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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainDance

Hextech Skirmisher Ezi

RainDance Last updated on January 30, 2011
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This is an Ezi build I have been working with recently. I usually use an AD build, focusing on damage and using Mystic Shot as my primary damage dealer. However, as I got better and got more experience, I noticed that using a combination of hybrid items and builds can get a better result than a strait focus; using the natural synergy between AD and AP, getting items that bolster both, and combining them to make a lovely brawler type build.

Primarily, this is a skirmishing build; staying at medium range and using AD to eliminate minions quickly and efficiently while sniping champs with you AP abilities. I noticed going full AD made me a minion farming machine, but dealing with champs was a bit more difficult without support.

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Pros / Cons

Like any Champ, Ezi has his pros and cons. I've found that Ezi, while difficult, has few weaknesses than other Champs. He's far from OP, very difficult to play, but when properly played he has a good fighting chance against anyone.

-Very good kiting skills,
-Virtually uncatchable,
-Murders minions very quickly into the game,
-Can work against any enemies,
-Extremely fun to play!

-Very difficult to play well,
-Large learning curve(expect to get murdered alot!),
-Completely skill-shot based,
-Often called primary in skirmishes with other teams,
-Fairly squishy.

Ezi is a bit of a glass cannon naturally. He deals alot of damage, to both minions and champs, but he is pretty wimpy without proper gear and playstyle. One thing he's really got going for him is that he is virtually uncatchable; between his teleport and Flash, he is extremely hard to get to when he doesn't want to be caught. Supplement this with speed enhancing gear and you're golden.

The other problem can be that if he is not played properly, he is a bit of a carry. He needs proper leveling, support, and gear before he really shines, but this can be mitigated with getting a hold of come good items to start and getting a ganking advantage.

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One problem witha hybrid Ezi as opposed to full AD Ezi is that his basic attack becomes much weaker. This can pose a problem because of his cooldowns. This is the reason I really like having CD reduction, as noted in my masteries and the following runes;

Greater Mark of Cooldown Reductionx9
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reductionx9
Greater Seal of Cooldown Reductionx9
Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reductionx3

With runes alone, you will net ~15% reduction in Cooldowns. This is quite exceptional, very handy to have from the beginning of the game. One thing to note; the Marks of Focus are markedly worse than the other in power, at least as far as CDs go. If you prefer, you can switch these to AP or Mana/Regen.

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Ezi is almost entirely skill based, unless going for a pure AD build. Finding the synergy between these skills and gear is half of what makes Ezi so much fun.

This is Ezi's passive skill. Every time an ability lands against an enemy, you get +15% attack speed. This buff stacks 5 times, but all the stacks will leave after 5 seconds. In the beginning of the game, you may have trouble keeping stacks on due to high cooldowns, few abilities, and lack of mana. Don't worry about it too much, but in later game make sure you keep stacks on.

This is the bread and butter ability in early game. It deals great damage, with additional damage based on your attack damage. It's low cooldown and decent damage, in addition to it's paltry mana cost, makes it a very good ability.

This is a skill-shot ability, so you have to manually aim it. Try to lead your targets to make sure you can get it to land.

This ability has two uses; firstly, it deal damage to enemy champions and slows their attack speed. Secondly, it speed the attack speed of friendly champs. In the beginning game, it's nice to have to speed up a friendly melee DPSer and take towers down faster. In the late game it is exceptionally powerful for keeping you Rising Spell Force buffs up! You need to land a spell, so hitting a friendly with it will refresh the stacks.

Remember, this is Ezi's only ability that goes through minions, so you can attack an enemy Champ that is behind a line of minions with it!

Besides being your most powerful AP nuke, outside your ultimate of course, this is a fantastic escape and kiting ability. You teleport a small distance and shoot a magic bolt at the nearest target. It can deal well over 500 damage late game, more with a pure AP build.

This skill can allow you to escape very well, combined with Flash. You can even teleport through walls with it, such as the barriers near the stairs.

This is your ultimate. It is the final word in Champion sniping abilities. You can shoot this anywhere on the map, you just need to calculate travel distance and speed. This is also a notable ability for wiping out minions; when you get some gear, this will one shot all the minions in a wave, sans elite minions. This will also give you stacks of Rising Spell Force.

Again, you can use this to shoot across the map or down entire lanes! With proper planning you can eliminate 2 entire waves of minions or snipe a group of damage Champs.

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Without a doubt, Ezi greatly relies on his itemization to give him is power. An item build is never a solid thing; you cannot stick to an item build without regard to who you are facing and expect to prosper!

Keep this in mind as I explain my item choices and when to get them!

This is a controversial weapon on Ezi; it's rather a jack of all trades weapon, but I believe it's key to playing a hybrid. It offers some unique play mechanics that a skirmishing Ezi can really use.

+60 AD, +75 AP: These are pretty standard fair, don't require much explanation.
20% Attack/Spell Vamp: This is key to a long term Ezi solution. What Ezi gains in escape mechanics, he loses in regenerative itemization. Since he deals great damage, it only makes sense to capitalize on this and get a return for the damage you deal.
Active: Deal 300 damage and slow them by 50% for 3 seconds: Absolutely fantastic active! The damage is pretty low, but the slow is invaluable. Ezi can use his Teleport or Flash to get close, hit them with this and decimate them in the tine they take to recover. Has great synergy with Exhaust as well.

This is my primary goal when I first start. Start off the game by buying a Vampiric Scepter. This will give you sustainability in the first part of the game. Follow this up by making for your Hextech Revolver to give your AP a nice boost and extend your Vamping into the spell range. Finish up with getting your full Hextech Gunblade when you've built up some gold.

From this point, there are three(3) ways to branch out your item list, based on your enemies! I suggest analyzing your situation and getting a single one of these items before getting your Archangel's Staff.

  • Spirit Visage: This is an excellent choice to work towards for multiple reasons. Firstly, it gives you a little Magic Resist which will help when dealing with enemy snipers and give you a bit more survivability. Secondly, the extra health is gives is a great boon! It's main strength, however, is it's additional 12% reduction in CDs, bringing you even closer to full CD cap. Finally, it is pretty damn cheap, only costing 1550 in total. Take this option if you are facing enemy casters and want a little more sustainability OR if you don't have a ton of gold at your disposal.
  • Frozen Heart: This next choice is taken when facing a lot of enemy Melee. The armor is great, the Mana is even nicer, and the CD reduction is awesome! This item is great to work towards if you are easily farming minions, it will reduce their damage to you. However, it is nearly twice the cost of your Spirit Visage, so don't go for it if you are having a hard time making cash. Take this option if you are facing extra melee enemy champs and need a little bit more armor.
  • Manamune: Let the synergy begin! This is mediumly priced at 2100ish, so not terrible. It brings some AD to the table, as well as 1350 extra mana when fully charged. It's other boon is that it converts 2% of your mana into AD; this is where the Synergy starts! Take this option if your team has a bit of a level/early ganking advantage over the enemy.

As you begin to get to the end of the match, there are a few more options to complete your Hybrid Ezi. Since you are getting extra AD from you mana, and your mana pool will be pretty significant, we'll add one more item that will complete the synergy.

This beasty has a great mana bonus, which by now enhances AD, and also gives the bonus of increasing AP based on max mana. The mana regen is also fantastic, further increasing Ezi's sustainability. It is, however, quite expensive, so you may not get to it in a game.

& &
This is added for the games where you have unreasonable amounts of cash. These two items really add to your magic damage, giving your Essence Flux and Arcane Shift over 500 damage a piece. Your ultimate hits for well over a thousand at this point.

Tiamat is an AD item, but it makes your attacks splash damage, which murder minions ridiculously fast.

At the end of the game, according to this guide anyways, you should end up with Hextech Gunblade, Lich Bane, Archangel's Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap, Tiamat, and one of these three items; Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart, OR Manamune. This amounts to 6 items.

You need to adjust what items you have based on your opposition; sometimes, you need more defense, sometimes more offense. Sometimes, you don't even need any armor or health or magic resist, sometimes you need all of them! It depends on whom you are facing and the items listed above are, in my experience, the most effective at what they do while providing synergy with other abilities.

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General Tactics

Many Ezi builds advocate a long ranged approach to playstyle. Personally, I live in the middle zone. You want to be in attack range to minions, in Mystic Shot range to champs. You need to be very mindful of where they are in relationship to you and maintain constant vigilance to ensure you don't get ambushed. From experience, a snared Ezi is a dead Ezi!

Beginning Game
At the beginning of the game, take a Vampiric Scepter to keep your health topped off. If your team is going for a gank, I advocate taking Arcane Shift over Mystic Shot. This will allow you to both pursue enemy champs as well as get away from attacking champs. In other cases, or if you prefer, take Mystic Shot

Ezi can be a bit of a carry, so try and level yourself up as quickly as you can. This can be done by taking a lane that is not seeing a lot of Champ action to decimate minions. This can also net you a bit of extra gold to get to your Hextech Gunblade faster.

Always play cautiously; shoot a Mystic Shot into grass and stay away from ganking lanes, play conservatively and run if needbe.

Mid Game
When mid game rolls around and the sides are fairly situated in the rhythm of the game, you must decide your path. Usually, if you coordinate with your team, you'll know exactly what you need to do. Usually, Ezi is relegated to pushing lanes, due to his ability to wipe out entire waves of minion with a single shot, and his ability to escape quickly if things go awry.

If your team is having a hard time and the enemy has a kill advantage over you, it may be time to invest in a Spirit Visage or Frozen Heart. This will give you a defensive advantage while still bolstering your offensive powers. If your team is holding well, you may prefer to invest in some offensive gear like the Manamune or Archangel's Staff. Generally, the Manamune will work better because it's cheaper.

End Game
In end game is where Ezi really starts to shine. When you've itemized a bunch, not only do your skills hit hard but your regular attacks starts to be very decent in the thick of a melee.

In general pushes, try to limit your minion killing to Mystic Shot and never use your Arcane Shift to kill unless it's a Champion. Ensure you have this available if you need it if you get ganked.

In skirmishes against enemy Champ, use Trueshot Barrage to build 5 stacks of Rising Spell Force instantly, giving you +75% attack speed. With this and high AD given from equip, you can massacre minions. You can also use Trueshot Barrage to snipe Champs; remember, this can hit across the entire map, so take aim, calculate distance and travel time, and unleash hell!

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Ezreal is a fantastic champ, both in offense and support. He is tricky and difficult, but stick with him until you master him, follow your item builds, but make exceptions when new situations appear.

Keep in mind that to truly master Ezi, and to play him to the fullest of his ability, you need to coordinate with your team. I highly suggest that you play with a pre-made if possible. This will allow you to bolster your synergy and allow your team mates to understand how Ezi works.

There is a lot of misconceptions as to how to play Ezi out there; don't listen to them! Try this guide, see how it works for you, and if it doesn't fit your playstyle, oh well! Don't take anyone's experience over your own; your mileage might differ!

Cheers and good hunting!