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Shaco Build Guide by Autistic Nico

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Autistic Nico

How to Shaco.

Autistic Nico Last updated on December 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu You gonna be his nightmare.
Ekko You gonna be his nightmare.
Fiddlesticks You gonna be his nightmare.
Lee Sin Dunno why people are so afraid of lee. Invade him 24/7. you can block his q with your turret if you place it during his q animation.
Master Yi
Tahm Kench
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Why should I play Shaco?

Why you should you play shaco? It's funny.
Every shaco game will be different: you will never find yourself doing the standard --> blue,red,top.
Btw you need to have the mindset to play him. your only role is to make someone tilt.
In champion select you have to decide if you gonna focus in counterjunglin or just ganking a SINGLE lane over and over. if you cant read someone crying in all chat you are doing a bad job.

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Pros / Cons

> Best early game
> Very Mobile
> Funny
> Potential to outplay and 1vs1 almost every champion
> Nice Baron stealer
> Best ganks in the game
> Nice Splitpusher

> You gonna blow up if you missplay
> Useless if behind
> Hates pink wards
> Hard to master
> Falls in late game

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How to Play early

> BUY fast. you need always to be the first to leave the base

>> Place a Ward to cover from invades. Shaco HATES lvl 1 invades.

>>> If someone in your team pings an invade, spam that yellow ping on his head, Shaco HATES lvl 1 invades.

>>>> Place your first turret at 0:41 behind the red/blue buff, then spam turret on cd in the same pixel.

>>>>> After you took red/blue SMITLESS, rush for the enemy buff.
* if you are purple side (you have blue buff) run in the dragon pit and jump the small wall with q and rush the bush in front of you and place a turret. you will end taking his red buff 100% and a Flash/FB.
* if you are blue side (you have red buff) do the opposite path. Dont be afraid to rush without stealth, is not about surprise, is about your high level 2 damage + smite secure buff advantage.

Now there are 4 diffenret scenarios:

* you took the enemy jungler buff, his flash/400g. now you have 2 options: 1. you gank your midlaner and then you do your blue/red. 2. you rush the enemy jungler opposite site and you focus on killing him/steal his buff. -this is just a personal/situational choice-

* The enemy jungler started his opposite buff. just do his buff then istant recall and rush your blue/red. you gonna find him 100% there.

* The enemy jungler started on the buff you are planing to invade aka you find an already clared camp. Wait the q cd and jump at Ravens (the old Wraiths). you gonna steal that xp and burn his flash. fb is really hard to get.

* You started the fight with enemy jungler and somehow you die/take nothing (aka enemy teamm rotate and you failled your escape). This is the worst scenario. after that awkward gray screen DONT tilt (ask sorry to your team mates -IT'S ALWAYS YOUR FAULT IF YOU DIE DURING AN INVADE: NOT THE MID/BOT/TOP FAULT IF THEY DONT ROTATE TO FIX YOUR MISTAKES), and start to camp a lane.

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How can i choose what lane to campp?

Who has the greatest potential to carry late game?
Does his enemy laner have escape?
Can we kill him (aka there's enough cc to be 100% sure that we can kill him)?
Is his enemy laner an high risk/high reward champion (aka Riven, Panth, Akali ecc)?

An exemple.
You are in a team with:
MID: Twisted Fate VS Lissandra
TOP: Irelia VS Darius
BOT: Bard+MF VS Naut+Vayne

The highest carry potential: Irelia
He his vs a Darius so no escape.
BUT it's too risky: darius has an insane early vs a weak irelia early. We gonna lose 100% a 2vs2 if the enemy jungler countergank us.

So we move to the botlane, nowdays ADC are insane and they always cry for ganks.
BARD has insane kill setup and MF got high dmg.
BUT Naut is supertanky and has lot of cc.

So we have mid.
Twiested fate can setup kill with his yellowcard+my slow.
Lisandra players are always overconfident in the e escape and tend to push plus she is squishy pre 6.
A fed TF can gank other lanes so it's a win-win scenario.
BINGO, gank that Lissandra 4-5 times and you enjoy the win

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Team Work

Shaco Team Fight isn't that good if you are not fed.
You should always coonsider that when you joon a fight:
- You cant be on the first line spamming random e.
- You cant engage.
- Enemy team must have 0 vision of you.
- You need to focus ALWAYS the ADC/APC
- Use your passive on your q, always swing from behind.
- Classic combo: Q --> AA --> Hydra --> AA --> E + Smite --> W or R

- If you see a lost fight ALWAYS try to kill enemy ADC: you can do nothing to stop them under turret, so if you manage to kill the main sort of damage it may save your game.
- Dont be rushy. Always wait to see someone isolate/the main cc are used.
- Always ward up as much as possible. if you can find someone walking alone and kill him you will avoid risky TF
- Use your ultimate mainly to dodge spell. With the right timing you can dodge every spell in the game. This is one of the hardest part in mastering shaco.

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Tips and tricks

1. if you are chased by 2-3 people during the level 2 invade IT'S WORTH: consider that, your laners are taking a full wave alone so they will not miss CS (aka 150g ca secure them) and the enemy laners will lose those CS. You have the potential to survive if you play correctly: just start to see those chasing player as "people that are wasting time trying to catch me", focus and outplay them.
2. Shaco is all about mindtricks. try to enter in your enemy mind: fake and obvious deceive (aka face a wall) and q in the opposite direction. you will start to count the ammount of wasted flash.
3. Use your clone. people tend to dont attack with him. always take a look what is he doing during the fights.
4. Use your clone to trick the enemy. an exemple: press r --> press s for a sec --> move your clone to far right --> move to the left. if someone still chase you q in the opposite direction of your clone and it will go out of range, appearing next to you faking your unstealth.
5. Never be afraid to invade.
6. Buy a pink ward a place deep in the enemy jungle. it will help a lot to track the enemy jungler position.
7. Check how slow the enemy bot lane come: if they come slower then normal they probably helped enemy jungle to take red/blue, if they come faster enemy jungler probably started on the opposite side.
8. Use your passive (i know i wrote that a lot but it really helps)
9. If you screw up always try to find a way to improve aka i should have use the q there instead ecc
10. always try to set the w in the enemy escape.
11. Camp Riven/Zed/Yasou/Vayne mains. (nothing personal but they seams to rage more than normal)
12. Your W can block skill shot for you. try your best to learn to time it.
13. NEVER EVER rage to your team. I know that mid laner could have move his *** to take that easy double or come faster to take blue can make you rage. I know that a 0/7 top laner crying for ganks is super annoying. BUT you are wasting time writing and you will focus too much on chat dropping the chance to win far more.
14. IGNORE the help beggers if you feel is not necessary or pointless to gank his lane. Seriously wrote that /ignore *insert that random xXxDARK SASUKExXx*
15. Always write a "sorry, my bad" if you ****ed up a gank/invade.
16. Always ping an "On my Way" or a target if you are planing to gank, will help your team to react.
17. FOCUS ON YOUR GAME AND JUST THAT. Don't "oh the mid laner 0/3, we gonna lose", just think how can YOU fix your team mistakes.
18. NEVER surrender. It's not a spartan **** or something like that, i won 2/20 game. it's soloqueue people tend to throw hard.
19. Always remember that there's always a counter throw without a throw.

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Spent my time to write this guide only because Shaco is still considered a troll pick because so many people play him wrong. It's very viable in soloqueue and really fit this early meta, so give him a try.
Don't stop on your first failures if you like him, he's not a chammpion you menage to master after 4-5 games. Just don't give up and keep try, you will find the time spent learning him worth.

I try to wrote as much as possible in this guide, if you have any question just comment, i will try to answer ASAP.