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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Amumu Build Guide by Relifed

I want you inside of me Slashen.

I want you inside of me Slashen.

Updated on August 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Relifed Build Guide By Relifed 8,804 Views 4 Comments
8,804 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Relifed Amumu Build Guide By Relifed Updated on August 11, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Amumu
  • LoL Champion: Amumu

Pros / Cons


· Very fast jungler.
· Easy to play.
· Very hard to kill. (If played properly)
· Very tanky but still good damage.


· Needs to have blue.
· Bandage toss can be hard to hit.
· Can be easily kited if Bandage toss is on CD.
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Summoner Spells


You're jungeling, this is a must!

Flash If you cant land a Bandage toss you can always flash in a team fight, follow up with a ultimate and completely change a team fight.

Or have it as a easy escape.

Other good Summoner Spells

Ghost Same as flash, a way to get into a team fight, chase someone or just escape. Some people prefer this over flash.

Teleport Get to team fights / baron or dragon faster. Or just simply teleport to a ward to gank.
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Skill breakdown

Passive: Amumu's attacks reduce the target's Magic Resistance for a short duration. Do one auto attack every 3 seconds to keep this 100 % uptime.

Your Q: Use this as initiation spell in team fights. Follow it up with your ultimate for awesome stun.

Your w: Overcome by anguish, nearby enemies lose a percentage of their maximum health each second. Awsome ability! Run in front of an enemy (blocking he's path slows him down for more ticks) Remember: watch your mana.

Your E: Your nr 1 damage ability. Stay close to as many enemies as possible for maximum damage.

Your ultimate:Curse of the mummy Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, damaging them and rendering them unable to attack or move. use wisly, if you manage to stun the whole enemy team it can turn the whole fight and potentially be game breaking.
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Mana usage / when to use Depsair

Very simple rule: Only use despair if you:

1. Got blue

2. About to do a gank or a 3v3+ Team fight

do NOT use it to kill jungle (If you got blue buff you can but dont have it on constantly since bandage toss, tantrum will oom you.
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Greater Mark of Insight] All your abilities are magic & your [[despair will benefit a lot from this.

Greater Seal of Armor Flat armor becomes really handy early games & still are viable end game

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist per level to build you towards the late game & those team fights.

Greater Quintessence of Health You're a tank!!!

Other runes that you can use?

I do not recommend changing any of the runes but i have jungle before with using
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage instead of fortitude & also playing with Greater Mark of Ability Power
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Situational Items & Why Abyssal scepter

Why Abyssal scepter?

Amumu's despair drains a % of the enemies health. If you got spell power items this effect will become stronger. Then you also get magic resistance & become more tanky.

Situational Items

Only if they have 4 or more AD champions.
Against CC heavy team.
If you die too much.
If the team got to much AD you can replace Sunfire Aegis with this.
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Masteries Explain


First row:
Summoner's Resolve Some extra gold from the smite is always good.
Resistance You're a tank.
Hardiness You're a tank.
Tough Skin Faster jungle.

Second row:
Durability vs Vigor
You will get Health reg from items and flat health is more useful in teamfights.

Evasion Is just bad compared to the others.

Siege Commander Worthless!
Initiator You will initiate with Bandage toss or flash + You will get movement speed from utility masteries.
Enlightenment You already have enough cooldown reduction from items.

Honor Guard vs Mecenary Once again, You'r a tank. And gold you get from jungle, ganks, Heart of gold or smite.


First row:
Summoner's Insight Lower Cd on flash? Yes please! (If you don't have flash take: Improved Recall

Good Hands Why are you dying again?
Expanded Mind Your Despair slaughter your mana, so its always good to have some extra.
Swiftness Movement speed! speeding up the jungle, making ganks easier & just awesome overall.

Runic Affinity Make that blue buff last longer!
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Start out with: Tantrum Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion and head to wolves.
Wolves spawn at 1:40 min mark, when they do just simply start auto attacking them & use Tantrum of CD (Don't smite).
Then head to blue, have someone leash it for ya. Once again just auto attack & spam Tantrum
when the monster is on about 40 % health Smite.
Skill your Despair and head to wraith. After wraith go back to wolves (They will spawn when you get to the camp)
After wolves go red buff Smite at 40 %
Clear the Wraith camp one last time then go gank.

If you really cant get a gank anywere head back to base, shop, head towards wraith / wolves while looking for ganks.
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Jungling 2: How to gank & when to?

Always make sure that you have at least above 50 % mana before attempt a gank else your despair wont last long enough for them to go down (unless its like 1v3 or the oppoment is fairly low health without flash etc)

Communicate with the lane your about to gank so they don't overextend or don't see ya coming, ping when to engage (Have them go first)

Try get ganks between creep camps & constantly watch all lanes. If your doing wraith check middle / Top if any enemy are overextending the lane (Above 50 % ~ of the lane) If your doing wolves hold an eye on bot / Midd lane.

Quick tip: Keep an eye of enemy blue & Red buff spawn, have your team gank when there jungler is about to take it. Second blue or red (Depending on if enemy jungler got mana) spawns at 7:20 ingame time.
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Skill Sequence: Ganks & Team fights


Start with: Bandage Toss then put on your Depsair Move infront of your enemy and try to block he's path while spamming Tantrum. If the target flash your should pop your ultimate.

Short video of a gank & Blocking enemies path

Team fights

Wait to the enemy team is grouping up, then go in with either Flash or Bandage Tossfollowed by Curse of the Sad Mummy, Despair then pick your target & start auto attacking & spamming Tantrum
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Jungle timers & Warding

When what spawns:

The jungle spawns at 1:40 (Golems, wolves, wraiths) and then Blue & Red buff 1:55 mark, Dragon 10 min and last Baron at 15 min. And affter that the spawn timers will be as following:

And affter that the spawn timers will be as following:

Wolves, Golems & Wraith camp all got 2 min spawn times, Blue & Red buff got 5, Dragon 6 and baron got 7.


I did not include wards in the item build but of course you want to buy wards trough out the whole game.
Red area:Have it CONSTANTLY warded!!!
Yellow dots Useful place to put wards
Purple area Vision wards! Keep baron & Drake warded constantly and kill enemy wards. Then if the enemy team got someone with stealth (Like twitch) keep a vision ward in the middle of the lane.
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Counter jungle & Counter picking (When to pick amumu)

Counter jungle

Amumu is a fairly safe counter jungler, even if you would been caught by the enemy jungler you can pretty much just tank him out while running, if he keeps following you your Despair will damage him which often leads to him just giving up.

Just make sure you got mana for a bandage toss or that not more then two people are missing from lanes before heading to their jungler, unless u got wards that can cover for you.

When to pick Amumu?

Amumu is a great tank & Initiator who can easily turn team fights if he's used properly. Since he's Despair deals % of the enemies health he's great against tanky Characters and just melee overall that needs to be close and cant avoid it. (Such as other junglers)

When you should watch about picking him: Amumu needs constant blue buff in order to be maximum effective, if you got a midd champion such as Ryze that are very blue dependant it can hurt the team a lot to pick him.

If you want a list of counters to different champions:
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Tips & Tricks

Bandage Toss Can go trough walls if you get caught in the jungle you can use it on a creep camp for a easy escape.

Auto attacks are fairly overrated on Amumu, try insteed to go in front an enemy and activate Despair & spamming ][tantrum]]

When you got blue buff, you can have Despair with no mana cost. (Not if you use other abilities your mana will go down still)

Tantrum Cooldown is being reduced by being hit, go into jungle to get it reset between team fights.
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Replays / Random stuff / A thank you

Big thank you to Agoney for providing awesome feedback and pointers.

You can see he's ziggs guide her:


You need: to watch replays.

Her are one from me:

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Guide still in progress! Please give feedback in comments

All comments will be read & Heard. Will be Uploading videos, adding more text & Chapters by time.

Thank you!
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