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Kayle Build Guide by lilleralle

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lilleralle

Hybrid Jungle Kayle

lilleralle Last updated on January 10, 2013
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Hello Everyone! This is my first guide and I wanted to make one for a champ that I have been playing for a long time. Kayle is one of my favourite champions due to her ability to do almost anything. She can tank pretty well if needed, she can go support in an aggressive lane, she can go mid(but I don't recommend it, lots of champions do it better) she can be an AD Carry even thou she will have to build some CDR so that she can have her E up at all times. She is a great counter to Darius and Cho'Gath, two popular top laners right now. But lets jump to the guide itself. Would love some critic. (Sorry for eventual mistakes with the language. English is not my first language). And if you find something you feel is weird just tell me, since it is my first guide I will definitely make some mistakes!

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Pros and Cons


Good sustain in the jungle
Fast clear
Decent to good ganks
High early game damage with som ability power
Great scalings

Can be hard to fit into the late game if you have been harassed a lot
No hard CC for ganks
Low base mana with high mana costs
Pretty squishy without the shield and with her W on CD

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The start.

The start is your basic jungle route. Wolves, Blue, (if helped so that you can save smite you should invade. Your early game damage is superior to many and taking red and then waiting for them to come is almost a guaranteed First Blood) Wraiths, Wolves(can go golems, it is faster but you take about 100-150 more damage), Red, Wraiths and then you gank. You don't have any hard CC BUT you do have a good slow, a MS burst and you get range with your E. You have a lot of damage with this build and will almost always force them home or kill them with a successive gank. If you don't have an opportunity to gank just keep clearing the jungle. Your clear speed is fast and with some help you can easily take down blue without using smite and do some early lvl 3 ganks. With blue you will have no sustain problems due to your W and the MS gives you a good opportunity to steal some creeps from the enemy jungler. On my first back I usually get boots 1 and continue on my wriggles and get some wards as well. If you have a midlaner that wants blue get some mana potions as well since you might have some problems with mana. And by the 15 minute mark you should be getting closer to finishing Nashor's Tooth.

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Mid game

Now you should have finished Nashor's Tooth and Berserker Greaves which will give you a pretty big boost of power. The slow is great with her Q and the spell vamp is great for farming minions with E( I know, AoE only heals 6,7% but it will stack up when there are a bunch). After that you can pretty much build whatever you want but i like getting [*] Hextech Gunblade since the AD AP, Spell Vamp and lifesteal is really nice and the slow works great while it just amplifies her damage greatly due to that she can use all the stats with great advantage. And now this is another great part with Kayle. You can literally take any item and it might not be the best but it will work decently on her. AP is great, HP/tankyness works great when ultimate is on CD, AD is just amazing and utility items just gives her heal a lot more power while still dealing decent damage due to good base values and scaling's.

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Late game

If you have gotten some kills you can carry. With your ulti you can protect the most important target, with heal and MS boost you can initiate and you Q and E just deals a lot of damage. I usually doesn't get this far into a game (the longest I've had in some time was 38 minutes) but you will be doing a lot of poking. W, rush forward, QE and back of when they react to it. If needed you can go in with ulti and pick of the MVPs if needed. But at this part you mostly just stay back and counter initiate. If they go for the carrys in your team, ult the most important one and start dealing damage. Focus the most important target and let the AoE do the most work. Use your heal on the ones taking the most damage and just be careful so that you dont get initiated on. You deal a lot of damage but you have to stay alive to do that.

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Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who took their time to read it and I would be grateful for criticism.