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Qiyana Build Guide by Oh what a shame

Middle In depth Crush with Qiyana Midlane

Middle In depth Crush with Qiyana Midlane

Updated on February 23, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oh what a shame Build Guide By Oh what a shame 30 0 33,608 Views 0 Comments
30 0 33,608 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Oh what a shame Qiyana Build Guide By Oh what a shame Updated on February 23, 2021
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Cosmic Insight
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Jungle Role Ranked #67 in
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Champion Build Guide

In depth Crush with Qiyana Midlane

By Oh what a shame
I am Oh what a shame and I've been wandering from gold to diamond in this account and my secondary account Trashkali. My favourite type champs are those with mobility, ad dmg and assasin traits so I loved Qiyana when she was released and have played her since then.
Strenghts and weaknesses


1. Great mobility

2. Stealth

3. AOE CC ultimate

4. High dmg output


1. Gets into sticky situations if her kit is not used properly

2. Hard to master

3. Picking wrong element

4. Weaker if behind

5. Depends on terrain. Weak in bases.

Qiyana has a kit that is very solid and versatile. Thus, she does not excell at anything but at everything (only if she is ahead). Because of this, I would say she has next to no weaknesses since her main weakness is that her kit is hard to use optimally. Experieced Qiyana players will make the most of her kit.

Her other weakness, though, is that she is really weak fighting at base so you are screwed if the enemy team destroyed most of your towers. Also, sometimes it can be really hard to get the right angle to Supreme Display of Talent if terrain does not favor you


Qiyana's first attack or ability in a target will deal bonus physical damage. The cooldown of this ability (25 seconds) can be reseted upon using Terrashape

Because of Royal Privilege you add up to your output damage by using different elements in one rotation.

The only exception to the element swapping to maximize your damage is when you need to prioritize being alive where it is worth it to spam Edge of Ixtal GRASS even though you don't proc passive.


Qiyana slashes forward in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in a line, reduced to 75% damage against targets beyond the first.

If you pick an element with Terrashape, the range is doubled, the cooldown is reseted and the ability gains a new effect

There are times where it is not necessary to pick an element and you can use Edge of Ixtal to farm when you know you won't fight or to get its damage before reseting the ability with Terrashape

BRUSH: The blade raises a grass trail behind Qiyana that travels forth, lasting for 3.5 seconds and granting Qiyana invisibility and Movement speed icon.png 20% bonus movement speed until she attacks, casts an ability other than Terrashape Terrashape, or exits the trail.

Use brush when laning against melee champs, when dealing with sticky situations, and spam it at teamfights. It is the best out of the three.

RIVER: Roots enemies hit for 0.5 seconds, then slows them by 20% for 1 second

Use river to all in your lane oponent or to engage when roaming or chasing down an opponent. You can also use it to peel enemies away from your teammates or from yourself.

ROCK: Enemies hit while below 50% of their maximum health are dealt physical bonus damage.

Use rock to execute isolated enemies or to execute enemies in a fight where you know you won't be in trouble afterwards. Sometimes it is better to lose on the rock execute extra damage and using brush instead because the enemy team can erase you after you blow your combo on a target.


PASSIVE: While holding an Element, Qiyana gains bonus attack speed, 25 bonus attack range, bonus magic damage on her basic attacks and basic abilities, and out-of-combat bonus movement speed while moving near the Element currently being held.

This passive allows you to move fast around the map, to clear waves faster and deal more consistent damage to your enemy targets.

ACTIVE: Qiyana dashes towards the target location while gathering an Element of the neares BRUSH, RIVER or TERRAIN she targeted, enchanting her blade.

Terrashape active is useful for wall-hoping to move fast around the map, escaping, chasing or dodging abilities.


Qiyana dashes a fixed distance towards the target enemy, dealing physical damage. Qiyana can cast any of her abilities during Audacity. Casting Edge of Ixtal Edge of Ixtal while Audacity is targeting a champion will autonomously aim at them.

This is your main engage tool. Use it at max range to clospe the gap between you an the enemy. Use it at minimun range to run more distance between you and unit you targeted (great for escaping through minions, engaging through minions or wall-hoping through jungle camps or enemy champions).

However you don't always want to use it first. If you can stick to your enemies without using Audacity you can use it later to finish them off while leaving you a distance away from the enemy team, since Qiyana has can be punished hard for commiting into a fight without an escape tool.

Since you can buffer Supreme Display of Talent while using Audacity, most of the time you want to engage using that combo leaving the enemy less time to react since you cast Supreme Display of Talent quicker and once you are in front of their faces knocking them up.

Audacity is also useful to secure engages with Edge of Ixtal ICE and kills with Edge of Ixtal ROCKsince it will automatically hit the selected target unless they flash faster.


Qiyana sends a windblast in the target direction that knocks back enemies struck. The windblast stops upon hitting terrain. The windblast then creates an erupting shockwave across any RIVER or BRUSH it passes through, as well as around the borders of terrain it reaches, dealing physical damage to enemies and briefly granting sight of the area in its path, and stunning enemies hit.

Supreme Display of Talent makes Qiyana a champion with a lot of carry potential since its in your hands the ability to easily win a teamfight by stunning and demolishing the whole enemy team.

With Supreme Display of Talent you can also oneshot enemies easily if you are not fed enough to kill them with basic abilities making picks for you team.

Supreme Display of Talent is really strong in teamfights and the reason why Qiyana is still useful when behind. This ability will be specially effective in baron nashor and dragon pits, aswell as jungle corners.

has an amazingly versatile kit which can lead to multiple combinations that may be ideal depending on the situation. However, here is a list of the most useful combos.



This is the combo you want to execute for the lvl 3 all in or any all in you want to make whenever you roam or invade the enemy jungle. If the enemy is low and you just need to kill asap you can skip the autoattacks and do the fast combo version



This is a really fast combo with 2 animation cancels that enables you to execute almost any enemy below 40% health. You mostly want to use it against low health laners that decide to overstay.


This combo is a safe way to chunk your enemies in lanes where you can't all in right away because their trading is strong and you need to get them low first or against enemies who play really safe outside your E range.



Really useful against melees and can also be used against ranges. It is the safest way to chunk enemies before an all in without taking damage in return. Once you are a little bit fed you can spam it in lane for free dmg.



This is pretty much the combo you want to use everytime you want to kill an enemy. Use it to oneshot enemy squishies and make picks or engaging at teamfights.



Enemies who are not above 80% health shouldn't be completely safe in their towers against Qiyana. Use enemy minions to your favor since you can dash through them and cath the enemy off guard stunning him by Supreme Display of Talent him into his turret and unleashing your full burst combo


This combo is really good for making picks and it is really flexible. You can do more or less autoattacks depending on the dmg you need to deal to the enemy and you can change the order pattern depending on the situation. However it is better to start off with invisibility so you catch enemies off guard before they try to escape your burst.



Against most matchups I would go long sword with . It lets you have a lot of dmg and enough sustain to go for the lvl 3 all in at which excels. To be honest, is high risk high reward so I prefer to purchase it most games but anytime you feel you are unconfortable with the matchup it is better not to screw up and go


I would rather take corrupting potion in matchups where:

1. I can get poked hard and be too low for the lvl 3 engage.
2. They are hard to trade, hard to engage or hard to kill.

Examples are



Almost every game


Against a tank heavy team, a team with multiple duelist or a tough midlane duelist.



Build it second almost everygame, get you and start killing unaware farming enemies around the map. It is a core item for playstyle: deny as much vision as posible and become an invisible predator.


Build it third almost every game. Both the passive and the active give you extra mobility that help you become the movile sneaky threat to the enemy team. The active may help your engages with Audacity and Supreme Display of Talent and also to escape from sticky situations.


It gives some defensive tools that are really useful on since she can be punished hard if commits in a teamfight and does not execute her combo properly. It is really good against enemies like Malphite Twisted Fate Seraphine Ashe...


A must against heavy shield teams. Build it third. However,consider build it against Barrier or adcs that build Immortal Shieldbow


I am not really a fan of this item since it is less consistest and quite cocky. However, it is a good item if you are snowballing hard.



Build it 2nd or 3rd against tanky compositions


Build it as your 4th or last item if the enemy team has been stacking armor. It would be better than a lethality item even though it is more expensive



Build almost every game. Terrashape max second gives you enough movespeed alonside Youmuu's Ghostblade so you don't need Mobility Boots. This cooldown reduction will help you a lot.


Against a autoattack-based team. It is worth it.


Against a heave cc composition. You need the Tenacity in order to survive. Ability haste is not useful if you cannot live enough to blow your combos.


You may wanna get at least one defensive item in most games unless you are really confident you can execute your combos fast enough or the enemy team doesn't have a lot of disables.


I usually get it, it is very good against heavy burst. The shield may pop once you've already used enough abilities to make good use of it.


Against heavy ability power compositions. You can gett an early Null-Magic Mantle but don't upgrade it until you have at lest your two lethality core items.


Good against a teamcomp with lots of AD. It is specially good if you go conqueror.


Another viable option


Best keystone: you wanna assasinate, you want electrocute.


More letahlity = more damage


Easier to use than the other two. Zombie Ward it's a good choice on Qiyana tho.


This rune is just op. Helps Qiyana a lot, who has no built-in sustain in her kit.


As Qiyana you ideally want to play aggresive early. Biscuits help with your early mana issues and can make the difference between winning a trade or not, getting killed by the enemy jungler or not and having enough mana for another spell rotation.


This rune is really strong with the rework. It lets you have ignite almost every 2 minutes. This means everytime you have ignite you should be seeking for a kill oportunity since you have that extra guaranteed damage.



Electrocute is good against squishies because you can kill them as soon as possible with a quick combo. However, against beefy teams, conqueror provides more consistent damage and if you get all stacks you have more trading potential and can heal quite a lot over time if you spam autos and Edge of Ixtal GRASS


You don't need pressence of mind on Qiyana, believe me. You can oneshot caster creeps with empowered autos and you can shove fast enough without spending much mana later on.


The best for Qiyana overall. If the enmy team doesnt' have a lot of cc, i would recommend going Legend: Alacrityinstead.


Helps you deal more dmg to low hp enemies which is great for assasinating





Against ranged
You just wanna Edge of Ixtal the first melee creeps to get the gold and keep using your autoattacks and Q to farm as long as you don’t get poked.
Getting hit by 1 or 2 autoattacks is fine but don’t get lower since it’s better to give up some cs early to have enough health for a later all in. You want them to push the wave into your tower so you can all in them lvl 3 once it bounces back to them in a long lane.

Against melee
You want to keep the wave in the middle. You have more freedom to lasthit and depending on the matchup you can poke your enemies with Edge of Ixtal. In some cases the enemy may mistep and you can even combo a Q and two autos for electrocute proc. Edge of Ixtal with Royal Privilege deals among 1/9 of health. If you land some you get them a little bit lower so you have more chances of killing them at lvl 3.


Once you hit lvl2 you wanna Terrashape an element for the steroid which makes it easier to farm under pressure.

Against ranged
You wanna keep playing passive and lasthit avoiding unnecesary poke. Once you are about to hit lvl3 make sure you already took ice element.

Against melee
You can abuse more and poke with Q or Q W Q. But it all depends on the matchup.


Most games you wanna play for the lvl 3 all in. With more than 90 Attack damage , mobility and a slow in Edge of Ixtal ice, it is really hard for squishy unmobile mages to survive that powerspike.

You start off with Audacity + Edge of Ixtal ice. Now you start autoattacking while orb walking until you can use Terrashape rock to close the gap even more. Continue autoattacking until you can get a guaranteed Edge of Ixtal rock with Ignite. Sometimes they will Flash your Edge of Ixtal and you can Flash to get it off. You may have to Flash to get another autoattack off if they will survive with 5% hp.

Qiyana's Audacity has quite a lot of unexpected range even though it was nerfed so most of the time you can get on top of your ranged enemies without them expecting it. If they play far back just zone them from the wave until they mistep. If they don’t step up at all you can Audacity to a minion Q ice and start the all in like that. You miss out on one skill dmg but you still have a lot of kill potential.

Sometimes you may not get a kill but you may burn their summoners so you can call your jungler later for a free kill.

There a certain matchups where it gets difficult to execute this lvl 3 engage unless the enemy makes a mistake. In that case, you can push the bounced wave and play around scuttle with your jungler or roam with priority.

LVL 4-6

With Qiyana you want to make sure you establish dominance in your lane, which will let you protect vision control and impact the map later since you enemy will be afraid to walk up. If you get an early kill you may be able to purchase an early Serrated Dirk and start snowballing off that. Your dmg is high and you can zone mages from the wave constantly threatening them with an all in. If they mistep you can get even more kills.

At lvl 6 it is ideal to roam but thats not always the scenario. If you have priority, your jungler is in a skirmish or the botlane is overextended you can crush them with Supreme Display of Talent but it is a rare sight. With Supreme Display of Talent and Ignite back up again thanks to Cosmic Insight rune you can 100 – 0 your lane oponent and keep on creating a lead over them.

LVL 6 +


Now, in the best case you are ahead of your midlane enemy and you want to stop killing them since they are not worth enough gold and you can transfer your lead to the map. Zone them from the wave, freeze and build cannon waves and fast push next wave to give you enough tempo for roaming. Roam like a ***** all the time and obliterate your enemies. Get dragon with number advantage


Play safe, don’t trade unless you know where is the jungler, don’t take unnecesary risks and avoid feeding more. Try to make plays with your jungler to get you back into the game. Coordinate with your team and try your best to make plays with your Supreme Display of Talent in skirmishes, specially around dragon pit. The good thing with Qiyana compared to other assasins is she is useful even when behind.


Now you wanna keep on sidelaning botlane to get solo experience and wait for the enemy adc or midlaner to overextend farming the wave so you can assasinate them and make a pick for your team. If you have success, shove out the wave and call for objectives. If dragon is not up, you can still pressure the enemy under tower and siege since Qiyana Supreme Display of Talent is dangerous.

In order to execute this playstyle you need Oracle Lens and Umbral Glaive if possible with one or two pink ward. You want to keep on denying enemy vision so they are forced to facechek you and potentially die. The pressure you create is enormous.

If you notice something is going on in the map, quickly head towards the fight. Sometimes you don’t need to commit or you can keep pushing because you will have moron teammates that die for no reason at all, but even then you can still turn the tides of the fight with Supreme Display of Talent.

DON'T ARAM ALL THE TIME IN THE MIDLANE. You need solo XP and gold to carry. You need to be levels ahead of their botlane.


Lategame you want to do the same as midgame but here it is really important to hit a good ultimate because it can win you the game. If you have a teamfighting monster team it may be unnecesary to make picks since you can just force a fight and follow up your Malphite, Leona or Seraphine... with your AOE ultimate Supreme Display of Talent.

Making a sneaky pick or hitting the ultimate Supreme Display of Talent in multiple targets is the key to win the game. Baron nashor and dragon pit give so much chances to do it.
The art of making picks
Qiyana is a great teamfighter and you can play around that if you team is teamfight-based.

However she is also good at assasinating isolated champions makeing it a 4v5. These is a playstayle you should be executing great part of the game when objectives are not being contested yet since it lets you gain loads of solo XP.

The experience is really important on Qiyana since she relies on being ahead of the enemy to do enough damage. It will enable you to earn extra gold a farm enemy jungle camps.

First of all, you need to shove waves. Depending on the situation, you can slow build and fast push or you can straightforward fast push and ideally crash them into the enemy tower. Becareful not to overextend without proper vision though. That is why you should carry Control Ward

In order to make picks you need to to use you Umbral Glaive and Oracle Lens to deny as much vision as posible until the kill oportunity presents itself (because it will, there is no need to overforce). Mind you should often check brushes with Edge of Ixtal GRASS so you don't facecheck and die.

Thanks for reading my Qiyana guide!

Qiyana is a solid pick in almost every game and can perform well under almost every single situation. The most experience you have, the better you will perform.

I will be uploading clips for the combos and more information that is lacking right now.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Oh what a shame
Oh what a shame Qiyana Guide
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In depth Crush with Qiyana Midlane

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