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Nautilus Build Guide by Leggo My Aggro

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Leggo My Aggro

In-Depth Guide to Nautilus in the Bottom Lane

Leggo My Aggro Last updated on June 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Nautilus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Blitzcrank Very easily to lane against Blitz, keeping an eye out for his grabs and standing in front of your ADC will nullify him.
Alistar Very comprehensive, the most Alistar can for his ADC against you is disengage and attempt to prevent you from locking them down.
Bard Very low damage, very squishy and minimal crowd control. You may basically ignore him and pretend it's 2v1 to their ADC.
Janna Disengage champion with a strong heal that you can interrupt with your Q.
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Welcome, my name is Leggo My Aggro and you can find me on the rift.
Firstly, I'm sure some of you are going to be boggled by the build I have elaborated here for Nautilus, but I will be explaining in detail why it is good, why some things are necessary, and how to use this build efficiently.

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Ranked Play

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Pros & Cons

+ Tons of Crowd Control
+ Great early game damage with Riptide
+ Strong passive that provides peel
+ Very high health scaling shield
+ Very tanky both early and mid game
+ Amazing engage with Depth Charge

- Low mobility
- High cooldowns
- Dredge Line has much more width than other pulls

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Staggering Blow

This passive is very important and is what helps you dominate and control the enemy team, placing every one where you want them. One auto attack to the enemy and you`ll do a little more damage and snare them in place for a short duration that scales higher with levels. You`ll want to use this ability keenly in the early game, you don`t always want to just rush to the ADC and lock them down because the diminishing return has quite a cooldown. Use this ability against the enemy jungler or support when you see them trying to jump on your ADC to provide a safe disengage potential.

Dredge Line

Much like Thresh`s Death Sentence, when the ability comes in contact with an enemy you are pulled half the distance toward them, and they are pulled the other half toward you. What makes this ability interesting and very handy is you can also use against terrain to disengage or chase an enemy that is too far for the hook. However you cannot use this ability to get past terrain. Dredge Line also has more width which can make it easier but at the same time harder to land grabs because of interceptions from minions, monsters or other champions.

Titan`s Wrath

A very strong shield with one of the longest durations in the game, this shield scales very high with your health pool starting at 9% for the first level. This being the reason why you would upgrade this second because by mid game is when you`ll have a much higher health pool. This ability also causes your auto attacks to burn a small amount of damage that will accumulate making Nautilus efficient in stacking base damage on an enemy champion and clearing waves.


My favourite ability on Nautilus. This beauty here is what makes your early game trades so strong versus most match ups. With the combination of Dredge Line, Staggering Blow and Riptide you can lock down most ADCarries very easily and deal a lot of damage setting up early recalls or potential kills. I max Riptide out first because the extra damage is what goes a long way, taking a second point in Riptide again at level 3 is a little situational but I usually always do so for that extra damage.

Depth Charge

A very strong engage, disengage and crowd controlling ability. I highly advise to use this skill to the best of your ability. It`s not about interrupting the carry that can deal a lot of damage to your team, you have enough peel as Nautilus to jump on any carry and zone them out. With Depth Charge what you want to do is get the one enemy in the back line, while knocking up every one in front. Using this ability as efficiently as possible is what you need to achieve the upper hand advantage for your team.

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I`m sure some of you are wondering about the distribution of points.
Something very important is Expose Weakness is a must have, you are providing more damage for your ADC to deal immediately when you engage. Although 1% may not seem like a lot, but it does factor in and it can change a sticky situation, or help melt their ADC.

Going 21 in the Defense tab has many benefits that I believe suit Nautilus very well, taking on extra armor to absorb a lot more damage as well as Reinforced Armor to help absorb much more damage when the enemy ADC gains some critical benefits i.e. Infinity Edge being the most commonly rushed item on majority of ADCarries.

Perseverance accumulates with Warmog`s when it is attained giving you a large amount of health regeneration nearly equal to Garen`s passive, Perseverance

Oppression is very good to have as well because you will have high uptime of 3% damage reduction from the enemy you are focusing your crowd control on.

Fleet of Foot for extra mobility and eventually accumulating with Raptor Cloak.

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Best quintessence to take, helps with a starting game of high resistance, providing more potential for early game lane domination.

Same goes for marks, stacking that attack damage resistance to absorb more damage from their ADC providing more sustain in the lane.

Taking the extra 72 health for Titan's Wrath provides a stronger shield, and extra health pool for damage mitigation.

Taking the scaling resist glyphs opposed to the flat ones is better in my opinion because you most likely not be taking a lot of magic damage in the laning phase, with 27 magic resist at level 18 it is a much better option.

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Summoner Spells

Generally a must have for majority of the champion pool. It is the strongest summoner spell for nearly any situation whether it`d be that extra jump you need to reach an enemy, getting away from the enemy over a wall or even dodging an ability you`re not sure about. It is the best disengage and engage.

I personally feel that Ignite is a much better option when playing Nautilus. It is a very aggressive approach that has great benefits to secure kills, and this is about dominating the lane so your ADC can farm gold. Using ignite responsible and nullify the other ADcarry`s Heal and provide that extra damage that may be needed to win a trade and get a kill, force a flash or an early recall. The reasoning to not take Exhaust over ignite is because Nautilus has tons of crowd control and I feel that it is a waste because really the only benefit is the reduced damage that Exhaust forces, while it only lasting 2.5 seconds.

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Starting Items

Generally common for support roles like Nautilus that are tanky and front line. Relic Shield is a great item that helps you acquire gold, provide sustain in your lane for both you and your ADC and it gives bonus health, empowering Titan`s Wrath.

Essential Picks

Warmog's is a must have, as Nautilus you will be tanking a lot of damage for your team mates. Warmog's provides excellent Health Regeneration, a larger health pool, and allows you to save gold from spending on health potions. Raptor Cloak is a fantastic item for only 1000g providing a lot of armor and 100% more base health regeneration buffing your Warmog's effect, as well this item gives a very strong passive of 30% movement speed bonus near any turret(including destroyed).

This Is Very Important

Choose one strategically. If your team has more objectives down and you feel that you can push to an inhibitor or past one easily, Zz'Rot Portal is your best friend to help dominate and secure that aggression. Ohmwrecker helps secure a tower objective when your team really needs to start pushing, this item is best taken on when the enemy team has a split push compilation, there`s no safer feeling than diving at the right time when you have the Ohmwrecker active ready on the go. Some of you may feel that it is odd to take on Zz`rot for Nautilus, in fact I`m sure many people believe it to be a weak item. I assure you it is not, in addition to the benefits from Raptor Cloak Zz`rot provides a substantial amount of resistance for both armor and magic resist and the push from it makes up for any lack of damage in specific scenarios. There has been a few times where I have been able to take out both Nexus turrets and the Nexus alone with Nautilus from the back up of just one wave with super minions.

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Overall, I believe Nautilus to be one of the strongest supports in the game, with less recognition than deserving. He has outstanding peel, a truck load of crowd control and great damage for early game. This is my build that I use daily. It works, and I want some of you to test it yourselves. I appreciate any and all constructive criticism, I`m very open minded and open to new ideas and I`m excited to see what you may think about this.

Thanks, from Leggo My Aggro.