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League of Legends Build Guide Author schneian87

Irelia, how to carry competitive games

schneian87 Last updated on February 17, 2011
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Hi, this is my Irelia Build based on
This is just a great Item becuas it synergizes with and all of your skills have verry low CDs, thats why u should have a sheen or triforce proc everytime its CD is rdy.

There are a lot of guides that only concentrate on AS or Lifesteel after Triforce, which rly isnt the right way for Irelia. In this guide u learn how to play a powerfull balanced Irelia.

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Pretty standard Melee Runesetup

Marks Greater Mark of Desolation -> U get the most damage from these runes
Seals -> With Nimbleness u will have a good amount of Evade and the proc is rly nice
Glyphs -> U need the manareg, else u cant do dmg
Quints Greater Quintessence of Vigor -> Combined with and u have around 30 hp5 and u can stay in lane forever

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Pretty standard Melee Masteries, u get so much more from Deffmasteries instead of the offensive tree. As Irelia u have to get your *** in the middle of the fight and there u will get DMG, if u do great and have some kills they will focus you. And with These Masteries and Items u can survive rly huge amounts of dmg.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is just needed for everyone that goes Toplane, and since u will go there nearly every game u need it. Its just pure goodness.U get screwed in lane need back but cant leave tower?-> Base and TP back in lane.
There is a huge fight at Dragon and with u,your team will get dragon and 1 or 2 kills?-> Tp to that ward at Dragon and get it done
A huge Minionwave is pushing bot or top and u might get that tower?-> TP and destroy it.
TP is just Huge for Toplaner

Ghost is rly good Summoner to catch up to enemies or save your lazy *** because u overextended and got ganked. Just use and RUN

Over options:
Exhaust is pretty good skill to kill someone, if u get Midlane and dont rly need TP i prefer Exhaust/Ghost combo
Ignite, pretty good spell to kill someone and reduce heal, if u dont face Mundo, Soraka or maybe Taric , better get Exhaust

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Skill Sequence

Level up ASAP. Its your Bread and Butter skill, once u get your sheen it deals around 300 dmg, combine that with and some Autoattacks and u will out harras anyone and can rly start to zone your lane out pretty good.

Get everytime its possible.

Only level once at level 2 or 3 for the extra heal and Lanestaing Power it gives combined with your HP5

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Irelia is a Champion that can rly spam abbilities. U have on a 3,5 sec cd with CDR and which u can spam 4 times, but dont shoot all your blades. Shoot 1, wait 1 or 2 seconds and shoot the next one. This way u will get more procs. With all these spamming th���®s is the perfect item for u.

Oh my, its just pure goodness and makes Irelia the champion that rly makes kassas burst look like ****. Your will hit for 450-500 with triforce and every other proc will double basedmg with a proc, too. But thats not all
-U get runspeed, which is rly huge to catch up and chase.
-U get nearly every other melee stat that is useful...AS,Crit,Dmg
-U get a rly nice slow proc of phage
-U get Mana, which rly helps because your skills do cost lots of mana

To summarize it... Get this item ASAP . its just win

For Boots i rly allways recommand because nearly every game has lots of cc and with your passiv, they will have a lot of problems containing u with cc. However if they dont have lots of CC, get . The CDR is rly nice and helps dishing out even more DMG

And now to the part where lots of people dont have any clue how to build her. Starks is a good item but u dont need that attackspeed, and the lifeleech isnt rly huge because u do not have that much autoattackdmg.
IE is a huge dmg boost, but its rly expensive and u will need forever to get it.

There are some good choices like . But u dont rly need the Spellshield, because u have so much CCreduction because of your great passiv and .

I tested nearly every combinations and is just great. Its CHEAP and u profite from all the stats. The extra hp is great. The MR is also verry welcome and the CDR and improved Healing is just awesome.
and , both of them get there healing increased and its just great. 1550 gold for this item is just laughable rly. GET IT

Now u have enough life and MR and u have to build some more DMG. Again there are some good possibilites here. might be a good choice, but i dont like it because it doesnt has any DMG. is great item and i do rly like it, but its soo expensive, if u hower get this huge amount of gold u can get it.

My favorite item is . Its just a great item and again its not rly expensive. U get everything u need + a great active. The CDR combined with is huge. Our ultimate will have something like 21 seccd, even less with CDR Boots.

After this u have to decide again. U need some armor and for example is a great great item, especially this late in the game. If u think u can survive long enough without it get . The critchance is rly nice and u will have an overall critchance at around 50%. And the passiv gives u around 50 Dmg which is huge for an item that costs just 2450 gold.

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How to play Irelia

In this section i will tell u how u play Irelia.

At the start of the game make sure u get a sololane, idc if its toplane or mid. Irelia needs a sololane.

If u managed to get it start the game with a and go to your lane. The first few levels only last hit, try to get every last hit which is rly easy with . Once u hit level 4 or 5 u should start to harras your enemy more, be careful with your mana and dont rush into hugh Minionwaves. Allways use Q+E to harras and pull back, dont autoattack the enemy champion, just Q+E and back. The second u hit level 6 wait for a good chance and attack with Q+E. Activate your ultimate and Hiten Style and continue to attack him. If he s verry low u can finish him off with another , which should be of cooldown by now.

If u got the frag good, if not, no problem. U should have total lane dominance by now because u healed up and harrased like crazy with your Ultimate. Try to zone your opponent and deny him XP. When u saved 1260 gold for sheen + 900 or 1250 depending on the boots u want to get (get 3 manapots,too), press B and go back to base. Now you are in full control, ZONE your opponent hardcorestyle, but dont overextend because he will call for help from the jungle. Continue the Q+E+R harras whenever possible. Stay in your lane until you farmed up Triforce but allways watch the map and especially dragon, if there is a huge fight, TP to drag and KILL THEM ALL.

With Triforce u should roam around the map more and cordinate some ganks and pushes.

In teamfights allways let the Tank initiate. U have some durability but dont think your invulnerable. After the tank got in go for the squishiest targets like rangecarry or ap carry, only get the support if he rly has low hppool.

If u manage to push midtower use your ultimate and use it to heal up on minions and use the Procc u get from it for the tower.


Pls leave commant and tell me how u like this build. Thanks for reading