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Sivir Build Guide by MTaur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MTaur

Hybrid Sivir

MTaur Last updated on December 5, 2011
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AP scaling removed from Q. Build archived.

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While testing the build AP Sivir Snowball Shenanigans, I came across Hextech Gunblade, one of the most useful skills for Boomerang Blade damage and CC. I found that activating Hextech Gunblade and Call of the Hunt and getting a Boomerang Blade in was enough to make 2v1 ganks go smoothly.

It was suggested that I put Nashor's Tooth in that build, but that build had very little use for attack speed. But I tested it anyway, and... it works fine, but you have to play as a hybrid after that instead.

I redid the build from scratch. It's still a hybrid that uses Hextech Gunblade, but now I've thrown in Guinsoo's Rageblade. Both Call of the Hunt and Spell Shield are quite commonly used when going in to unload DPS, so that's two Rageblade stacks right there before you've started throwing. If it's safe to get a few right clicks in before Boomerang Blade, then you're in good shape for doing a lot of Boomerang Blade damage.

The build, as currently set up, starts with two Doran's Blades for early damage and life leech. I used to like Vampiric Scepter as a starter item, but I'd rather get some early DPS. From there, I build some survival and some damage side-by-side, starting with some cheaper items. Hexdrinker will save you from bear drops; those purple ticks on your life bar mean it's time to go home. Guinsoo's Rageblade is cost-effective. You just have to build the stacks up.

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One of these isn't much life steal, but with two, you sort of notice. Later we'll get Hextech Gunblade, but the early health and damage boost will be noticable.

This is the only place where armor is in the build at the moment. Passive is nice. It's one of the cheaper boots.

Saves you from bear drops and such. When it goes off, that's a good time to ask yourself whether it's worth staying in the action any longer. MRes + health make you a lot sturdier than other Sivirs. Unlike Banshee's Veil, this item's unique passive picks up some slack where Spell Shield is ineligible.

Was suggested by The_Nameless_Bard. Seems helpful. We still need the additional AD and ASpd, but once you get this, you're focusing on Boomerang Blade for burst a bit more than before. As mentioned before. E and R help you charge up your rageblade when you really want it. When stacked up, this adds about 100 damage to Boomerang Blade.

Don't forget to use the special effect. I call this "Boomerang Helper" because if they don't CC you and you activate this, they *will* get hit by Boomerang Blade in both directions; adds 110 damage to the BB, as well. Also, Spell Vamp, Life Leech, and AD mean that you can sell your Doran's Blades without remorse, at this point.

Hybrid item with survival functions. ASpd from Call of the Hunt makes slow more likely to proc when you really want it.

Can take part or all of this earlier, especially if you need MP5. Clarity and a little restraint with the use of Q seems to be sufficient, especially if you feel naked without Teleport like I do. Only 40-ish boomerang damage added by this, but the extra ASpd makes you a better pusher, helps with Trinity Force slow, rageblade. CDR is the biggest draw - 33% more Boomerang Blades is a substantial damage boost, and 33% more spell shields means you can take a little heat a little more often.

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This build is much better against magic damage. Against AD, Frozen Heart might be a good substitute for Nashor's Tooth, with Glacial Shroud coming relatively early.

If the AD is especially light, then you can take Mercury's Treads.

Wit's End might be an option, if you want to harass them back to camp.

Haunting Guise instead of Hexdrinker is an option if you're concerned about MRes but aren't taking magic damage yourself. Might work better with Sorcerer's Shoes.

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Summoner Spells

Clarity and Teleport are what I get when I feel like skipping MP5 and mana in favor of rushing some advanced items. I like Philosopher's Stone, but sometimes I feel like I get set back too much if I go for it.

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Skill Sequence

Two levels Ricochet are nice, but diminishing returns set in. Not a ton of AD in this build, either, so level Boomerang Blade more. Spell Shield should be leveled early only if you're getting too much attention.

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Pros / Cons

* Mage slayer
* Strong early game with Doran's Blades and other AD sources
* Moderately sturdy for a carry
* Mid-game is fairly strong with some cheap boomerang damage
* Debuff and CC built into item choices
* Life leech, spell vamp, clarity, and teleport limit down time

* DPS tapers off near the end
* Relies on skill shot
* Has to hit and run a lot; needs CC and tanking
* 2+ enemies at close range = dead Sivir. (Your only escape skill is an ult, and CC can overwhelm that)
* Hextech Gunblade might be a bit redundant if your team is a bit CC-heavy already