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Vayne Build Guide by macdog1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author macdog1

Incredibly Vayne

macdog1 Last updated on June 10, 2012
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First off, acknowledge the Vayne pun. This is a must for all Vayne guides. Else all of your efforts will be in Vayne. Too much?

Anyways, here is where the build really starts:

This build is based on Dufftime's REAL Vayne build. The main idea behind this build is health shredding synergy in Madred's Bloodrazor and her Silver Bolts passive ability.

A few tweaks were made, in order to maximize damage and survivability, as well as providing a streamlined item purchase order.

DuffTime's original can be found here.

Be sure to downvote his! (It's what he wants)

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Masteries are taken like a usual AD carry, except havoc is taken over deadliness and lethality. The reason is that your damage is not coming from AD, or from crits, but from Madred's , Silver Bolts , and the Trinity Proc based on BASE AD, so that is already set in stone.

Defensive masteries were chosen to help with Vayne's pitiful early game squishiness.

I would always take the offensive masteries, however, the utility tree has some things going for it. Good Hands can make or break a long, close game. Move speed is also really helpful and the swiftness could also be taken.

Butcher helps a lot with last hits and farming.

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More AS = more Bloodrazor and Silver bolts procs

Flat DEF seals for early game survivability against the opposing AD carry

MR/lvl glyphs for late game protection from that AP nuker.

Quints go either Health or MS, really your preference. If you are goint to get the Utility tree, I recommend the Health quints for the early game.

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Pretty much Madred's , and Trinity Force are core . Survivability items are key because you need to be able to plant your feet and keep up the auto attacks without dying too fast. Vayne's abilities don't scale with any attribute, except AS, so get that early, but make sure to improve your survivability, too.

Obviously if the team is mostly AD, get more armor, and if they have more AP get more MR.

One difference could be the order in which you buy Negatron cloak, and Chain Vest. That depends on the the biggest threat on the enemy team.

The main issue is lane sustain. An early does away with this. Prepare to farm to your heart's content.

Wit's End's early game damage is crazy, especially with this build. If you notice the enemy team groups up, and you don't need the extra MR, go get Ionic Spark instead, and practice typing "/all trolololol".

If you want tenacity, but don't want to sell your boots, get Cloak and Dagger . It's more helpful on an AS Vayne than usual, and can save your life.

After that TF is a must. Zeal first, for dat AS/MS. Then either Phage or Sheen . Get Phage if when people see you they immediately run away like little girls. That slow combined with your passive will ensure nobody will escape your wrath. Get sheen if you want to spam Tumble , and kill them before they realize they SHOULD have ran like a little girl. I like sheen better, for the awesome proc and the extra mana for more tumbling. (I rolled everywhere in Ocarina of Time)

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to your early game items. Wit's End and Wriggle's served you well, but it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

Madred's Bloodrazor will be your first. This is interesting because you can replace either Wit's End or Wriggle's. If your support isn't doing much warding, you might want to hold on to wriggle's, but if you sell it, your damage will be higher, but you will lose the lifesteal.

After that, get Zeke's Herald for the lifesteal, or more tanky items like Force of Nature or Atma's Impaler or Randuin's Omen.

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Skill Sequence

Early game CC and a small escape/ damage steroid, then straight up Silver Bolts, except when you can take a point in your ult, and when you are forced to take a point in tumble.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost for escaping, your passive only works when running towards your enemies.
Flash could replace ghost, but you wouldn't get the bonus from masteries. If you do take the utility tree, get flash and Summoner' insight and don't take ghost.

This may sound silly, but don't take the improved ghost, if you aren't using ghost. Get Demolitionist instead. This is so the point isn't wasted. This will help you push the towers faster because you won't be as good at that as the other AD carry.

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Special Warding

Ward those damn side bushes! It is so easy to get your stun off when they stand still in the bushes and wait for you to impale them with condemn !

Wriggle's has an active? It's a ward? That's so convenient!

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Early Game

Farm, Farm, Farm. That Bloodrazor isn't going to pay for itself, and you need the gold. Keep in mind about 15 minions = one champion kill.

Harassing is tough, because you you really need to string three consecutive auto attacks together to do any damage.

Let your support do most of the harass and focus on farming (Nunu and Taric are good lane partners). Nunu has his snowball and blood boil which works really well with Vayne.

When you do harass, try to avoid using your tumble for the first two, then tumble forward to get the third as they get try to get away, or even hit them three times and use tumble to retreat, because your passive allows you to engage a lot faster than you can retreat. Avoid their support, especially if he has a stun, like Taric, because you could get caught way out of position when/if you use tumble to get closer to the enemy, especially if your support is not close.

Another trick is to tumble in range, hit them twice, then right after your second attack, impale them away from you, then retreat. The impale skill counts towards your silver bolts count, proc'ing the extra damage! This leads to very favorable trades and good burst.

Try to get enough to finish Zerk's and Vamp Scepter on your first back, as well as some health pots and wards. This will let you harass, get more last hist, and sustain better. Get Wriggle's and a Bow on your second trip, as well as more pots and a ward (see above), and if you can afford it get Wit's End .

After this, early game should be over and you should be dishing out the pain in teamfights because your AS lets you get a ton of silver bolts procs off.

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Team Fights

Focus one target and keep going until they are dead/ you can't safely follow them. Your Silver bolts only make cool circles around your enemy if you don't get three consecutive shots on a single target. However, don't chase too far, again, you are not as fast when running away, and you can't do any damage when you are at the spawn pool, waiting on a respawn timer.

DO NOT INITIATE, you are still really squishy. If you catch someone in the jungle and penetrate them against a tree, (not to mention against their will), fine, but don't initiate a team fight in the open.

Priority focus for your team:

AD carry > AP carry > anyone > anyone > Tank

That's all, but shoot the one that gets caught out of position. Either one will do. After that, it doesn't matter who you shoot, because you will do the same damage to the tank or off-tank. That is the beauty of this build. After the carries are gone, and if the enemy team isn't running, focus the one that is the most danger to you, most likely the off-tank. The tank will do the least damage to you and will be the hardest for your teammates to hurt. You will have no problem, but again, don't spread the damage around.

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Late Game

Is all about picking up resistances that you need at the moment.

Banshee's and Guardian Angel will give you the durability you need to keep shooting. They also have awesome passives that make the other team not really want to focus you, and if they do, they'll have to deal with you again in a few seconds.

Finish the Bloodrazor , then just keep on grabbing elixers of agility and fortitude (both are important for damage and more survivability).

Next, win the game. Seriously, no one can kill you, and you can kill whoever you want. GG.