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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Romusracker

Middle How to play Cassio from early to late (climbing, comet cassi

Middle How to play Cassio from early to late (climbing, comet cassi

Updated on December 19, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Romusracker Build Guide By Romusracker 27 1 48,046 Views 0 Comments
27 1 48,046 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Romusracker Cassiopeia Build Guide By Romusracker Updated on December 19, 2018
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Runes: Trading in Lane

1 2 3
Phase Rush
Manaflow Band

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4 5 6
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

How to play Cassio from early to late (climbing, comet cassi

By Romusracker
Which Summonerspell to take
Heal gives you for a short time movement speed so it is good for playing aggresiv as well as deffensiv.
You can take it in nearly every match up.
It is good against azir.

Exhaust is good against hard matchups like irelia and Yasuo. You can use the slow to hit your q which means that you can survive the fight longer or even kill your opponent.

Ignite is very aggresiv, if you take ignite you should force a lvl 2 all-in or take a good trade and kill your opponent later. Later ignite is mostly useless because it has no deffensiv aspect, so you can get ganked very easily after your first kill. You can play ignite if u are good in warding and you can use ur little early advantage good.

Use Ghost if you are confident in diving and playing a mixture of roaming, playing aggresiv as well as playing deffensiv.

Use Cleanse against hard cc. Hard cc is pretty strong against cassio because it takes her out in a teamfight. Because of the cc u can't kite.. so take cleanse if u get hit easily by cc skillshots, or if there are cc-point and click spells like the Twisted Fate w or the R of Lissandra in your enemies team
Early game
Just go for farm in early game if u didn't pick ignite. Play safe and don't take that much trades no matter if they are good u don't have much mana and ur e costs a lot... Try not to die on ganks so go ward.

If u picked ignite try to take an early trade or even an all-in to get a kill fast. After that stay passive and survive the incoming ganks. After that you can play aggresiv again.

There are some matchups where you can go for a roam. But first make clear that your Botlane or your Top realize that u want to roam. Sometimes it is also good just to make your Lane-Opponent think that u want to roam, because than you can catch him in a bush and you can hit your Ult very easily. If u hit your Ult and have Tear as well as a Amplifying Tome you can maybe kill him/her.
What to build
Ofc you need tear for your first back. That is rly important for your mana. Remember that it has to stack so don't go instant for Archangel. If your lane is fine or pretty good for you go for Rod of Ages because if you buy it in Late it has to stack first before it becomes usefull. But base stats are rly good in the early to mid game so you should buy it there. Normally you go for an item that gives you mana too second. Like Rod of Ages or Abyssal Mask. Some people say that this **** doens't give u dmg. They don't think about what they say. Archangel's gives u mana based on your max. Mana so it is always worth to go for some mana. Rod has no resist. But abyssal has. So if u play against an ap team or an ap mage on mid you an always go for it. It also gives you +15% magic dmg to nearby champions. So your opponents shouldn't come close. Thats why this is rly effective against Diana.

Sometimes it is worth to go for Spirit 2nd because of the increased Healing.

After these two items it is up to you what to build. But you can look into my example builds.
Mid Game
Stay in communication with your jungle. Cassiopeia is pretty strong in objective fights so go for some dragons or maybe the herald. You also should look for some roams. Use your strength in turning fights and always kite your enemies.

Even if the Flash-trick doesn't work anymore you should use your flash for your ult because with your flash u are nearly unpredictable. Don't fear that u could miss ur ult so that u just slow them. The slow is pretty usefull for you too, because u can hit your q better.
Late game
Cassiopeia has an extremely strong late game so you want to make sure that u don't die first in team fights. First u wanna w their back line and the maybe take out their adc or their mid. For this rylais is very good bc of the slow. After that u can go for the others. Maybe focus the toplaner or jungler first if u have enough damage. Always remember that u can burst the baron very fast down. In this stage of the game you should save your flash for the team fights beacuse you will need this to get place between you and the enemy team if u have to kite them down.

Thx for your Attention if you like my guide feel free to vote for it.
How to get better on cassio and what it brings with it
Of course you have to play a lot of games with cassiopeia because she has a high skill cap. But that means that you can win nearly 80% of your games with her. Ofc she has much bad matchups and she can be ganked pretty easily but if you become that good that you can predict ganks or deny ganks easily you have a very high win rate. Personally I had this season a 80% winrate in 80 games. I won 90% of my 1v1's and dealed tons of dmg.

The fact is that you just have to survive the early game with enough farm to become strong in late game. Normally Top ganks in combination with your jungler are really really good bc most of the toplane champions do not have a disengage ability so they have to run away and flash. But you can deny their flash with your w.

Beside playing games it is useful to watch some pros playing cassio. A good option to watch are the season 7 to mid of season 8 cassio games of faker. He is surely one of the best cassiopeia players.

When you are playing against a cassio you should watch her movement and her plays. As a wise person said respect your enemies and learn from them.
What is new on Comet Cassio
Most of the people say that the new comet cassio is op. She isn't but it is a new way to play her. On this way to play her u want to max q and after that w. Comet Cassio has a high burst with her abilities and with ludens. The ludens will help you with the mana. After that you should go for rylais bc of the slow. With this it is much easier to hit your main source of damage - your q. One problem for you will be that you are less tankier than the normal cassio. You can't heal that much in lane too. That's why you should go for all-ins or some trades for which you can't get punished that much. Even if your q is your main source of dmg use your e for the healing as well as for the dmg.

Because of your untankiness you should take a defensiv summoner spell. On this path to play Cassio tp is also a useful summoner spell. It gives you a safe back when u got out traded. All in all you can say that the comet cassio has an earlier power spike but therefore a weaker late game. So it is on your hand which way you want to play her.
After the incoming nerf she will not be that strong anymore bc of the mana for your q so it's gonna be more important to max e first
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Romusracker
Romusracker Cassiopeia Guide
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How to play Cassio from early to late (climbing, comet cassi

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