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Ezreal Build Guide by Miiiks12

Other Hybrid Ezreal

Other Hybrid Ezreal

Updated on October 9, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Miiiks12 Build Guide By Miiiks12 25,385 Views 0 Comments
25,385 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Miiiks12 Ezreal Build Guide By Miiiks12 Updated on October 9, 2014
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This is a hybrid build for Ezreal as an AD/AP carry. I haven't tried it out much yet, but it seems to show promise. I can almost promise it to work if you get fed early game, as you'll have the upper hand in either case.

It focuses on AD early game due to his Q's 1:1.1 scaling in AD and it's low cooldown. Mid-late game it'll add in the AP for a good mix of sustaining damage and slightly more burst-oriented damage. Since his W and E only scale with AD and his R scale better with AP I figured I'd try a build which put that into consideration when using him as AD. So far this is what I've come up with.
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Skill Sequence

One thing you can do with Ezreal that I don't see many other people do is use his W and right after jump into it with his E as that gives him a bonus of 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% / 40% Attack Speed.

Since he can relatively safely poke down enemies with his Q and W this is a good idea to do before entering a battle. Once you go in on an enemy you should do so by hitting them with your W, immediately followed by an E into your W to get that extra Attack Speed and then spam your Q whenever you can.

Keep in mind that Ezreal is a rather squishy champion, so don't run headless into a battle you're not sure you can win. Which is a pretty general rule for LoL over all when playing with randoms.
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As per your usual ADC start off with a Doran's Blade, a healing pot and a totem ward. For your first back you can go for either Sheen or Tear of the Goddess. Personally I choose to get Sheen first, because of the Spellblade effect and because of Ezreal's general lack of damage with his basic attacks. A bonus is also that it gives +200 mana & +25 AP, which adds to his W, E and R. That's the pros of picking Sheen first over Tear of the Goddess. If you on the other hand pick Tear of the Goddess first, assuming you'd leave the lane at the same time, you would also have enough gold to buy a pair of boots and pots. Buying this first also ensures you'll be able to get stacks earlier on Tear's. But you will be left with less damage.

I will already now mention that you should definitely get Archangel's Staff as soon as you have full stacks on Tear of the Goddess, so it'll transform immediately.

At this point you'll be needing some Attack Speed, whether you're doing good, okay or bad, so I suggest buying Zeal, as you'll be going for Trinity Force either way. You could go for the AS boots if you want to have more AS instead. Buying Zeal will also help on some extra movement speed so there's even more room for gap-closing and escaping. After that it's time to move towards Phage, for the +20 AD and it's passive. The +200 Health should basically just be a bonus at this point. If not then it's always nice with extra health. If you started with boots, then get Zeal after Phage, and vice verse.

Getting Trinity Force after this should be piece of cake due to the item's low price of only just 78 gold. If you like to spam your abilities as much as I do you'll be running low on mana. Pretty awesome that RIOT decided to add Essence Reaver, which prevents exactly this. At it's high price of 3200 gold it's expensive, but in my opinion worth for mana hungry AD players. The passive mana regen per basic hit ability is given at the expense of 10% less life-steal compared to Bloodthirster. However it also has 10% CD Reduction which is going to play a huge role in this build.

Everyone reading this guide will undoubtedly have noticed that there's no AP in this build yet, and that's because of at least two of four possible reasons:

Spoiler: Click to view

From here on it's AP. You'll still need some attack speed to be able to follow with both your team and the enemy team, so Nashor's Tooth is a good pick here, giving you +50% Attack Speed, +60 AP, +20% CD Reduction AND a slight bonus in magic damage to your basic hits equal to 15 + (15% of your total AP). Otherwise you can get Archangel's Staff if you have full stacks on Tear of the Goddess, if you haven't already.

After Nashor's Tooth and Archangel's Staff you'll have one item left which can be filled with any of the following:

Rod of Ages - This does require you to get it early-game so you can benefit from the passive. I'd only recommend this to an early fed ADC who has enough money to spend 2800 gold on seemingly "nothing". It does give you +650 health, +650 mana and +20 AP (fully charged that is). Even more AP due to the mana which supplies Seraph's Embrace with +650 mana (equal to +19,5 AP). That's a total of +119,5 AP from this item. This will also net you at +30% CD Reduction.

Will of the Ancients - Simply put: +80 AP, +20% Spell Vamp and +10% CD Reduction. Nets you at maximum CD Reduction, 20 less AP, less mana but more healing from your abilities than Rod of Ages. However you can get this as late as you want to.

Zhonya's Hourglass - +120 AP and +50 Armor. Pretty good all by itself, but including one of the most painfully annoying activated item abilities to play against.

Rabadon's Deathcap - Just for the fun of it, why not build the AP go-to item?
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As most other League of Legends players I prefer to have Flash no matter which lane or champion I pick. The second summoner spell for this build is, as with most builds, very much of personal opinion.
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A general thing to keep in mind with Ezreal is his passive, spells that hit a target grant him 10% Attack Speed for 6 seconds which stacks up to 5 times. Using his Q and E on minions can help both farming and getting kills if timed properly (for example before a gank or before your support engages). Although you need to make sure you have your abilities ready for the engage.

Ezreal's ult is both great at poking down and finishing escaping enemy champions, but it can also be used for wave clearing.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Miiiks12
Miiiks12 Ezreal Guide
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Hybrid Ezreal

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