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Ziggs Build Guide by Frank White R8

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frank White R8

How To Be The Man: A Challenging Ziggs Carry

Frank White R8 Last updated on December 14, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ladies and gentlemen, they call me Frank White, and I must say thank you for checking out my very first article published on! In this short guide I will be explaining to you THE MOST overpowered way to play the Hexplosives Expert, Ziggs!

I will give you a little background information on my summoning career. I have played League of Legends for about a year now, I have several accounts, and I'm currently carrying myself into Gold on my main. After about 1200 games played in many game modes, I have seen each champion at their best and worst.

I chose to master Ziggs because his abilities suit my play style and because his range makes him very difficult to outplay. Ziggs is the type of champion that can establish so much pressure in lane that he draws jungle and top while being under no threat of death. If played correctly, you can make it very easy for your teammates to farm without ever having to step into their lane.

When you consider Ziggs' lane dominance, combined with the fact that his entire kit is AoE and that he can peel the enemy team while dropping serious damage from a nearly untouchable range, you realize his true potential.

All formalities aside, let's begin our discussion.

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You are going to take full ability power for your rune page. Why? Flat AP means that if your opponent gets any ideas of trying to enter your zone, you are going to kick them in the teeth. It is NOT NECESSARY to trade. With proper technique, your range will make it impossible for the enemy to harass you, you will have the advantage of always striking first, and eventually they will zone themselves. If you ward for ganks and don't shove lane when you don't need to, you will see how pointless defense and utility runes are.

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The masteries for Ziggs to be played this precisely will focus on early game damage as well as late game scaling, without consideration for sustain. Once again, the reasoning for this is Ziggs' unpunishable control in lane. Your opponent will not be able to keep up in farm with the threat of your combo looming over their head. This forces the enemy into 2 positions: either they babysit you while you snowball into a late game nuker or they forfeit lane to you in hopes they can make plays elsewhere on the map.

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A complete discussion of item choices and videos demonstrating this play style will be posted in the future but for now, there are basic concepts that this version can be concluded with.

Essentially, this adaptation for Ziggs focuses on creating an overwhelming advantage in power while keeping complete focus on the mid lane. Ziggs is not a super mobile APC such as LeBlanc or Ahri, so to be impactful your focus should be in securing towers and dragons while gaining vision of the jungle to coordinate for teamfights. The best scenario in this approach to Ziggs is destroying the 1st tier mid tower and then proceeding to ward dragon side jungle buffs to create the potential for an early game ace.


You need to be the first one to lane in every game. Begin to start a push. The goal is to rush the level 2 advantage on your opponent while keeping the wave as far away from their tower as possible.

At this point, you are winning the lane. Keep it freezing at about the halfway point. Only step towards the enemy to last hit with autos or your Q. Focus entirely on last hitting and if the enemy makes a play towards you, punish while maintaining the wave. Ward around 3:00 on the correct side for jungle ganks.

Part of your zone will allow you to bait a jungle gank for a cheese if you can pull it off. For example, if you back for core items, and then ward for the enemy jungler without giving your opponent vision of you doing so. Once he approaches your lane, fake an engage on the enemy mid. 9/10 times the jungle will follow up. Time your W to knock back ideally both enemies into your tower range. Follow up with your minefield and Q toss to burn flashes and/or secure kills. It is surprising how often this bait works.

When you get your ultimate you need to push the wave so that the enemy has to farm under tower while more of their minions group behind them. Throw your R into the pile to get a chunk of gold and put huge pressure on them while their tower breaks apart. Doing this each time your ultimate is available guarantees you will take their tower without ever being vulnerable to ganks.

As mid and late game approach, you must have made sure that the trouble you caused in mid lane gave your team enough time to secure objectives without problems. This means roaming to establish vision control, to seize dragon, or botside tower, or even to help your jungle counter theirs by stealing buffs or ambushing them.

You need to do everything you can to push your advantage while lane phase is ending for everyone else, because your lane will be gone very early.

As I've already said, videos will best prove how this mentality, combined with CLARITY and TELEPORT, will create power levels well over 9000.