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Rengar Build Guide by friebel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author friebel

Hunting with AP Rengar

friebel Last updated on September 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey, I'm Ra1zek from Nordic & East server. Most likely no one knows me, because I'm not that high elo, but here's my first try of creating a guide. And it's about AP Rengar.

Now I'd be telling, how you think that AP Rengar is trollish and stuff, but I've seen a lot of Rengars playing as AP Bursters, so most likely this build will not be the first time you see AP Rengar build.

So why AP Rengar? First of all, your W scales from 1.0 AP rating, second of all, you have ferocity and because of it you can cast your W two times in a row. WIth AP Rengar you can dominate early - mid game by pushing your lane with W(it's very easy), roaming and helping your other lanes(usually even wards don't help them, because of your ultimate or coming from the spot they don't expect). And in late game you scale pretty good. If no one CCs you while you're in your ultimate, you can jump on enemy ad carry and 1 burst them down, then wait a bit for cooldowns and do AoE dmg in teamfight to support your allies.

Btw, I play AP Rengar in mid, so that you could roam more lanes, but if you dont like roaming that much, you could also try out AP reng in top. Also, I didn't find this out. I just saw other people playing AP Rengar(first time I saw this, during the stream) and only wanted to show how i build and play AP Rengar.

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Pros / Cons


W Scales from 1.0 AP rating
Awesoem Roamer/Ganker
Has stealth
Can escape early ganks
Good lane pusher
No mana pool
Very high burst with DFG
Sustain from W spell


Only 1 spell does magic dmg
Oracles can f**k you up
Has low CC
If you get CCed in teamfight, you can be the one who is going to be bursted
You need good early game

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MARKS: I don't think there's other viable reds for AP Rengar or maybe even any other AP Carry. You need to burst down enemy ad carry, he will have some MR from glyphs and masteries, so mpen will give you more damage.

SEALS:: You dont need MP Regen, so you can take armor, because as I mentioned you will be bursting their ad carry, so you will get AD damage. However you can take some AP/Level runes if you want more ap/taking MR on glyphs.

GLYPHS: I choose to take AP over MR, because it let's you to do more damage to your enemy in mid lane and to other enemies when ganking. But if your enemy has a lot of poke and other stuff that will hurt you in laning phase, you can take flat MR, so that you would get less damage from that.

QUINTS: As usual on AP Carry. Flat AP Quints. I don't think there's better quints on AP rengar.

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Usual masteries on AP Carry. Taking some AD over extra damage to minions, because it scales with my Q and E. Havoc is kind of useless, because you will get only 15 more damage if you do 1000 damage, so it's not really worth to put 3 points in it.

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  • : With this and DFG you will have 7 sec on W. You're one burst champ, but fights will most likely last a bit longer, so you want to cast few more W spells in teamfight.
  • : MUST HAVE on AP Rengar. It's your main damage source, it gives you cooldown and just like I said, MUST HAVE.
  • Rabbadon's Deathcap: You're AP Burst Carry, so you want to maximize your damage as much as possible. Rabbadon's gives a lot of AP.
  • : It's your 4th damage source. With Lich Bane's passive, you will do lots of dmg to enemy carry if it's still alive from your dfg + w + w burst.
  • : MPen for more damage, especially if your enemys are stacking some magic resist.
  • : To be honest it's not the best choice on AP rengar. But it's very good to have some sustain in lane, so i get hectech revolver. But the Hextech Gunblade costs too much. If you don't like it, you obviously can get another item.

Other Viable items on Rengar:

  • Mercury Treads: If enemy has a lot of CC or you need some more Magic Resist.
  • Sorcerer Shoes: If enemy stacking too much MR and you want to be 1 shot burster, than some more damage over timer.
  • : If enemy is running a lot of AD
  • : If enemy is running a lot of AP
  • : If you want more survivilability and more slow.
  • : If you want to last more in teamfights and do more damage.

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Skill Sequence

I don't think there's much to talk here. Max W for damage. Ult for more utility, lesser cooldown. Well maybe there's some discussion about maxing E or Q. But you need to come close to proceed your W. So maxing slow(E spell) is very helpful. To be honest, I have never found a situation where maxing Q over E is better.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

You need to get this to make plays, escape from ganks, escape if pined down from cc, escape from enemy jungle when caught, and simmilar stuff.
To deal more damage, to counter heal if the enemy ad carry has it, almost a must on almost any ap carry.
It's good choice on Rengar. If you use ghost in ultimate it will not show you. However, I always pick flash over ghost, because I'm not a fan of ghost.

Other MAYBE viable spells:

It will lower resists of enemy, slow him and his attackspeed, so that he couldnt escape from your double W combo.
You can tele-gank, you can split push. Especially if you're going solotop, you can get teleport, so that you could gank bot lane too.

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Laning. Early-Mid game.

Early game, you will most likely get harrased by enemny ranged ap auto attacks and some spells. So you must start with boots and potions. Try to don't lose too much in cs early, but don't take the risky minions, if you will get damage for it. After few levels in W you will farm easily, you will 1 push the wave and when you get 6 lvl this is where you start owning.

You push your lane, go to other lanes, use ulti, jump on enemy and burst them down. The hardest part in here is not getting seen by wards. Sometimes you can just get past them, by taking other route, but sometimes you will need to use your ultimate just so the wards couldn't see you.

If your other lanes are doing good and you have DFG. You can ult in lane, walk to the enemy back and do your simple DFG + W + W + E + Q + ignite combo. Also, with ap rengar, you need to track your ferocity. You need to proceed your W spell two times. For example if you have 3/5 ferocity, you can throw E, do W and then at the sime time you could do a second W. It's very easy to stuff like this with ferocity.

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Lane Match-Ups

If this will have sucess, I will write about lane matchups.

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Team Fights

In teamfights you are all about bursting enemy AD, sometimes AP carry and then helping your team to win a fight. You use your ult, jump on enemy carry and do your usual combo DFG + W + W + E + Q. Most likely if your burst from spells wont be enough your lichbane should end the job. Try to use ignite asap, so that you would negate his heal spell, supports heals and life steal.

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If this will get sucess, I will update my build with lane match-ups, maybe even solotop build, I will make a better design(as you can see there are not much pictures and stuff like that :D), I will upload some of my match histories(haven't played him these days). So have fun with this build and sorry if there are any grammar/other mistakes, I don't speak english very well.

Btw, I used some templates from jhoihoi's guide how to make a guide, some dedz to her.