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Irelia Build Guide by AngryOgre

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngryOgre

Irelia - Becoming fed, carry everything! ;) (not finished)

AngryOgre Last updated on November 21, 2012
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Irelia Build

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Some words to this guide ...

This guide will show you the "standards" of a Irelia.
The only information you should have for this guide are...
-This guide is NOT finished ( i 'll finish it soon ! )
-This build is not useful if you loose your lane / have a bad game / are lagy or something like this; a lost early game makes it not soo useful to build it - i 'll add some "argh i lost this game" builds later...
-My english isn't the best, so i hope you can understand my words ;)
-Questions/Critics/Comments are welcome! :)

Have fun & hopefully this guide / build helped you!

note : this guide isn't finished yet!

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Summoner Spells

The Summoner Spells are an important choice...

You just have to answer some key questions :
"Aggressiv play style or defensive ?"

"Is my jungle good , bad or just like I don't know?"

Ehm... yes ; if you know your enemies you have to care about your summoner spells,too, but that's a part which must decide by yourself.

Ok... now i stop "talking" and start... ;)

Ignite is a great choice - in combination with the mastery point Summoner's Wrath a greater one! Damage ( and the heal reduce ) is strong, the +5 on ad and ap is also strong.

Flash is NOT a must have for a Irelia! ( Tip : In ranked you should take it!) It can save you easily, but if you play good , have a bad enemy , nice internet connection or something like that ( ;) bla bla ... ) you 'll don't need it. Ghost , Exhaust , Heal or Teleport are better choices!

Exhaust is a nice slow! Thanks to your skill you decrease the enemy's armor and mr for 10.
This can make chasing easy.

Ghost makes you able to escape / engage easily. You can also jump to your enemy, fight (...) , he ll flash out and you can run after him with ghost... but i don't think that i have to explain more about "running".

Heal is -in my opinion- not a great choice, but it can make you strong. You can easily survive
as example the R ( Requiem) of Karthus ( or just winning a fight). Problem : Ignite or a spell like Explosive Shot - Tristana - counters your heal hardly!

Teleport makes it easy to dominate your lane. BUT it also decrease your engage / escape power. Take care of good playing if you take this ( - anyway : try to play good to make the game fun and not "easy" ;) )

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Core Items

The Items you should buy depends -again- at your play style and they way you like more.
Irelia is playable as an ad/offtank ( Attack damage offtank ) , full tank or full ad.

If you want go full on attack damage you have to play careful and good. It's no "normal" build and so i don't think , you should build it.

The ad/offtank build i m going to show you; the full tank build i add later.

I show you why you have to buy some items and why not. But ... ye' i just go on!

This should be your first item; with 2x Health Potion and 1 Mana Potion or just 3x Health Potions. So you can survive at your lane some time.

" Why the Mana potion ? " - Irelia needs a lot of mana at start, so it 's useful to take one. Your Bladesurge is your farming ability - if you spam it you loose your mana fast!

This Item gives you some life and additional gold per second. It's NOT a must have, but in this build you need it anyway later.

This boots increase your armor and you 'll get less damage by Auto-attacks. If the enemies have a lot of cc's or just a lot of magical damage you should take Mercury's Treads.

This item gives you nice chasing-skills. The slow, the life and the ad are useful for you. You 'll need it later for Trinity Force.

This item is one of the best items for Irelia , the attack speed increase your W ( Hiten Style ) , the mr is useful against ap champs. You also deal with every attack some magic damage. Tip : Don't buy this item if your enemies have no or a bad ap champ!

This item is really powerful. Every stats you get with it are useful for Irelia. Tip : You can also buy Frozen Mallet... But i would say : don't buy both!
( and i think anyway that Trinity Force is stronger ;) )

This item is useful to get life steal. You can upgrade it later, but at start it's just to heal you more ;)

This item gives you some tanky stats. You can also use your Heart of Gold and have an aoe-slow.

This item increase your armor and critical chance. Also gives you bonus AD. This is a powerful item for Irelia -with example Warmog's Armor it is really strong-.

You get more damage + life steal. This is a nice finisher - or good at the early game ~ if you became fed.

( - Not finished - )