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Jarvan IV General Guide by Ikki Williams

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ikki Williams

Ikki Williams - Jarvans Demacian Survival Guide.

Ikki Williams Last updated on April 11, 2012
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Lane Jarvan


Jungle Jarvan

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 28

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A Note.

Hi, my name is Ikki Williams, I have been playing LoL for over a year now and have used this site quite extensively in my quest to build perfect champs. However, I finally decided some of the top guides are not to my liking and i know they are not meant for everyone, so I'm here with my first guide ever to put my spin on Jarvan. It may not be to all of your likings but it has worked well for me, and I'm hoping it works well for some of you to and that you will even tell me if you modified it and show me how it worked for you.


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So onto the introduction to my first guide, I will start of by telling you that this is a guide meant for those who would rather dish out some damage rather then play Jarvan IV as a tank. I myself used to play him as a tank but after some tests I ended up loving the way I could scare my enemies into thinking I was harmless. With that i present the following guide.

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The sequence.

Ok, as you know you cannot simply rely on your build to carry you through, you have to be smart enough and quick enough to use your skills correctly and in the right order.

Demacian Standard is your early and late game buff because not only does it give you a nice boost in armor, but attack speed as well which is a crucial part to this guide. Your goal when starting a fight or gank is to throw this down and immediately use Dragon Strike knocking them up and allowing you to start smacking away on them with your bonus armor/attack speed. Make sure not to use Cataclysm unless you need to save a teammate (Try not to trap them either.), keep them in a turrets aggro range, stop a low health enemy, or for ganking. Of course another problem to keep an eye on is if your enemy is running Flash or if your fighting a champion like Kassadin or LeBlanc who can easily jump out of it. But let us not forget champs such as Katarina, Lee Sin or Pantheon who could all easily jump out to your teammates or enemies, so make sure your using this at the right moment and not wasting it because its likely to cause more trouble than its worth.

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Pros / Cons

-Beefy allowing him to take some punishment in a team fight.
-Almost all of his skills buff him in some way, and allow for great catch and escape maneuvers.
-Great damage output mid to late game.
-Great against tanks because of his Dragon Strike or anyone packing some armor.
-Screams Demacia upon unleashing his ult.

-Weak early game unless you manage to get some kills early on from ganks/laning.
-His ult is easily es-capable with Flash or champs who can jump walls.
-Not the best chaser unless your skills are used in early anticipation.
Can feel weak early game and not able to deal much punishment.
Generally unexpected and disliked by most players who dont know him as anything other than a tank. How wrong and foolish they are.

//As I have pointed out you may find his early game somewhat sad, but he scales well into late game and even with just a Frozen Mallet he gets decently tanky because of how well he scales. This is why its a good thing to consider Atma's Impaler late game.

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Base Stats

Health 420 (+90)
Attack damage 50 (+3.4)
Health regen. 7.0 (+0.7)
Attack speed 0.658 (+2.5%)
Mana 235 (+40)
Armor 14 (+3)
Mana regen. 6.0 (+0.45)
Magic res. 30 (+1.25)
Range 175
Mov. speed 315

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Summoner Spells

//These are the common spells i run because they fit my play style best and go along with Jarvan IV pretty will in my opinion, so let me get on to explaining why i picked the particular spells.

- Ok so this is a particularly useful skill in a laning phase as it allows you that extra ability to help slow an escaping enemy giving you time to ult them, or knock them up in the air. There is another use for it to one of which i cannot stress enough, and that is this spell is perfect to throw on a champion like Jax. Tryndamere, or even Xin Zhao for the simple fact that these champs also have some nice attack speed. Using exhaust on them can easily give you that extra advantage you need to finish them off if they are giving you a hard time.

- Alot of people would ask "Why you use Clarity on tank :o" simple, I'm not a tank and my early game is terrible enough without a blue buff since I'm not jungling. This allows me to stay in lane alot longer to harass and possibly get a kill or two if i can, it also is a bonus if my teammate has mana problems and isn't ready to go back yet. There has been many times when i had no mana but thanks to Clarity i was able to turn around and jump my enemy turning the tide of what they thought would be an easy kill, your free to replace this with something else I'm merely offering up my suggestion.

- With the new jungle it isn't necessary to run smite on most jungler's, but because Jarvan IV doesn't have a good early game this spell is perfect for cleaing out the jungle and get your farm. And as anyone knows its also a good method to steal a buff such as Dragon or Baron Nashor .

- As a jungler and someone who doesn't move at the speed of light, this spell is perfect for allowing you to get from blue buff to bottom lane in a few seconds, or if your team is smart and has wards up. If your team does have said wards up your ganking ability shoots up allowing you to possibly gank top then quickly teleport bottom to a ward and gank that lane as well assuming you have the health and mana to do so.
Viable Summoner Spells

: Personally i don't find this useful with the long cooldown and how little it actually takes you, especially when Jarvan IV can jump walls anyway by using his Dragon Strike to pull himself through walls to his Demacian Standard. This is one of those spells you can use if your a fan of it but i am personally not.

: Another spell i find somewhat useless, it allows you that extra speed boost to chase someone down, or run away. However it has its weaknesses such as a enemy throwing a Exhaust on you rendering it somewhat useless compared to a heal, this is another one of preference and should only be used if you like the spell.

: This is actually a personally favorite of mine because of its ability to save you in tight spots or keep you going while you jungle, alot of people call it noob but to be honest i find Exhaust or Ignite to be more annoying seeing as how they have far shorter cooldowns and mess you up if used right. I tend to run this often and sometimes replace it over other spells which is a personal preference because I tend to want that extra ace in the hole to lure an enemy in thinking I have low health just to heal and kill them. Only run this if you like the spell not because I said its viable :p

: One of the spells I rarely use, I'm not saying it is useless because it isn't but I tend to be so focused on the battle i forget to throw it on a escaping enemy. So as you can tell don't hesitate to use it if your a fan because unlike me you might be a master at using it correctly, as for me I'll stick to my other spells. Also is helpful to kill Tryndamere but as some people fail to notice in our OP friend, if your a smart Tryndamere player you heal after your endless rage is about to end thereby saving you. Its all about how you play the game.

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Recommended Summoner Spell Combinations

Jungle/DPS: Smite/ Teleport
DPS/Off-Tank: Heal/ Clarity

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So as you can see in the masteries i have most of the points going into the offense tree with a few odd points in defense, this is because you want the extra damage for your DPS and a little armor and magic resist to boot. When it comes to the jungle masteries you will notice I added some points a little differently but to much to give a little more sustain in the jungle.

If your going to go DPS Jarvan IV then branching deep into the other trees is far from a smart move, remember this when your looking over my guide.

Guide Top

Recommended Runes

As you can see I'm running alot of different runes here and there with most being crit, AD, and attack speed. You will notice I have alot of the runes evening out so that your getting a good mixture out of them all, now the Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage i have two of for the crits, these are mostly and purely a personal build feel free to use AD Quints instead of Crits but you will be getting a Phantom Dancer and a Infinity Edge so these will come in more handy than you think.

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: (Innate): Jarvan IV's first attack on a target deals 6 / 8 / 10 % of their current health as bonus physical damage. This caps at 400 damage. This effect cannot occur on the same target for 6 seconds. This is a very useful passive when playing Jarvan IV DPS, as you can see if you go the tank route this isn't the most useful of passives sadly.

: (Active): Jarvan IV extends his lance, dealing physical damage in a straight line and lowering the Armor of all enemies hit for 3 seconds. Additionally, if it encounters his Demacian Standard, it will pull Jarvan to it, knocking up enemies along his path. This is a really useful skill if your fighting someone with alot of armor whether they are a tank or not, not only does it do a fair amount of damage 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+1.1 per bonus attack damage) but it also lowers the armor by 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26%. This coupled with a The Black Cleaver and your passive make you a perfect anti-tank killer if your having trouble against one.

: (Active): Jarvan IV shields himself for 5 seconds, which, upon activation, also slows surrounding enemies for 2 seconds. The shield gains strength for every nearby enemy champion upon activation. This is to be honest pretty useless except for a small shield and a slow, meaning don't bother maxing this out as fast as you can its only a utility and should only really be used to slow someone your chasing. Sad part is even in a full man team fight you wont gain that much of a shield.

: (Passive): Permanently grants Jarvan IV bonus attack speed and armor. (Active): Jarvan IV throws a Demacian flag to a nearby area, dealing magic damage to enemies at the landing point. The flag will stay on the location for 8 seconds granting armor and attack speed to all nearby allies as an aura. This is your baby that just shows you how good a DPS Jarvan can be, gaining that extra attack speed and armor (Attack Speed: 10 / 13 / 16 / 19 / 22% Armor: 10 / 13 / 16 / 19 / 22) passively while still being able to throw it down on the ground and give nearby allies the same boost. This is also great for initiating by pulling yourself to an enemy and knocking them up into the air for several seconds, make sure to max this before Golden Aegis.

: (Active): Jarvan IV leaps to an enemy champion, dealing physical damage and creating a circle of impassable terrain around them for a 3.5 second duration. Jarvan IV can destroy the impassable terrain by activating this ability again. Nothing is more thrilling than hurtling toward and enemy screaming "DEMACIA!!" then rupturing the earth and trapping all inside. This skill is not only a eye pleaser but is perfect for trapping a foe so that you can beat them down, save a friend (DO NOT TRAP THEM INSIDE WITH THE ENEMY YOUR NOT HELPING!!), trap them by the turret once they aggro it (makes them rage.), or catching a fleeing enemy. It is es-capable by Flash and those champs who can go through walls sadly so keep it in mind before you use it and waste it, and also keep in mind..LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, whatever you do, don't trap yourself by a enemy turret with your teammates inside. I also want to point out that if you run Flash you can easily trap someone then flash out for a great escape, i know you can use your lance and standard but by then they could have killed you, just a neat trick.

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Skill Sequence

Lane And Jungle

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Regardless of what you are doing this is what you will want to follow so that your getting your strike and standard maxed sooner than everything else, some might wanna get the extra attack speed and armor before maxing out Dragon Strike but that is a personal choice. Keep in mind though that it doubles your attack speed when its placed so make sure your using it to its fullest extent.

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Starting Items

    Keep in mind that you should only buy health pots starting off as jungle jarvan so that you can live long enough to make it through the entire jungle. Only buy boots if you feel safe enough.
: This will build into your Berserker Greaves giving you some speed and attack speed at the start, course if you get first blood these should be an insta buy if you grabbed the Dagger first.

: If your going the into the lane you will wanna get this early to for some health and damage otherwise continue with another Dagger and build towards your Phantom Dancer for your jungle route.

Guide Top

Mid Game Items

: This can be used in place of Warmog's Armor if you would like some health and AD at the same time, it is to be honest another personal preference and you should decide whether your jungling or laning if you want to get either of them.

: This is a must mid game item on both builds as you need that attack speed to clear jungle quickly, up until you get a higher level, or get this your jungling wont go as smoothly as other junglers.

Guide Top

Late Game Items

: I used to think that The Bloodthirster would be better, but after some tests lifesteal isnt worth it on jarvan, while you will be smacking decently fast the truth is you wont be stealing enough to make it worth it nor will you be as effective killing tanks. This gives your more attack speed, more AD and of course lowering armor perfect in combination with your skills.

: This is another must, this is where your heavy crits will come from and your damage allowing you to pop of lots of crits quickly and peel away the health of your opponent leaving them dead.

: This i like to get for the extra crit chance, some armor and of course the AD from your health, Jarvan already beefs up without any health items but getting this last with either a Warmog's Armor or a Frozen Mallet allows you to rack up your last bit of AD allowing you to become a true master of DPS Jarvan.

Guide Top

Jarvan in 3v3's

I play alot of 3v3 myself so this is where my Jarvan is really tested, while this guide would be more effective in a 5v5 where he would be alot more viable i cant just leave this section empty. Always bot, Jarvan is not gonna be a good solo top especially early game when you need a teammate to back you up and help you get assist or kills, also make sure your playing defensively and poking hard with your lance. When you get your boots and some health or more attack speed going, you can gank easier than most other champs by throwing your shield in the top bush and pulling yourself through the wall, or running up behind them and ulting them. But as i cannot stress enough make sure your not misusing your ult because alot of people tend to run Flash on Twisted Treeline . By late game you should be able to handle anything coming your way and jungle slightly for some extra cash if you need it, your build in 3v3 should be the same but you may think of other items just in case such as Thornmail or Force of Nature.

Guide Top

Playing 5v5's

Jungle Route-
Only go this route if you have done it before in a bot match, Jarvan is extremely hard to jungle with until he gets his [Phantom Dancer and even if you have done it before make sure your team isnt going to instantly hate on you because your such a rarity. Make sure to gank often because you will need the extra gold and levels early on, and don't be afraid to lane a little in between monster respawns to make sure you don't fall behind. Once you get your ult then the magic can really happen, making your way out of a bush behind them you can easily plant yourself in a circle of doom with them and quickly help your teammates secure a kill.

Lane route/Top solo
As with most AD champs mid is out of the question so that leaves bot, or solo top depending on the situation. If you go bot you will have to play defensively until you get more attack speed, but you can still harass effectively with your lance and stay in lane with your Clarity if your carrying it. If your solo top, you really need to play safe until you get build up and get some health, yes if your going to solo top it would be wise to build towards your health before your attack speed so you can hold your lane better. Make sure your calling for ganks as often as you need them and don't get ganked yourself.

Guide Top

Jungling Route

Start at Blue Bluff and have someone most likely the top solo leash it for you.

Make your way down to the wolf camp and slay them, by now you should have already used smite and be somewhat low on health, so pop a few health potions if needed.
Head over to wraith camp and focus the blue one before killing the others, it should be to hard as you should be level 2 by now.
Head back to Wolf Camp and kill them again, if you have done it right you should be level 3.
Head to red buff only if you bought several health potions (If you didn't go down one.) and focus the red monster, your smite should be up by now and you should easily be able to kill it.
Head down to the golems and kill them, by now this should be a peace of cake now that you have killed everything else. You should hit level 4 now and if done correctly and quickly should place your time at around 2:50 in game time.

Guide Top

Your role in the team

Well your obviously not the tank in this particular team fight, so lets remeber that even if you are beefy your not the tank :p Keep in mind how you use your ult which i know has been said MANY MANY TIMES OVER in this guide but its something that needs beaten into your head if your going to play Jarvan. You can initiate because of your beefiness but its only suggest able if its not into a group of 5 enemies, aim for a little less and you should do fine. While your DPS you will have more health than most of your teammates so make sure your not hiding behind any of your squishies, work with them to take down your opponents and you should do fine.

One of the main advantages of DPS is that no one expects you to be doing alot of damage so they wont be worried about focusing you unless they know what your capable of. Use this to dish out some hard damage killing them before they have a chance to realize your the one hitting so hard, if your team consists of other champs that love attack speed don't forget to not only use your Demacian Standard for yourself but them as well.

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Wards and where to place them

I'm not gonna make a map for good reasons, wards are usually a common sense thing to place though, so just make sure your placing them in vital spots like Blue Buff, Dragon, Baron, the enemy teams Blue Buff if you can manage it, and up and down the entire length of the river for east to see ganks. But dont go ape crazy and buy so many you have to hold off on a important item, its all about timing it correctly, early game wards are not usually necessary, but mid game is when i suggest alot of warding. By then lanes start to blur and the teams become braver and more open to pushing into your jungle and ganking as well as stealing your buffs. Keep this in mind.

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Below is my current scores of recent with him, sadly two of them were bad matche, the twisted treeline one my team fed almost at once, and the summoners rift had 3 of my team disconnecting. I will be posting more scores with him soon where i didnt have so much unfortunate luck. the other two matches were bot, but one of them was a jungle jarvan and the other was a lane.

If you get some nice scores send them to me and I'll include them in this guide :D

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This guide.

Is not to be put anywhere but Mobafire without my permission thanks :D


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