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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Camille Build Guide by Trixik2411

Top Hm,how do you say it?Hasta la vista,baby. CAMILLE -- [8.13]

Top Hm,how do you say it?Hasta la vista,baby. CAMILLE -- [8.13]

Updated on July 8, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trixik2411 Build Guide By Trixik2411 19 1 201,774 Views 11 Comments
19 1 201,774 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Trixik2411 Camille Build Guide By Trixik2411 Updated on July 8, 2018
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Hi! My name is Trixik2411. I am playing on EuNE server and I am Gold 5. On Camille I have 250k points. Thanks for reading this guide to Camille.
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F is just for Flash ,nothing else.Don't you dare to even think about taking Ghost.
On next I use only Teleport, don't
take Ignite because Camille can hunt down under turret easily.
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Pros + and Cons -

Pros +
EXTREME mobility
heal on Tactical Sweep
2 AA resets
4 second lock ult
Short invicibility when ulting
Can change turret aggro when ulting
Slow and stun

Cons -
Only 1 type of shield = mages can burst
you down when you activated AD shield
Not that tanky as it seems
Relies only on AAs and landing stun
Very mana-hungry
Long cooldowns on her abilities
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Start Items

As for the start, I used Doran's Blade for a pretty long time.But.I played much games I started to love Corrupting Potion,because it gives you the option to not wait on mana at all... It gives so much mana and the health back you get is better than the Doran's Blade.And it's still not over!It applies a burn over time.The only one bad thing about it is that farming minions is much harder withnout Doran's Blade.
But If you are getting poked I suggest Doran's Shield.
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Item build

Soo,you want to rush Tiamat at the very start. Then buy the Phage as it gives you some tankiness which you need, or you can actually build the Sheen when you use your mana too much. Then buy Stinger and finally the Trinity Force that gives you a HUGE powerspike. Then build 1 of the hydras you want. Then buy some ap and ad resist. IF you are pretty fed build items to some damage ( lethality in this actual meta) and even lifesteal Death's Dance. And finally build Elixir of Wrath.
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Camille's passive

Adaptive defenses
This is Camille's passive - Adaptive Defenses-Passive.It's a shield which activates only when Camille AA enemy champion.The shield shieldes her for AD or AP damage based on what champion she attacked,eg.:if she AAs Ahri it means she got AP shield but if she AA someone like Caitlyn it means she got AD shield.The shield equals to 20% of her max health and stays up for 3 seconds.It has CD based on lvl.
The shield is the win condition to small and fast trades.
Always look at the CD of your passive,you will never know when it will save your life.
You can easily make the shield bigger by purchasing health items.
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Camille's Q

Precision protocol
This is Camille's Precision Protocol-Q.When activated,her next AA will do bonus damage and small speed.For the next second she can activate it 2nd time for the exact same thing but if she does it after a more than second,she deal more damage and even a true damage.
It can be used on towers and even wards! So you can eventually destroy ward right from place.
Most times use the second proc with true damage,it is better with everything - it's you main damage.
Always do the right AA reset.
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Camille's W

Tactical sweep
This is Camille's Tactical Sweep-W.When cast,it makes a cone in front of Camille,broken down to 2 pieces.If the part closer to her hits, it deals only damage, but if the outer part hits, it deals damage,slow everything and 100% heal Camille from enemy champs.She can freely move during the cast.
Always try to hit the outer half,thanks for your W you have way bigger sustain in lane.
You can use it in the midair with the hookshot so the dive can be even more devastating.
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Camille's E

This is Camille's Hookshot-E.When activated,it fires a hook that grip onto wall pulls herself to it.Then second cast will "fire" her where you want.On landing, she will stun enemies hit.When champion is hit,she even gains bonus attack speed for a while.
You can flash in midair to inflict stun even on longer range.
You can go through walls with it,pretty cool!
Can be used with Tactical Sweep in midair.
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Camille's ultimate

Hextech ultimatum

"You will stay here!"

This is Camille's Hextech Ultimatum-R.When cast, Camille jumps on the target enemy champion.They can't escape by any means.She is invulnerable for a short while.Every other champion is knocked away and the arena ends only if the enemy is dead or Camille walks out of it.
It's basically a free kill for you and your jungler in the lane,so use it!
You can easily reset turret aggro with the invulnerable tick.
Even Yasuo can use the knock for ult to engage,very handy.
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Order of maxing abilities

I do it like this.The Tactical Sweep deals good damage on lvl.1,so you can poke a lot.Next the Hookshot on lvl.2 is a great escape for early ganks,but don't engage too much before lvl.3!You cant really do anything withnou your Hookshot and Precision Protocol combined.Max R>Q>E>W orR>E>Q>W when your opponent is not that tanky and you can land your Hookshot.

> > >
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What she can do?

Camille as a splitpusher can very easily push towers with her Qs. In teamfights she can lock down onto enemy adc and quickly kill them.Again - extreme mobility with that you can easily escape with a sliver of health and do amazing jukes.Very easy to steal kills and get fed because of her second Q which deals extreme damage in one strike.But nothing of that can't happen if you don't have at least 2 items.She is monster in late game,can 1 shot adc with second Q.But her early game is quite "meh".She is extremely item dependant and if you can't get some kills to the late game then you will feel much like second support,much lite that Ivern.But you don't want that poor grafs do you? So take these kills and endless farm,you will need it.
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Buffs at 7.12

Wooo,it's officialy there,she got "finally" buffed - her Adaptive Defenses and Precision Protocol.

The passive - On level 1 the passive is on cooldown from 20 》16 seconds!! But still in late game it will remain the same,but Camille is already extremely strong in late game so no worry about it.

The Q - When you second Q (the one with true damage) it deals 20% more damage.Riot nerfed her from original 100% 》80% but they finally decided to give it back to 100%!
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Buffs at 7.24

Not much was added, but everything counts.Second proc Q is longer so it's easier to do the Hookshot and Precision Protocol run combo.And it got a pretty graphic timer on the ability.
Also Adaptive Defenses got buffed by a half second.
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Thanks for reading this guide very much! I will try to make it even bigger and update it by the time versions passes.GL HF!
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