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Anivia Build Guide by RitoHatesAzir

How 2 Articuno (Discontinued)

By RitoHatesAzir | Updated on December 12, 2016

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My name is Nocturned on EUW, I used to play a ton of Anivia and in season 6 I had a win ratio of 74.3% with Anivia in 70 ranked games and my KDA with her is currently 9.4/4.1/7.6, so I hope u can entrust me with teaching u the ways of Articuno! :)

I will teach you how to play Anivia in this guide. As you can see above (in the matchups), most of the matchups are skill dependant (hitting the stun) so basically, learning to hit your stun is a big part of learning Anivia. Also, positioning right, using your wall, and placing your ult right in teamfights are essential when playing Anivia. You also need to learn when to throw your Q in order to hit, when you can trade and when you should just stay back and farm. Anyway, here's a little proof that I know what I'm talking about o3o
\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/
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Pros / Cons

Deals tons of damage.
Can outplay if people are greedy.
In low elo, not many people know how to deal with her.
Can save allies with her W.
Can shut down a fed enemy.

Very immobile.
Can be hard to come back if behind.
Can screw allies with her W if not used carefully.
Dies instantly if caught.
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Why those items? The reason behind this build is that you will deal CRAZY damage late game, and you'll never run out of mana. Alright, we start off with basic stuff, Doran's Ring and 2 Biscuits. On first back you wanna get a Tear of the Goddess no matter what, and boots if you have the gold. Next back you should get a Rod of Ages, if u can't afford it then buy a Catalyst of Aeons, and upgrade it to Rod of Ages asap. Now upgrade your boots to Sorcerer's Shoes and choose your next item, Rabadon's Deathcap or Zhonya's Hourglass, always get Zhonya's Hourglass if you're against an AD champ (ESPECIALLY ZED). Now, if u chose Rabadon's Deathcap first then buy a Zhonya's Hourglass next, we want both. Alright, it's about time to upgrade that Tear of the Goddess, it should be full by now so get that Seraph's Embrace. As for the last item you need a Void Staff, however if the enemy team doesn't have ANY magic resist at all then you could buy a Luden's Echo. If your Tear is full before you've bought Rabadon's/Zhonya's (depending on which one u chose first) then u can go ahead and finish into Seraph's Embrace if u feel like it.

Does this build work?

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The masteries shown above are in my opinion the best and most viable masteries for Anivia. Sorcery for obvious reasons, Feast for sustain, Natural Talent for better level scaling, Double Edged Sword for more flat damage. Savagery to help with your weak AA's, Secret Stash for better early game sustain, Merciless for more damage, Dangerous Game for teamfights or close fights, Precision for more magic pen, Thunderlord's Decree because it's so easy to proc with Anivia's abilites (ex. Q + E procs Thunderlord's). Notice that u can also take Runic Affinity instead of Secret Stash if u think it's better, I personally prefer Secret Stash. U can also take Meditation instead of Merciless if u have mana problems, however Meditation falls off late game since Anivia's mana pool is already so big and she won't need the extra mana regen anymore.
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Anivia's laning phase is REALLY strong, especially when she hits lvl. 6, u can even get an easy first blood if u hit your stun 2-3 times and finish the trade with an E. And also, about that stun, a nice trick u can do is wait for the enemy laner to go for a last hit, then smack him with your Q, if u do it right and master this cheeky technique, u will almost always dominate in trades. If you get zoned, throw some stuns after the enemy, but don't try to use your E on them if they have a longer range than you. Anivia's laning phase against AD assassins is pretty bad though, I recommend farming up and SS whenever the enemy is missing (like you always do), since he will most likely roam since you're hugging the tower, however if you feel confident, go ahead and try to get a first blood, a champion that is actually easy to get a first blood on is Zed, all u have to do is hit 2 or maybe 3 stuns + E and he will most likely be dead. If you're doing good in the lane, but your allies aren't then go roam, Anivia's roaming potential isn't bad at all since she has a stun and can trap enemies with her W, remember when you go roam, always make sure you won't miss that much CS and that it'll be worth it. Also, Anivia is one of the champions with the lowest movement speed in the game, so keep that in mind when u leave your lane, altough it isn't that bad if u have Sorcerer's Shoes.
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Farming as Anivia before lvl. 6 can be difficult, her auto attacks are weak but as soon as you hit lvl. 6 ask your jungler for blue, and farm with your ult. Maybe take some custom games and practice last-hitting with Anivia if you're struggling with it.
Here's a little video from a League youtuber I subscribe to, try some of these tricks to get better at last hitting.

Of course you shouldn't be spending 10 hours on practicing this, these are just some "drills" from a League youtuber I wanted to show you, that you could maybe try out. Load up a custom game, with or without bots and start practicing last hits with Anivia.
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Team Work / Teamfights

If your jungler is coming by to gank your lane, throw your stun, hitting the stun will most of the time result in a kill, especially if your jungler has a gap-closer, like Lee. You can also place your W behind the enemy, forcing them to flash to get away, if they don't have flash or a dash-ability they are screwed. During teamfights your job is to hit your stun, place down your ult and pick off squishies with your W if u can. As Anivia, never focus the tanks unless you have to, usually you wanna go for the enemy ADC or mid laner, depending on who's the bigger threat. If your allies get caught, you can use your W between the enemies and your allies, giving your allies some time to get away, unless they have flash or a dash-ability... also, be careful not to screw it up and end up killing your allies by trapping them with the enemies. And last but not least, DON'T get caught, if that happens your passive gets wasted, use your blue trinket to check bushes to ensure you don't get caught. Oh, and also your team should never fight without you since you have so much important CC, so let them know if you're going back.
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Buffs / Nerfs


Patch 6.19 (Nerfed):
Anivia's E damage has gone from (55/85/115/145/175) to (50/75/100/125/150), this will affect her early game a bit, but shouldn't be anything too major.

Anivia's chilled damage has gone from (110/170/230/290/350) to (100/150/200/250/300), this will affect Anivia's DOT (damage over time) quite a bit during early game, but shouldn't be too noticeable in the late game.


Patch 6.23 (Nerfed):
The good changes:
The cooldown of Anivia's wall (W) has gone from 25 seconds to 17 seconds. This change can only be considered good, it might be pretty useful in teamfights and definitely compliments the idea of Anivia being a siege mage.

The cooldown of Anivia's E has gone from 5 seconds to 4 seconds. This change is kinda irrelevant and probably won't be much noticeable either, but it's there. Might be useful during early game, who knows?

Anivia's R now only takes 1.5 seconds to reach maximum size instead of 3 seconds. When it is fully formed it now also deals 300% damage and slows by (30/45/60%). While these changes might sound good/OP, there's a cost...

The bad changes:
Anivia's double damage effect now only triggers if the target was recently stunned by Anivia or damaged by a fully formed Glacial Storm (R), instead of if they were slowed, (AKA chilled) by Flash Frost (Q) or Glacial Storm (R).

This is why I consider these changes to be a nerf.
Basically, Anivia's instant (R > E) combo will no longer work, unless the R is fully formed, which will take 1.5 seconds, which is just too long, especially in this current meta where u will often see champions with a lot of mobility.
This might increase Anivia's skill cap, as missing the stun (Q) is now a lot less forgivable. Anivia's trades will be a lot more risky, as you will have to either hit the stun or wait 1.5 seconds, which is enough time for the enemy to counter you.

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The End

I think I've covered pretty much every basic thing up now that u need to know to play Anivia. If u found this guide helpful then please upvote it <3 I'll be updating this guide as changes to Anivia or things that may affect her come. Also, please give me feedback on this guide or some tips on how to improve it, as this is my first guide I would appreciate it! ^_^
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My last update (Non-gameplay related)

So I've been thinking about this for a while...

I no longer wish to update this guide, this means it will not be updated or supported for the future patches.
My reason for this decision is that I simply no longer enjoy playing Anivia, or League of Legends for that matter, especially after the 6.23 patch.
I feel that Riot Games is overlooking a lot of things, which kinda upsets me.

For example, the new League client. Now before u start telling me: "It's still in beta" please, just hear me out. So I've seen Riot "accidentally" releasing a new "mode" for the client, called "Potato mode". This mode would (supposedly) take off a lot of resources that the client is using, which would decrease lag tremendously.
Sounds great, right?
Sure, however Riot quickly took back this feature, their reasoning being: "There are multiple efforts to try and improve performance and some of our other efforts have made the client as a whole faster especially on machines powered by potatoes".
It sounds reasonable enough, but honestly, what damage would it do just to release it? Some people will REALLY need this feature, even if you do end up somehow making the client faster. It shouldn't even be a question whether to release it or not.

Then there's also Riot's way of "balancing" this game... Don't even get me started... I am so tired of getting one shot by a Zyra support, like wtf?
And Riot is just like: "Dude, let's nerf Anivia, she has a high winrate". That's probably because the minority of people who actually bother playing her are people that know how to play her. That's all I gotta say.

So now you're probably thinking: "He's just a salty Anivia main lol". Sure, to be honest, that is my other reason for being tired of this game. It's making me salty. I can't describe to you how many times I've been abused in this game and I rarely ever actually meet nice people, and if I do, they quickly turn their backs against me if I'm not doing well. I'm sick of it...
Throughout almost 3 years of playing I have met 3 people over League that I could actually call "nice people" or rather, "actual friends". Sure, I might have a big friend list but most of those people have added me probably just because I did well in a game with them.
The fact that I've been playing for 3 years and met so few nice players also shows how toxic this community actually is. I'm sure everybody already knows...

So these are the main reasons I'm gonna take a break from this game. I haven't fully decided whether I want to actually quit or not yet. I still have a little bit of love left for this game and I would really like to play it again and enjoy it, like the first time I started playing. If you actually bothered to read all of this, then I salute you.

Thank you <3
League of Legends Build Guide Author RitoHatesAzir
RitoHatesAzir Anivia Guide

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How 2 Articuno (Discontinued)