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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Dachichi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dachichi

Hybrid MF...yes it IS viable

Dachichi Last updated on November 2, 2011
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Hey guys so this is my first build and ive been trying to come up with a viable hybrid Miss Fortune build (ever since the new patch making her ult utilize both AD and AP collectively). I've been playing MF for a while now both as an AD carry and recently as an AP carry, being successful in both styles. Considering her skills benefit both from AD and AP i've been trying to form a build that would utilize all her skills instead of just a few (only Double Up and the buff from Impure Shots in AD or Make it Rain and Bullet Time in AP). And yes i understand that Impure Shots may scale with your ability power...but the ratio is so low that if you have to sit and auto attack 4 times to be hitting for an extra 80 dmg at 400 ability power...its not worth it and your probably dead from getting into the middle of a fight. That being said heres my build and leave comments telling me what you think please (good and bad points are welcome). I also plan on changing the order of purchasing items but i want to test a few different orders first.

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Interesting Rune setup i know but between Greater Mark of Magic Penetration and your masteries you have enough magic pen to last, while Greater Quintessence of Desolation should suffice threw the game. Greater Seal of Replenishment is to help you stay in lane early game.

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My typical 9/0/21. I prefer exaust, if you want to take ignite instead take 1 point in Deadliness instead.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash and Exhaust expecially since MF doesnt really have much to escape with if she gets hit since Make it Rain has quite a cooldown and isn't very reliable for escaping a gank. You can take Ignite over Exhaust if your team doesn't have one or if you just feel like it. I've also taken Teleport if i feel i will need to return to base often.

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Nows for the part i plan on updating very frequently expecially since this build is still in testing. I plan on fixing the order you get the items, its more about preferance anyway. Just give me time to go through some testing.

Edit: Just realized i didnt throw this in, if you feel you'll need the extra survivability you can start with a Doran's Ring

Amplifying Tome + Mana Potion builds to sheen, extra dmg on Make it Rain, sustain in lane...need i say more?

Sheen boosts your early game dmg and procs with Double Up, later will build to trinity

Ionian Boots of Lucidity helps wih lengthy cooldowns

Manamune adds a nice boost to your Attack Damage and also pretty much lets you spam your abilities to your hearts content

Rabadon's Deathcap Insane boost to your Ability Power, by now your ult and make it rain will decimate both creep waves and enemy champs

Trinity Force Great all around item for hybrids, great proc for your Double Up, AP, AD, chance to slow, health, mana (which will boost your ad thanks to manamune) and even some movement speed. Pricey item but worth it if the game lasts this long

Hextech Gunblade Another great hybrid item, nice boost to AD, AP, and a nifty activate that you shouldn't neglect using

Guinsoo's Rageblade Very affordable item with yet another boost to both AD and AP that gets even better the more you auto attack.

Also make sure to grab Elixir of Brilliance whenever you back usually after you have bought your boots. They help you hit the CD cap and give you some cheap AP.

Other Possible Items

Sorcerer's Shoes If the other team has some strong MR but make sure to just grab blue buff to keep your cooldowns low. You can also apt to buy The Brutalizer for some nice armor pen and the reduction you need.
Banshee's Veil is also great if you find yourself dying alot or to counter that pesty LeBlanc or Veigar. You should be staying far enough out of the fights that you shouldn't need to much survivability though.
Void Staff can also give you some nice AP and incredibly pen against that heavy MR team

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Skill Sequence

Bullet Time > Make it Rain > Double Up > Impure Shots

Obviously take your ult when you can, max Make it Rain first so you can farm easily (should clear minions waves like nothing) and also works great as a harass in lane. Double Up also helps with harass but i do take a point in Impure Shots at 4 to help when pushing towers or picking up a kill. I really only like the activate on Impure Shots, the cumulative dmg just doesn't cut it at any point in the game.

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I try to take a duo lane with this build although any lane would really work. The prime situation would be solo top against a champion with little to no range. Garen, Riven, etc. Early game try to simply last hit and harass with your Make it Rain. Luckily if you have one of those laning partners that don't understand you shouldn't push a turret at level 1 (found constantly in normal solo q's) you can still stop the enemy from last hitting with your Make it Rain even when in range of their turret. Most people don't expect epic dmg from Make it Rain either so hopefully they'll be stupid enough to sit in it. Also when harassing try to lead the enemy since their first instinct is to turn in run. They will run right into your Make it Rain and suffer some pretty severe damage. Back when needed but try to last so you can buy your Sheen and Boots of Speed (Should cost 1175 which is very easy to farm in one trip to lane)

Level 6
Now the fun starts. You hit level 6 and your eager to use your ult. If Mid needs help go in for a gank or stay in your lane and let your partner know its time to go for a kill. If you have a partner with any sort of cc this should be very easy but if not, make sure you cant be interupted out of your ult. Make sure the enemy is at no more than about 70% health. Now simply Exhaust, Make it Rain yet again leading but make sure it initially hits them too, and finally Bullet Time them right in the face. If they happen to live, chase with Flash and Ignite if you took it, Double Up and an auto attack or 2.

Mid to Late game

Finally you can start to shine. You should have one of the highest CS in the game now due to your Make it Rain. If your passing by a lane or even in the jungle just drop a quick Make it Rain and watch your gold increase. Once team fights start to happen try to stay out of them at first. Then surprise your enemy with that same Make it Rain Bullet Time combo. This time no leading should be necessary unless your catching a runner. try to hit as many as you can with both skills, and if you can, use them from the safety of a brush or over a wall (ill upload some pictures of some prime spots later).

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Thanks for reading the guide and as i said i plan on changing alot and testing but this is more of a draft for now. Let me know what you guys think and ill try to update frequentaly as i perfect this build.