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Twisted Fate Build Guide by JinRohCommando

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JinRohCommando

In-Depth: AP Twisted

JinRohCommando Last updated on November 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Update History

Nov, 23rd
[*] Added Update History
[*] Added Pros & Cons chapter
[*] Added icons and colored text (still in progress)

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Why hello there, my names Jin-Roh and this is going to be my very first guide here on mobafire.
I'd like to mention that english isnt my first langauge and that you will find many type-os and such, so please forgive me for that, I will try to fix as many errors as possible over time.

Anyways, back to the reason why you've clicked on this guide, Twisted Fate.
I consider myself a very good Twisted Fate player, many players think TF is useless or underpowered and this might be a reason why so many players choose not to play as TF. Don't listen to those kids! Twisted Fate is a very strong and dominant champion and I will try to show you why and more importantly, how to use him as good as possible.

The only reason why people think TF is useless, is because themselfs are useless! You will know if you did a good job, but its up to your team to make the best out of it, you cant take on a whole team by your own. You can only feed yourself and take enemies off if they are on their own, late game you are going to need a team which does what you want em to do, earn this commanding lead by dominating your lane and this guide will explain how to obtain this commanding position.

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Pros & Cons

+ Pros +

+ Awesome Ganker
+ Unbeatable laning phase
+ Superb Farmer
+ Gold advantage for your team
+ Good kiting potential
+ Long range AoE nuke
+ Not mana dependend

- Cons -

- VERY squishy
- Weak untill level 3/4
- Focused in team fights
- Wild cards and pick-a-card may require some practice

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Why no AD TF?

Too squishy and too weak in the laning phase, even with good support. Other AD carrys are just too strong during that time, plus your wild cards have no use.

So there is no point in trying to struggle bottom lane if you could dominate mid lane instead, you can cause the enemy AP carry to lack items they need. So, go mid and forget about AD TF!

You could try an hybrid build, I am actually working on one, but for now, AP TF is the best choice.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, an AP carrys best friend, dont pick any other marks! These will help you through out the whole match.

greater seal of vitality. You dont need any mana regen runes since TF already has a way of regenerating his mana on his own. The bonus health is very important because TF starts out with very low base health. You may choose to use flat health seals.
No armor seals since you will most likely be mid vs another AP champ.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power. You dont need any CD glyphs because you have your passive E skill and his CDs arent very long anyways. You may choose to take magic res glyphs to get a bit tankier during your laning, however, you will lack of some dmg output early game.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power. With the deathcap later on in the game, these will be more benefitial than magic pen quints. You can pick health quints too if you want to play safe.

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21-9-0 Build. Why? Because you want to do as much damage as possible during your laning phase. Your wild cards will zone your enemy so good, that he will dare to come and attack you or the minions.
Late game, these small numbers you get from your masteries, will help you to keep up with the other AP carrys. Without the 21 points in offense, your wild cards and pick a cards wont do as much as they should do.

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Starting items and early game:

Start off with boots and 3 health pots. The mobility you gain from the boots, will help you to dodge enemy skill shots from your enemy, give you enough time to stun the ganking jungler, catch up to the enemy while your jungler is ganking and kite like a boss.

Dont get Doran's Ring, the mana regen is worthless and the couple of extra AP isnt worth the lack of potions. You can get rings later on when you recall for the first time and have some many to spend other than you core items.

Try to get a sheen during your first recall or a hextech revolver if your opponent is harrasing to good. Eitherway, both these items will do a great job and will help you to sustain your lane for a while.

Mid and late game items:

Sorce Boots, bonus magic pen is always welcome. You can get merc treads, these might help you in your laning phase, but late game, they are worthless since you are most likely going to die if you get CC'd.

Every AP carry's best friend, no reason to not get it.

The bonus attack damage will increase the damage you do with your spells since they also benefit from attack stats. It will help you to regen health so fast that you can stay out on the map longer. The active can help you to chase down enemies, escape and to increase the amount of damage you burst into someone. All the stats you gain from this item, are fully used by TF, so get it!

This will make you pick a card shots, hurt like a b***. This is one of the items you HAVE to get. It also grants bonus movement speed which is always nice.

Optional items:

The slow can make you to an unforgiving hunter, the bonus health is always good and it gives a lot of AP. Get this if you know that your enemies will flee during a fight. In team fights, the AOE slow you can do with youre wild cards, can change the ties of a battle, however, this item is expensive, you should get this if you're doing good during your laning phase and later. If you feel like the slow wont change as much, then go for another item with more AP.

Get this if youre enemy team is stacking magic resist.

Very expensive item but also a very powerful one, the reason why this is not an item you have to get, is because of the items you have to buy for your lich bane, gunblade and deathcap, there is simply no time and money for this item to work. You can get it if you think you need the bonus health and such, but once again, the other items will help you out way better.

Get this if you're having problems during your laning phase, its cheap and help you to sustain and do some serious damage.

Get this if you know, the enemy team is going to focus you in sight. Yes, you still gonna die, but you distracted the enemy team long enough to let your team do all the damage. The armor and huge amount of AP are also worth getting this item. But never ever get this before your other core items, its just too expensive and the active is only really useful late game.

Items you should not get:

You already have a sweet CDR skill and TF's skill arent on a long CD anyways, yes, it might be usefull for your ULT, but even that is on a short CD when level 3. You CAN get one item with CDR, but it is not worth the gold and time you waste for getting your other items.

Also, don't get any armor or magic res items to counter a specific champ, TF is just too squishy to make the res work.

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Skill Sequence

1 point in your W and E, thats it, you max your wild cards first since it is your main skill to harras and deal damage. Next would be your W to max out. Really basic stuff here, nothing much to say.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ignite, an every AP casters spell.
Use flash to suprise your enemy with a gold card to the face (dont forget to target em or you may hit a minion) or to escape.

Ignite is used to deal more damage if you decide to kill your enemy, it can also help against Vlad and other health based champs.

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Wild Cards/Laning Phase


Dont try to kill your enemy with level 1. You wont be able to do it!
Just relax, stay back and get your XP. It's ok if you miss some gold, your passive will make up for it in a couple minutes and you are going to pay it to your enemy back just the same way FOR THE REST OF THE LANING PHASE! But how? Wild cards. This skills huge range and damage, will fill your enemy with fear. He will focus on dodging than last hitting minions. You will force him to recall after a couple hits which gives you the lead in CS and XP. So, take it slow untill you have leveled your Q 2 times (its really only damaging then) and start to harras.

Ofcourse you want to kill the enemy once in a while, you can do that too when you've reached level 4. But you need to harras him good enough and bring him down to 50% or more. Then, when he doesnt pay attention, you can either flash in or just walk up to him, stun him with a quick gold card, throw your wild cards in and ignite him, you may require some auto attacks, but that fine. This needs practice though, getting the right card as fast as possible may require some practice, but you will get the drill, it's nothing you cant learn. Also prepare yourself if your jungler is about to gank, a well times gold card is going to give you a kill or assist for sure!

But be careful! As tempting as it might be, your wild cards can ruin yourself when used too often on creep. A couple wild cards too much and your minions are hugging the enemy tower, this might not seem too bad, but this puts yourelf in a gankable position for the enemy jungler. So if this happens, just wait at your tower and let the enemy creep get closer to the middle of the lane.

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Pick A Card

Here, I am going to explain, when and how to use your 3 cards (gold, red, blue).

Gold Card:

Use this to harras the enemy champ, followed by wild cards and the enemy has already lost a 3rd of his health.
Use it to help your jungler during a gank.
Catch escaping enemies with it and hold one ready if you are going to gank a lane with your ultimate (you can shuffle though your cards while teleporting).
Use this to escape, try to hit the chasing enemy which is either the faster one or one who can pin you down.
Never use it to farm, you can keep one in your hand to scare off the enemy and prevent him from last hitting minions.
In team fights, try to stun a carry but dont just walk up to them! Either run from the back or dont do it at all. Stunning a tanky champ is still better than stunning a carry and dying right after it (or even before).

Blue card:
Either to harras the enemy (because it deals the most damage from all of your cards) or to refill your mana pool. Try to last hit when you're in need of mana, hitting a healthy minion will only cause youre creep to push.
Dont use it in team fights since it just damages and nothing more.

Red Card:

Not very useful to be honest, but it can help you to creal a creep wave or to slow down multiple enemies.
It can also be used to harras the enemy who is staying out of range of your pick a card, but hitting minions like this, will also just cause your cs to push the lane. So use it whisely.

So, as you can see, during your laning, blue is the most useful card. I recommend the following skill combos:

Farming during laning: Blue, Wild, Blue, Wild. (note that wild cards is used to harras the enemy champ, not to farm!)
Attempt to kill the enemy: Gold, Wild, Auto-Attacks, Gold, Wild etc. (he should be dead after your first gold, wild, aa anyways.)
Clearing Creep Wave: Wild, Blue/Red (depending on your remaining mana).
Ganking: Destiny/Gold, Wild Cards.
Team fights: Gold, Wild, Gold, Wild etc.

You can see, that in team fights, you can be the deciding factor, stunning the right champs as much as possible will make you earn a lot of compliments. Try to throw your wild cards at squishies, you will take half of their ~health with just one hit.
Don't forget about the CD of your Sheen/Lich, it has a 2 sec CD. So time your wild cards and pick a cards that both give you a proc.

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Even after the nerf, this ability is, what can make your enemy rage and cry.
Tell your mates if you have it off cooldown, sometimes people will remember that they have a TF in their team and tell you when you can gank.
Other than that, look at the map one in a while and look out for a ganking possibilaty.

You should consider ganking when the following situations are present:

-Enemy is low health and (<30/40%, depending if they are tanky or not)
-A brush is near them, so that you can teleport in it and suprise him/her
-You know the enemy junlger is not waiting in the river since you need to walk down/up a bit to reach a lane with Destiny
-Your laning enemy didnt follow you, try to get off your lane without being seen or he will call miss fast enough to warn the hurt team mate
-Enemy junlger is trying to get a buff or dragon, be aware though, a tanky jungler with half health can still beat you!

Next to being an amazing ganking tool, Destiny is also great scan if the enemy team is nowhere to be seen, you can catch em getting baron or dragon with it. Time it well though, it may have a short CD, but it still does have CD!

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Thank you for reading this guide, it really means a lot to me.
I am not done with this guide, I am going to work on it as often as i can and im open to critism and suggestions, so please leave a comment telling me if I did a good or poor job.

Sorry again for my bad english, I hope it is not a huge problem.