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Master Yi Build Guide by Rexerekcio



Updated on September 2, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rexerekcio Build Guide By Rexerekcio 12 3 5,805 Views 2 Comments
12 3 5,805 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rexerekcio Master Yi Build Guide By Rexerekcio Updated on September 2, 2019
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Runes: Runes

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #42 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Jungle Role Ranked #42 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide


By Rexerekcio
How to play this champion?
So, lets say you decide to play Master Yi because you have no mechanical skill and you are in low elo. All your friends bully you because they are G4 0 lp and they are ugly morons with little to no sexual life and same amount of love from parents. I suggest starting off on a new account with fresh mmr. It will cost 3-4$, which is the price of a Kebab. In this case, you will actually get lp for wins, unlike on your main with 46% winrate. In order to get top performance, play like Donald Duck, with only a Tshirt, no underwear or pants at all. This way you will become one with the nature, and you can send picks of your sausage if you encounter a fellow woman. Of course because you want to show them your dinner, I didn't refer to your ***** when I said sausage, you degenerate. This can also help you with controlling erections, in case you encounter an instagram thot, because more blood in d = less blood in brain. Not like you need any to play Yi, but w/e. For the actual game, you need to write HARDCORE DUBSTEP MIX to youtube and click on a video with some hardcore looking thumbnail. Then, pick Yi and flame everyone in champs select, while being humble at the same time. You just want them to know that they're bad without hurting their innocent soul. In game, clear jungle 24/7 and call anyone asking for ganks a moron, and teach them that you play a late game champion, so you are allowed to play with one hand and do w/e you want with the other for 25 straight minutes, then 1v9 the game with 2 hands, using the mouse+keyboard input devices. If you get ahead early, just simply flame the enemy so you destroy their mental and they ff, instead of wasting your time.
How to flame?
Do not write KYS to the chat, use alternatives like "Get shot", "End your life" or simply "KY5". Writing KYS is too high risk and too low reward, because ordering an account takes up to one hour so you only waste your time if you manage to get banned. Use the words: "Imbecile, moron, degenerate, ****, scum, ******, n/gger, tuberculose, aids, ebola, african, cancer, inbred, turk, unlucky, poor, 3rd world, indian, fat, virgin, acne, **** and redhead in your sentences but mix them up carefully every time. None of these can get you banned, but you will most likely get chat restricted. That's perfectly fine tho, but a little bit annyoing.
How to pick up girls?
Go to parties and have a social life instead of playing a ****ing game. Also, not being ugly as **** definitely helps you a lot.
How to get friends?
Don't be antisocial. Go and talk to other people irl, and find out if you have anything in common. If not, find other people. If you can't find 1 person out of 8,5 billion, you have no social skills at all and you should accept that you will die alone. Or maybe with your family.
Why am I giving tips on how to have a life on Mobafire?
Well, you are actually looking for guides on the internet, you don't have a life so I decided to be a kind man and help you out. Now go, and socialize you piece of ****!
Why am I racist?
I'm not.
Why Master YI?
Because it is a champion designed for ******s. Just like you.
Is this guide serious?
Yes, it is. It's not really a gameplay guide tho, I'd say it's a guide on how to become more of a human.
Will this guide help to climb?
Probably. I mean, you are here looking at Mobafire guides. That means you are most likely ******ed enough not to know what items to build. So, this might actually help.
What other champs are good for 1v9-ing in silver?
Nida, Kassadin, Camille, Draven, LeBlanc, Irelia, or any champ if you are an otp with good mechanics.
Where does high elo begin?
Always 1 division above you.
Is it fun to crush slivers?
No. The most enjoyable elo is iron because people there know that they are really ****ing bad so they don't bother flaming you with meaningless and random insults.
Why manamune?
Well, manamune is really decent in silver, because it is really op if you can snowball. Which you will. Every other item will make you look like a tryhard, while building a manamune creates excuses like "I'm not even trying I have manamune" so you don't look so ****ing bad if you lose.
What's the basic strategy?
Just farm till you have enough items to kill enemies, always go for uncontested drakes or barons (you can solo baron with 3 items with ult and enough r. hunter stacks, and only with autoattacks if you have more than 4). Then you can go ahead and rape the enemy team .
Why do I make guides?

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