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Irelia Build Guide by SJLYJ99

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SJLYJ99


SJLYJ99 Last updated on February 5, 2015
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Hi, this is my new guide on Ireland jg which rekts a lot of ppl and I even rekt godyr and godyi who also go FF sea 5.

Early ganks are op and late game u can 1 v 3 ppl with your ult. And after that solo baron and dragon and win the game for your team.

Irelia is a very versatile jgler with the sustain from w and cc from e you can farm up until lvl 4 or 5 before recalling for items meaning she has crazy sustain.

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Pros / Cons

-epic sustain with her w active
-nice ganks with her e and q
-deals true damage
-low mana cost

-early sustain not good without attack speed
-q cooldown is high early game if it doesn't kill any unit
-item dependent
-hard to catch up if under

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Creeping / Jungling

So with this you can start at 4 camps the red, the blue, the gromp or the krugs.

My personal route is start at red and smite it. Then proceed to clearing wolves. By this time, your smite would be off cd by now. Then do blue with smite and now you would be lvl 3, and you have a choice to back and buy or gank. I'll consider the 1st option as you can double your cleartime with the rangers trailblazer.

If you meet the scuttler and the enemy is far from you, you can kill scuttler before the enemy comes.

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Ganking can help your team snowball a lot. Your e is a stun when you are at a lower health percentage than your enemy. So since your in the jungle and your allies aren't snowballing the enemy too hard, chances of stunning the enemy are high.
Walk in when the enemy is pushing towards your side.E to stun or slow the enemy. Then use W to keep AA with true damage. They will normally try to slow you but your passive reduces the slow. If they flash, you can Q them if they are low enough or just let them escape and waste a spell.
When getting counter ganked, you can still fight since cc won't work on you the more enemy are in sight.

Early to mid

Your big chance to farm.
Try to farm as much as you can since you will need a lot of gold to buy items. Only gank when opportunities arise and not when your ally ping for ganks. Because you can't gank when they pushed the enemy under the turret just to tower dive gank and give a double to the enemy.

Mid game
During this time, it is irelia's time to shine since you can go from full time fighter to assassin by mauling tanks and killing carries. You can also just farm continuously if your team is doing fine. Normally I would try to be a carry which can tank out burst from zed hi and riven.

Late game
Late game is normal which is peel for the carries and win team fights. But if you have at least 50 stacks of devourer, ask your team to bait the enemy away from baron. Once it is safe, solo baron and boom YOU WIN THE GAME!

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Scenarios for different items

The Bloodthirster
If you feel you need more damage than attack speed you can go for this. It also gives irelia a lot of sustain.

Phantom Dancer, Statikk Shiv
If you don't feel like going Wit's End, get these stats from these two item are also good on irelia giving attack speed, critical strike and movement speed. Phantom dancer gives better stats overall but statikk's passive is very good to increase damage to multiple units.

Infinity Edge
This gives irelia a lot of damage. Boosting her to 250% crit damage which is a lot if you have stacked a lot of damage. Go this if your team lacks heavy damage dealers.

Get this if you feel like it. It's not as good as others but it has a very good active giving you bonus damage on hit and on single target spell which irelia has 2 Q and E and also dependent on auto attack with her W.

Iceborn Gauntlet
This a more defensive pick to Trinity Force as it gives armor. Overall good item giving irelia a lot of mana to cast skills, an AoE slow after using an ability, and CDR which let irelia spam her skills more often.

Frozen Heart
Get this item if enemy has heavy DPS that you can't out duel. The aura that slows the attack speed will help the team and also giving a decent amount of mana and also CDR.

Randuin's Omen
This is overall the best armor item in the game. Getting this would mean a more defensive fighter build. I would get this if the my team lacks a tank. Has a attack speed slow aura and an AoE slow plus some health.

Banshee's Veil
If enemy has a lot of poke get this as it can block almost any spell. Also has a health regeneration passive.

Locket of the Iron Solari
If enemy has too much AoE magic damage like oriana or syndra. Gives an aura that gives allies magic resist and health regen. Also an active shield too save yourself or an ally that is getting focused.

Spirit Visage
Best MR item for irelia. Gives the most health for MR items. The passive allows you to heal even more from lifesteal, W passive on hit heal and also the heal from the ultimate.

If enemy has many DPS champs like Tryndamere or Master Yi.

Warmog's Armor
If enemy deals true damage, this is the best item to counter it.

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Irelia jg from S4 to S5

In sea4 irelia was a beast inside jg although she did not appear much. With as much or even more sustain then godyr, u can easily win games with her.

In sea5 irelia is godlike with the even more attack speed from devourer than FF. I finally reached the att spd cap at 2.5. Solo baron and dragon is now easier with the new jg item.

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Well ill end here saying irelia is ranked play material equal to udyr or WW. Hope to see some comments and up vote on this guide to friends who also agree that irelia is really a good jgler.