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Ezreal Build Guide by PureFoster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PureFoster

Hybrid Ezreal for the common summoner

PureFoster Last updated on September 13, 2011
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Welcome Summoners to yet another guide on the prodigal explorer Ezreal, now before we go any further I feel I should comment that this is just how I play him and that this build is not right for everybody, however for those of you that do believe that this guide will work for you I welcome you to what I hope to be (in the future) an indepth guide.

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Pros / Cons

All skill shots
across the map ult
free flash
fun to play
looks like a beast
and best dance in game
ALL skill shots
not an easy champ to play
often mistaken for a girl -_-' (leads to many awkward situations)
you either do very good or very bad

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now while I do believe that in most cases runes are unnecessary they are a nice addition to any champ and the runes that I choose to go with for Ezreal are as follows:
9 Greater seals of resilience because of how squishy he is early to mid game
9 Greater glyphs of Potency for a little extra damage with your Q early on however they are inter-changeable with glyphs of Force depending on how you want to play it out
9greater mark of desolationGreater marks of desolation to ensure that your attacks deal the maximum damage possible.
And finally3 Greater quints of revival because when i do die i want to be back in the fight as soon as possible

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I go with a 22/0/8. I put the 3 points in not because I expect to die but because as ezreal you will usually die at least once and as i said above I would rather not spend half the game dead. In attack I build the way of the hybrid maxing both and , I then max and . now I get to rant about picking spell masteries, ALWAYS IF AT ALL POSSIBLE TAKE YOUR SUMMONER MASTERIES!!!! otherwise you are not making the most of your summoner spells please try to remember that.

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Summoner Spells

for summoners I choose and the reasoning behind my choices is simple 1) teleport i take because i want to grab all my items as soon as possible and 2) I take exhaust because ezreal doesn't actually have a cc ability (the closest he gets is essence flux and that only slows attack speeds) and it comes in quite handy now some of you might wonder why i take this spell as you get basically the same effect from a froze mallet simple it's more cost efficient and i have noticed that the builds that have this as a core item are very difficult to play until you get it

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For items I suggest rushing early then getting either (<-i usually pick this one), , or <-(gank boots), and after you get your boots work towards a as the sheen is all the bonus you need till about mid game. As soon as possible after getting your nashors it's time to get your ! A trinity force not only grants you the same bonus as each of the items that goes into it, it also gives better stats than those items, after you have your trinity build a and a , after you have those you have the option of (A)getting all the elixers one at a time or(buy use,buy use,etc.) (B) getting another item and depending on whether they are building armor or mr i suggest getting either a or a however some extra attack speed is always nice too as is lifesteal and spellvamp from ( i suggest getting the gunblade)

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Stay tuned for even more exciting news about everyones favorite explorer until then Farewell Summoners! p.s. if you have any tips just put a comment below