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Taric Build Guide by ElitePenguinz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElitePenguinz

In-Depth Taric Guide - Supporting Your AD Carry!

ElitePenguinz Last updated on June 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, this is my first MOBAfire guide. Let me introduce myself as a player who just enjoys being in a support position. Due to this, I find Taric one of my favorite champions to use. Throughout this in-depth guide we will look at the best AD Carry champions to lane with, and the toughest to lane against. This guide will also include pros and cons, as well as "need to knows". Enjoy this guide.

The "Build 2" is just showing you what the final product of your items should be

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Pros and Cons

Before we start getting into the main parts of this guide, it's crucial to know the Pros and Cons of each champion before you try your hand at them...


> Excellent support
> Viable CC
> Good AoE
> Above average healing
> Very tanky


> Low damage output, even for a tank
> Outrageously mana dependent until high levels
> Difficult to play if your AD Carry teammate isn't good

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Summoner Spells

Best Spell Options

- Heal is very self explanatory. It's an AoE heal that heals everyone within the given range of you. If you plan to use heal, you need to use it at the correct times. It is so important that you do not waste this. Heal can be replaced with Flash if you are not good at escaping ganks.

- Clairvoyance is a spell that all supports should use. Some Soraka's can get away without using it, but it's a very important spell for Taric. You need this one...

Runner-Up Spell Options

(Should only be used for certain circumstances)

- If you really need help escaping ganks, you can get away with taking flash instead of heal. It's still a good support spell, since you can flash up to try to close in on the enemy to get a stun off.

- I think I have only used ghost for Taric two or three times.. It's viable, but not as good as flash or heal.

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Runes/Masteries Explanations

Just going to do a very brief Runes and Masteries rundown here..


3 Greater Quintessence of Swiftness - Incase you haven't noticed before, this build is mainly a movement speed and brick wall Taric. These runes will help you move even faster.

9 Greater Mark of Warding - More magic resist. Keeps you alive.

9 Greater Seal of Replenishment - These will really help you in early game when Taric's mana burns quickly

9 Greater Glyph of Force - Just a tiny bit of Ability Power to help your spells.


The masteries shown in this guide reflects the build we are trying to accomplish here. Quick moving, tanky Taric

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Item Build

I will explain my reasonings for the item choices. Many of you guys may be confused because this build looks a lot different than a typical Taric build.

sight ward - These are my usual starting item. Cloth armor, a health and mana potion, and a sight ward.

- The ruby crystal is a piece needed to make Aegis of the Legion. It doesn't really do much, other than give you a little extra health while you obtain enough for the Aegis.

- I absolutely love this item, which is why I always try to get it ASAP. A lot of Taric builds I have seen tend to wait until mid game to get this item, but the bonuses it gives you and your AD Carry laning partner is so helpful for early game stalemates. If you ABSOLUTELY need basic boots before this, you can get them, but id suggest getting the Aegis first.

- Well you need these in order to have an easier time at chasing down people for the kill. If you laning well so far, these boots don't take long to get.

- This piece is a 1st tier item for Chalice of Harmony. I rarely need to get this, because Chalice of Harmony isn't that expensive to get by itself. Get Meki Pendent only if you are at your base and you don't have enough to get the Chalice straight up.

- Read above. This item is really underrated, and is rarely praised. But Chalice of Harmony is such an important item for Magic Resist, Mana regeneration, and has a really sweet unique passive.

- Once you get these boots, the enemy laners will be begging for mercy. Although it's not a huge speed increase, if you put it together with the quintessence runes, and our masteries, you can chase down enemies with good efficiency.

- By the time you get Force of Nature, you will be around mid levels. It had a good movement speed bonus on it, some health regeneration, and a ton of magic resistance. This item is to mainly prepare you for the upcoming team fights, and to aid you when junglers try to gank you.

- I'd say this is your most important item of your build. It gives you a ton of base mana, a good amount of armor, and an amazing unique passive that will make your teammates happy customers. This item alone makes a huge difference in team fights.

- Another Force of Nature. By the time you get this one, it is probably the start of late game, maybe even just approaching the end of the game. About 50% of the time, this is the last item I get before the game ends.

- Sometimes my team has already won by the time I start going for this item. This is obviously a replacement for the Chalice of Harmony, so get rid of that if you are getting Banshee's veil.

Possible Alternatives:

- Use this instead of Boots of Swiftness if the enemy team's AP champion is a HUGE damage dealing hero.

- Use this to replace the second force of nature if you feel your movement speed is fast enough. I rarely do this, but it's an option. I'd still stick to force of nature though.

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Laning as Taric

Laning as Taric is sort of like laning as any other champion when it comes to bottom lane. Support your AD carry, use your stuns at correct times, and keep your mana up. There's nothing an AD carry hates more than a support teammate that recalls because he always needs mana.

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Which AD Carry Lanes Well With Taric?

These champions are what I find the best AD carries to lane with.

Sivir - Sivir is my favorite AD carry to lane with. Her decent range with her Q attack, good farming W attack, and an excellent defensive spell, she can be a relief to heal. As long as the person playing Sivir uses her spell shield at correct times, you don't need to heal her as much, which keeps your mana up longer. Her ulti is great for chasing aswell.

Ashe - Ashe is a close second when it comes to my favorite AD carry to lane with. She has slows coming out of her... you know... This makes it really easy to catch up to enemies with your good movement speed to get a stun off, and let the ashe finish them off.

Other Notables:
Draven, Vayne, Miss Fortune

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Difficult AD Carry Enemies

The following AD Carries are really tough match-ups for even a skilled Taric to overcome.

Caitlyn - There is no doubt that Caitlyn will cause the most trouble out of any AD Carry for Taric. Unless Caitlyn overextends into your bush, you just wont be able to stun her with dazzle due to the fact her range keeps her really far back. The basic strategy for me is to stay back, and wait for her to make the first mistake.

Graves - Graves is a hard match-up for Taric because of his ability to keep range from dazzle with his quickdraw. He also has a solid AoE slow.

Other Notables:
Miss Fortune, Gangplank

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- Gemcraft is a great passive for Taric. Just basic attack minions when you need mana.

- Imbue is a good heal spell. When you heal an ally, you will be healed aswell. The heal is more effective when used on yourself.

- Shatter is what separates a good, from a great Taric. Shatter gives you and nearby allies an armor aura. Shatter can also be used to deal AoE damage, but while it's on cooldown, you don't have the armor aura anymore. I rarely actually use this spell for damage, because I enjoy the armor aura too much. I only use it for damage when I'm alone against an enemy when I need that extra damage to kill him.

- Dazzle.. This is Taric's main spell. It does more damage the closer you are to the target. That effect gets into people's minds, and they think "I should only use it when i'm really close." You shouldn't change your approach with it, just use it when you need to, regardless of how far away the enemy is.

- Radiance is a solid AoE ultimate. It deals a fair amount of damage considering he's a support tank, but the main part of this spell is that it gives you and your allies bonus attack damage and ability power for a short period of time. I typically use this in the big team fights, and when my team is killing baron, so we can kill baron just a little faster.

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Some of my Taric matches. (screenshotted)

I will update these screenshots whenever I have a good game with Taric. These matches I am putting up first aren't my best games, but they are the most recent games I've played with Taric.

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What you need to know

Just a few points on miscellaneous things about Taric

> Don't use Shatter in team fights. Almost every Taric I see does this, and it really annoys me. Taric is a support tank... When you use shatter for damage, you are taking your armor aura away from your team. Shatter's damage output isn't high enough to take away the armor aura. Dealing damage is what the AD Carry and AP Carry are there for.

> In team fights, use radiance (ultimate) as "the final push".

> At early to mid game, don't chase the enemy laners too far. Let them come to you, and then get your stun on them.

> Remember to call mia. Bot laners are known to help the jungler gank mid. Sometimes your mid will overextend for maybe just a blink of an eye, and it will be enough for them to take advantage.

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Thanks For Reading :)

Thank you for taking the time to go through my build. I will edit this accordingly.