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Xerath Build Guide by GUARDIANxANGEL4

AP Carry I WILL BE FREE - Out Dated, Working on a new guide now

AP Carry I WILL BE FREE - Out Dated, Working on a new guide now

Updated on October 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GUARDIANxANGEL4 Build Guide By GUARDIANxANGEL4 3,327 Views 0 Comments
3,327 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GUARDIANxANGEL4 Xerath Build Guide By GUARDIANxANGEL4 Updated on October 13, 2014
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Hello, my name is GUARDIANxANGEL4, I am currently a Gold 4 league of legends player. I want to warn you, that this is my first champion guide so bare with me. Now a little history about myself and Xerath.I have been using Xerath for a while now (since about half way through season 3) and I have used him to climb out of Bronze, through Silver, and to Gold 4, and hopefully I will keep climbing, to infinity and beyond.
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Lane Phase, CSing and trading, what you need to know.

So for me Lane phase is about winning hard, that way it is easy to stack Mejai's ASAP. For Xerath to crush lane there are really TWO mechanics that you need to work on 1. CSing 2. Harass. Now a good way to do this to try and poke* the enemy through his/her minions, that way you can CS and harass at the same time. With Xerath his poke is unique in a few ways. His Q. Arcanopulse Can go through walls and multiple enemies and not get any reduced damage per enemy hit (e.x. Caitlyn's Q. Piltover Peacemaker does reduced damage,%10 per enemy hit, down to %50 reduced damage) this means that Xerath can chunk entire waves of minions and harass the enemy with maximum damage. This is very useful for last hitting minions and doing tons of damage. This leads me to his W. Eye of Destruction this ability can go over obstacles with ease and then hit enemies (e.x. Yasuo wind wall, you can use your W to go over the wall to slow Yasuo. {also Xerath Q can go through this ability, but not Braum's wall} Which gives you time to reposition and do your combo). Using a Q then W or vise versa will allow you to usually (as long as you hit both spells correctly it should work) insta gib the last three minions in a creep wave A.K.A. the mage minions. This is good for fast pushing and getting your minions to the turret so an opponent misses his CS. This is the same combo that will do most of your poke damage in the lane*. I guess its time to talk about Xerath E. Shocking Orb this ability does the least damage in your kit, but don't get me wrong it still does a decent amount of damage, anyway this ability has a stun*. That is pretty much it by it self, it is not very good for poke but it has its place in his kit, I'll get to that a bit later. Finally we get to Xerath R. Rite of The Arcane* this gives you 3 long range attacks that do any were from decent to insane amounts of damage.

* 1. Poking: using range attacks to do damage to an enemy. Preferably when they can't hit you back to maximize your damage dealt while minimizing your damage taken.
* 2. Also note that Xerath W has TWO circles and that the inner circle does more damage and slows them more, so if you are using it to harass an enemy try and use the middle circle.
* 3. Xerath E's stun duration gets longer the farther away the opponent is when the ability hits them (e.x. the duration for a point blank stun is 0.75 seconds, not very long at all, but at max range the stun duration is 2.0 seconds a pretty decent stun)
* 4. Note that Xerath R has a scaling range, so each time you level it up it gets more range, a very useful tool for securing a kill or getting easy assists for the Mejai's stacks.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GUARDIANxANGEL4
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I WILL BE FREE - Out Dated, Working on a new guide now

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