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Irelia Build Guide by ryanrioh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ryanrioh

Irelia - Ionia's Secret Weapon (LastUpdate: October 1, 2012)

ryanrioh Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This Build Is Still Under Construction.

Hi there guys,

This build is just to show you how i play Irelia.

I'am someone who plays Irelia a lot because i like her playstyle.
This build is focused on Solotop lane. Don't know yet how to make a good build.
But i will try to do my best.

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Pros / Cons


+ Stays in Lane Easily
+ Can Farm Fast with
Bladesurge & Transcendent Blades
+ Take a Lane Solo Easily
+ Good Damage Per Second
+ Fast Movement
+ True Damage Using
Hiten Style
+ Healing With Hiten Style
& Transcendent Blades
+ Her Equilibrium Strike has a
great stun for flees
+ You can Solo a enemy mid/late game.
+ Little tanky

- Really needs a big farm
- Little squishy early game
- Needs to be in a Solo Lane
- What Else...

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I have taken these Masteries because of Irelia is so squishy.
With this Masteries, why would you build it really tanky.
Just build her as a Melee DPS (Damage Per Second) with some health, MR (Magic Resist) and Armor.

These Masteries will give you:

Resistance : +6 Magic Resist
Hardiness : +6 Armor
Durability : +6 Health per Level (108 at level 18)
Vigor : +3 Health Regen per 5 seconds
Veteran's Scars : +30 Health
Initiator : +2% Movement Speed
Enlightenment : +0.3% Cooldown (5,4% at level 18)
Honor Guard : 0.5% Damage Taken Reduction
Mercenary : +8 Gold at Champion Kills/Assists
Juggernaut : +3% Health
Juggernaut : -10% Disable Duration
Good Hands : -4% Time Spent Dead
Expanded Mind : +12 Mana per Level (216 at level 18)
Swiftness : +1.5% Movement Speed
Meditation : +1 Mana Regen per 5 seconds
Runic Affinity : +20% Buff Duration

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Mark of Attack Damage:
This is so powerful on level 1. Just because of you can deal a lot of damage, and your enemy in lane will be scared away of you.

Greater Seal of Armor:
Because of Irelia is too squishy early game. We need something to defend with. That's why i picked these Seals.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist:
When we dont face a Attack Damage enemy, we also need some defense. These are our Glyphs.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage:
More & more Attack Damage, we will need it early game to defeat our enemy easily on Solotop.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: I choose Flash as escape mechanism, it takes some time to learn how to use it but it could be very helpfull. Optional Flee Skill: Equilibrium Strike
Ignite: I choose this Spell for running enemies that i can't hit anymore.

Optional Spell:
Teleport: Very usefull for a Solotop, when your enemy is pushing too hard, you could Teleport back in a second. I don't use it because of our Jungler most of the time takes the lane when i'am back.

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Skill Sequence

Our passive Ionian Fervor is what we always have besides us, our upto 40% CC (Stun, Slow etc.) reduction.
I always start with Hiten Style because its deals so much damage on level 1. Just stand there in the bushes, wait for your enemy, activate W and auto attack. He will get a lot of damage and you will regenerate your lifes.
Then I upgrade my Bladesurge, to the max so its cooldown will be much shorter and i can always come closer when my enemy is fleeing.
I keep my Equilibrium Strike at level 1 or 2, just to have a flee, stun your enemy and run away, it works most of the time, especially early game.
Always upgrade your Transcendent Blades because of its your ultimate and regenerates a lot of damage. I also use this to clear minnion waves faster.

I attack most of the time with E > W
When they flee, just Q > E to them. Gap closer > Stun/Slow.
Only use your ulti when you run out of lifes so you could regenerate a lot.
PS, you Q deals a lot more damage when you used W before.
Combo: (Q >) E > W > Q > E > W > R

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Irelia's Core Items for this build are:

Trinity Force: It's like its made for Irelia, It's an all in one weapon, what i really like. So much bonus damage and other great passives.
Ninja Tabi: You will think, why not get that extra CC? Because these boots are cheeper so you will get your other items faster and the passice reduces 10% of damage taken. That really is a lot.
Wit's End: If i need some more MR, here's your next Core Item. It's passive will give you 42 bonus magic damage and it will give you a lot of Attack Speed, so you can use your Hiten Style more often per second.
Warmog's Armor: You just need a full tank item like this, so you don't get killed fast.

The rest will be updated soon:
Atma's Impaler: This item fits best with Warmog's i think, because Warmog's grows your health, and this passive gives you Attack Damage based on Health. This item is also really tanky against Attack Damage enemies.

I always start with Boots of Speed for mobility and with some Health Potions to stay in lane.
When i go back for the first time i buy a Regrowth Pendant and Madred's Razors to deal some damage and get some sustain against a AD enemy, when there's a AP enemy on top i will go for Mercury's Treads and i will buy a sight ward to prevent being ganked by their Jungler.
The next time i go back i always buy a Wriggle's Lantern, this gives me a free ward and i can kill the minions easily and farm faster, i also try to buy a Giant's Belt by then for more sustain, i'am in a solo lane so i have to be there always.
The next item is a Warmog's Armor, it will bring us more Health per minion kill.
Then i'am going to buy my Trinity Force except of when there's a AP enemy that deals a lot of damage to me, then i will go for Wit's End first.
After that i will make a Atma's Impaler for more Damage (about 70) with this build and get some more tankiness.
Now i have my 6 core items, you can now sell your Wriggle's Lantern and buy another Trinity Force if you want more damage, for more magic resist you could go for Force of Nature and for more armor you can go for Randuin's Omen.
I usually go for a second Trinity Force. Atma's Impaler gave me enough armor to replace Wriggle's Lantern

Against a Full AD Team i will go for:

Against a team with one AP:

So with those two enemy team setups i'am skipping the Wit's End because of you don't need that extra Magic Resist usually.

When they have 2 or more Ability Power i will just go for the default build.

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Early Game

Early Game i'll always try to last hit all minnions, deal a little damage to my enemy.
When i'am at level 3, i always last-hit the minnion with the cannon with my Bladesurge.
The others just with auto-attacking. The three Health Potions should be enough to stay in lane.
If not, you could always use your Hiten Style. Don't waste your mana with killing minnions using Bladesurge.
When you got a Wriggle's Lantern you could use this to ward in front of baron so you can see when their jungler wants to gank you.
A lot of kills that i made early game is by playing defensive, sometimes a little aggresive.
When i'am at low hp, they will try to towerdive. Just stun them and hit them.
The turret is your biggest friend when you got a stun.

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Mid Game

Well you have your ulti now. It is your job to destroy that top turret if you didn't it already.
Just let your jungler gank when your enemy over-extends too much.
And get that turret, after that, i will go and help where i'am needed.
Get Dragon a few times so we get some money, gank some other lanes.
Try to get some money. Always keep an eye on your top lane when the enemy is pushing far.
You could easily clear a minnion wave using Transcendent Blades.
And push your minnions further.

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Late Game

You made some money Mid Game, and now you're trying to find some enemys in the jungle to kill.
Gank some enemys and push that Mid Lane. Teamfights aren't your strongest option to do.
Because this build isn't that tanky as other Irelia builds.

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Hall Of Fame

I will post a video of me playing Irelia in a Normal Game here.
I think this was a good game because there was good team communication etc.
It is bad quality right now, but i'll try to fix that as soon as possible.
Sorry about that, the laggy thing i mean.