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Orianna Build Guide by uber tech

I give you my ball: Support Orianna Build

I give you my ball: Support Orianna Build

Updated on April 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author uber tech Build Guide By uber tech 9,036 Views 1 Comments
9,036 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author uber tech Orianna Build Guide By uber tech Updated on April 11, 2012
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Introduction(yes they all have titles)

Hello to all, and this is my guide on building Orianna as a support I hope you enjoy it and please don't knock something before you try it. So go into a draft and play this build with these tips and then tell me "Omg this is so totally awesome/stupid this build was".

Orianna is an A.P Carry with a unique set of skill, and the thing that makes her so great is that all of her abilities originate from her ball because of this fact she can also be played as a crazy awesome support
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Pros / Cons(hard to master)

    Hi mobility for you and your team mate
    Hi damage output for a support
    epic cc
    amazing range
    Hard to master requires ball awareness
    Again hard to master
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This is just a basic support mastery increasing CDR so u can shield and speed/slow quicker adding AP so your shield is strong and and thus so are you and your team and adding that extra gold and experience cause let's face it your ad carry is greedy(there is a part on this guide about ksing if your a little greedy yourself)
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Money grows on tress(to bad I never find it)

This build above is super expensive so unless your Orianna is investing in google back in the late 90's your going to have a little problem complete.

I like to start off with 2 1 Sight Ward 1 and a - the faerie charm will give you sustainability in lane so you can continue to use your abilities in the with a back up health and mana potion your not have to b for a while

In your first few returns get and this will help you be more supportive dont forget to get wards to

Mid game: upgrade to boots of your choice I prefer and this make you the player to be around with you giving the team spell vamp. and regens your the coolest Champion on the block

Late game: now your doing damage the support way with a slow to add on the your list of cc and a item that makes targeting you a dumb idea (for a few second of course)
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Max Q no wait.. EEEE(the way of the support)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
W.T.F do you mean I'm a support

Well good sir I mean that you are here to help your team mate stay alive the best way to do this is to max e and make your ball everyone's ball doing this will give your allies a good shield and you the ability to attack from your allies location with your W that will damage slow and speed or your ultee which will pull everyone to your ball(best used while attach a tank or to a champion near your turret)this means you have the magical powers of ksing just by pressing W Q or ulting


The truth is support ain't really allowed to farm or kill which is why they need the extra good and experience so it's really up to youu if you wanna kill or assist I usual kill when faced against the trolls/hardcore players just for the lols but in an elo match it's better to give the kills away to a carry or even the tank
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Summoner Spells(the omniscient noob heal)

yes to have heal is noob ,but that's only if your not support. This summoner spell will give you and your team an edge in a team fight

defiantly needed for supporting I feel sad as a jungler if we cant get an early CV for an invade and I feel worst when we get invaded and can't see it's like a magical ward from out of flippin no where

Alternative: IDK these are always the best summoner spells for a support with no heal like Lulu, Leona and Orianna
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Combos(tips and trick)

down rotation forward twice HK grapple followed by up down left B(I'm talking street fighter) this looks more like basically it's almost the same as my AP Orianna but you start with the shielding of an allies followed by the slow/boost and attack to do more damage by now either your attack or your shield CD is over so use that in a way to get the ball close and just ruin the entire team fight/chase with and ultee in your favor in other words if your chase don't ult the enemies away and if your allies life is low ult them away form him your ult will always go in the direction of the ball so kept that in mid
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I don't get it so what your saying is...

The ball is your friend and in fact everyone loves your ball but the enemy team(cause for some weird reason it keeps killing them) with the ball and your allies you can attach it for shield dissonance it for the chase(I advice against this) or for the escape along with ulting for the epic air-born grab. but try and hold back on the ks-es and remember wards are your friends too
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