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Thresh General Guide by Pelikins

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pelikins

How to Support Thresh

Pelikins Last updated on January 24, 2013
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About Thresh

First off, sorry the guide isn't pretty. It's informational only.

Now Thresh:

Thresh is what I would classify as an aggressive support.

Thresh relies on guerrilla tactics to harass in lane, mainly in the form of auto attacks.

He then uses his various positioning and crowd control effects to finish off softened target.

To greatly improve Thresh's offensive potential in the early game, I highly recommend running AD marks and quints on Thresh.

You will lose a marginal amount of gold/5 but the runes will greatly improve your chances of winning your lane and provide even more income to you and your ADC.

With the passive gold changes they recently implemented, gold runes on supports aren't AS important. I would still run them on any other support. But Thresh's early game synergy with AD and the fact that he's always gonna be part of an aggressive bottom lane makes the AD runes worthwhile.

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Main Stats on Thresh:

You mainly need to build defensive stats on Thresh, especially hp and MR since you get free armor from your passive.

The other important stat for Thresh is CDR. This will allow Thresh to be more disruptive in fights and lock down carries more.

In the extremely late game, AS become important on Thresh as he becomes a significant damage dealer due to his passive on Q.

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AD Runes Explaination.

AD runes are great on thresh, not only does he have ranged auto attacks allowing him to poke from afar, but he has even more synergy with AD because of his Q.

Q is your main harass.

Every couple of seconds, you'll want to try to land an auto attack on an enemy champion.

This will deal auto attack damage plus an additional % of your total AD magic damage based off how long its been since your last auto attack plus the number of souls you've collected.

It goes all the way up to 200% of your AD in magic damage.

Take this ability level 1 and max it first.

To help you harass them with auto attacks, you'll want a ward in their brush at all times.

Start with the explorers ward to bait out a pink. If they pink it, then you didn't lose much.

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Help your jungler, help yourself.

If your jungler starts on the same side of the map as you, help him dps down his first camp and his first buff mob. Then collect the souls.

This is a great way to grab a couple of early souls and help you hit even harder with your pokes.

You're jungler will also be very happy to have the help. You won't steal any gold or XP. It's win win.

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Make sure you are building sightstone and g/5 ASAP. Set up your income for the rest of the game FIRST.

Think of Thresh as kind of a Nasus. You are going to hang out in lane as much as possible. Enable teammates and support them and get really tanky.

Always follow someone around or farm alone. If your ADC is back shopping, follow your jungler around and collect souls from his kills.

Then late game you buy one offensive item and blow everyone up and they are like "WTF?".

For a little over 10k you complete the whole build.

You have to really focus on building MR and HP. You'll get enough armor from your passive where you won't need to buy much. But you need the MR and HP a lot to be effective with your kit.

You don't buy much AP. A lucky pick, mostly for the income...that's all (and malady really late game if you get there) (up grade to twin shadow for the utility of a ranged slow and some more MR).

You'll get a decent amount of AP from your passive. That's enough to make your ult hurt (a lot).

The rest of your abilities aren't meant to hurt much (other than your auto attacks) but they have great utility. CDR will make you very disruptive.

Reverie is very solid on you. your teams can get to where ever you are. So you being super speedy is pretty cool. Plus the CDR and the hp on the item are solid on their own account.

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Summoner skills

I really like flash on Thresh.

He helps others escape, but has none of his its solid for that.

Plus, others can essentially use your flash because of your lantern.

Plus, you can flash grab just like blitz for crazy plays.

I like heal pretty well on Thresh too. Exhaust I feel is so very nerfed. It's pretty much just a slow now. Since thresh doesn't heal and he already disables a ton, and he can't heal his buddy, this summoner skill is very solid for sustaining in lane and winning the lane.

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So here is my Thresh build.

I'm undefeated thus far with Thresh, so it seems to work well.



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