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Udyr Build Guide by darkelfkiller

Tank How Udyr SHOULD jungle!

Tank How Udyr SHOULD jungle!

Updated on January 28, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkelfkiller Build Guide By darkelfkiller 37,050 Views 11 Comments
37,050 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author darkelfkiller Udyr Build Guide By darkelfkiller Updated on January 28, 2014
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Hi everyone , my name is Darkelfkiller and this is my Udyr Guide . I will always try to keep the guide updated but if it takes me several days to try out mechanics and stuff don't be too harsh on me please. I would appreciate any and all feedback you guys can provide . Udyr is a really fun Champion to play But be warned! Lots of people think that because of his abilities are all stances/passive he is Easy to play . That is NOT the case . So lets get on with it .
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Incredible early game tankiness
Amazing speed all the time
Can snowball hard
Easy to zone the enemies to win your teamfights
Built-in shield
Life steal
Really fast clear
Can stun multiple people really fast


Easy to counter HIS GANGS
No jump ( this can be a real pain)
Hard to master
Depends on MS so you need good positioning
Extremely mana hungry
No ult
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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration This will help you clear the jungle faster but most of the times i make it Greater Mark of Attack Speed ( i am still in thinking of this )

Greater Seal of Armor SUSTAIN

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist SUSTAIN

Greater Quintessence of Movement SpeedGangs and escapes just got better !!!
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Summoner Spells

Ghost Amazing for udyr! it empowers everything that we have being working on till here. Excellent gap closer - gap increase. In team-fights going around stunning people just got easier !

Smite You need this for jungling .. and that is all

Flash Now most players prefer this over ghost because it gives Udyr the jump that he misses so much but in General i find Ghost to be much more efficient for Udyr
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Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Up until the 4th level i find this order to be a must! you need the Blazing Stampede to gang From Then and on Wingborne Storm is your Main dmg source and Iron Mantle will give you GREAT sustain!!

Blazing Stampede vs Wilding Claw
Most guides/ players will suggest that with this build of items you max your Blazing Stampede over Wilding Claw . I on the other hand prefer to max Wilding Claw. This will allow you to do some pretty good dmg at towers-inhibitors . Damage that you would otherwise miss on the 12-14 lvl .
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Creeping / Jungling


Blue Golem & Red Lizard
: Respawn Timer = 5 minutes

: Respawn Timer = 6 minutes

Baron nashor
: Respawn Timer = 7 minutes

Get a piece of paper out and Write the timers! ( i know i do )

Make the bot lane to Ward your red!(if possible ) . If you are in the purple team then consider the option of buying a ward . Udyr has great hp regen with the lifesteal from Iron Mantle + Vampirism . Also don't forget that your Health Potion are empowered by Alchemist and Culinary Master

Lets get strait to the jungling... start blue ( WITH SMITE! )>Wight Monster>wolves>Wraiths>Golems>RED(with smite!)


2nd Udyr is a very mana hungry champion so always ask your mid about second and third blue . Except if the mid laner is someone without mana like Kennen or Zed . Then just take it . If both of you need it stealing the enemies blue is always THE best option . the steps are easy ( always start doing this steps 30-40 seconds min before your blue respawns )
1st of all ward your blue
2. Think where the enemy jungler started .

A.If the enemy jungler started at blue then
1.a Ward your blue securing it and/or giving the near lane an rather easy kill .
2.a Signal your mid and top/bot ( depending on blue/purple ) so that they are aware of your intentions
3.a Ward the enemy blue buff bush(optional-money waste )
4.a See if the enemy jungler is currently at any lane . If yes start blue always securing it with Smite. If no then be extra careful about starting . if you have an extra ward place it on wolves . And call your mid .Allays pull the golem inside the bush!
5.a Without being spotted by the enemy team ( so they do not know that you stole blue) go to your blue and secure it giving it to mid.

B.If the enemy jungler started at red
1.b secure your blue without smiting .
2.b kill your wolves or gank any near lane to kill some time .
3.b about 20-30 seconds before your red respwans go to the enemy blue
4.b Check the position of the enemy jungler . if he is currently ganging then start and secure with Smite . Otherwise alert your mid to help for faster clear .

If you get caught while in the enemy blue DO NOT FORGET TO:
1 spam like crazy to the 2 adjusting lanes ( yea it can be annoying but it will help)
2 check your mini-map for the enemy champions at the close lanes
3 run toward your closest ally .
4 hide to the edge of a bush inside the range of your ally
5 activate Iron Mantle and then at once Blazing Stampede this way you have both some shield and the stun on the enemy champion . Play the rest of the fight carefully . you are in THEIR jungle . they have more vision on they up-coming paths + you took some dmg on they way out
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Start with Hunter's Machete 5 Health Potion and the trinker!

At your first recall !!!YOU MUST!!! get Mobility Boots It will give you Great speed for those gangs!With just a bit of smart thinking

Allways build Spirit of the Ancient Golem (SUSTAIN) AND Trinity Force(Once this is over your dmg and sustain will EXPLODE) this i find to be an item that i always build

Now it depends on the enemy team. a general build i like to follow is Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen and Frozen Mallet with that in mind :

Enemy ap godlike ? Build Spirit Visage 1st .

Enemy ad godlike? Randuin's Omen 1st.

Winning the game easily? Frozen Mallet should be your 1st choice

Alternative item choice

Other items that will work on this Udyr are :
Locket of the Iron Solari
Iceborn Gauntlet be careful ! do not make at the same time with Trinity Force
Spirit of the Elder Lizard I find to be an AMAZING item! But!! the trick by making this items is that you replace Spirit of the Ancient Golem.This will hurt your survivability a lot because its one the first item you make . Great choice but risky.
Blade of the Ruined King Make this item after Trinity Force if your team has a big advantage . This will make your damage output much greater . And it has the added advantage of making you impossible to kill. Iron Mantle+ Blade of the Ruined King ,and Spirit Visage later on , will make your lifesteal amazing for such a tanky champion

Ok. You wanna be the most annoying player in the history of LOL ? Is the enemy team consisted mostly /at all from ad based characters?? then make this items .

Mobility Boots>>>>> Spirit of the Ancient Golem>>>>> Iceborn Gauntlet>>>>> Frozen Mallet>>>>> Randuin's Omen>>>>> Thornmail

Iceborn Gauntlet + Frozen Mallet + Blazing Stampede + Randuin's Omen + RED BUFF = MAKE THEM TRY TO RUN AND HAVE FUN!
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. this here is what will separate you from the average Udyr player

Bridge Between keep that up at 3 stacks AT ALL TIMES when you jungle !! do not hesitate to cast skills between camps to keep it up . You have masteries and blue you have mana !! this way you will be WAY FASTER !!
Keep in mind than when you have the blue buff you can spam the same spell without Bridge Between running out .

Wilding Claw Nothing much here just use it to do damage as late game this will be your main damage source

Iron Mantle You should spam that all the time! even when you need the dmg to gang it should be relatively easy for you to spam it in between the other stances . It will save you more than once BUT don't get too cocky about your damage! when you have to do dmg Wingborne Storm when you have to stun Blazing Stampede don't loose a kill to loose some dmg ( except if that dmg will probably kill you so its basically your call )

Blazing Stampede in teamfights dont focus 1 man ( unless the team suggests otherwise) . go around and hit them all! stun them ! when you get the 5th go from the start again! NOW BE CAREFUL!! you have an AMAZING movement speed but don't chase to much! The maximum distance you should go just to stun is about the radius of your Randuin's Omen activation ability.
Other than that . just zone out their adc!

Wingborne Storm So this will be your dmg source early game . keep in mind that the ability reactivates on its own every 3rd attack so don't activate it again before that ! you will find your self in gangs with Wingborne Storm . wait for it! once the 3rd powerful attack is press R!! your dmg just doubled . now an other thing the dmg from Wingborne Storm is an aoe skill pulling of in a cone ! use this + creeps to kill running away low hp people on gangs !!example!
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When to pick Udyr

Udyr is a champion that is countered realy easily but players like Nunu & Willump, Janna, Alistar so be careful when to pick him .. if the enemy team has a lot of knock-backs/blinks do not pick him! otherwise have fun!


Don't even think about it

team 2
Maybe but play smart

team 3
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That is all people . I took great time making this guide so please comment what your thinking . i had great fun with this. now there is something to always remember


If you followed this guide and had a nice game send me a picture of the game and you will be posted :)
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Updated and improved 10/12/2013
Starting re-work at 1/28/2014
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