucian scores a kill or assist during The Culling." This makes Lucian an even BETTER CHASER. And yes, you can go though walls. YAY!!!

The Culling THIS IS THE MOST OP ULT IN THE ENTIRE GAME!??!?!?! This Ult scales with Attack Damage, Ability Power, AND ATTACK SPEED!!!!!!!!!! And with this Hextech Lucian Build, IT'S EVEN MORE OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always use your Ghostblade right before you activate your ult, because this will give you more damage during the ULT, to maximize your OPness! When you use your ghostblade, you have more movement speed, so you can aim your ult better. Each shot deals 40 flat physical damage, then adds 30% of bonus AD, and then 10% Ap. With a blade of the ruined king built first on Lucian(because the blade of the ruined king is a Lucian's typical first buy), Lucian's ult will deal 498.75 dmg, while a HEXTECH LUCIAN BUILD WILL DEAL 547.5 DMG!!!!!Have fun being op! =)

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Skills Sequence

Well this is a tough choice. If you like playing on the safe side, you will upgrade your Q first, but if you want to LIVE LIKE LARRY You will max W first for it's AD and AP ratios which will ultimately do more damage than your Q by level 5 when you finally get your Hextech Gunblade! But if you want to play it safe like regular boring Lucians, you can max your Q first. The only con about maing your W first, is that it has a longer cooldown than your Q, and your Q does more damage at level 1 (that's why you get this first at level 1).
After you max your Q or W, then you max Q or W, witch ever you didn't max first! Then, you will max your E!!! Oh, I forgot to tell you that you will be ALWAYS maxing your ULTIMATE (there IS a reason why it's called an ultimate)