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Irelia Build Guide by Widgy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Widgy

Irelia, my way of the Ionian blade (Jungle/Solotop)

Widgy Last updated on October 8, 2011
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the text and builds are still correct tho, except maybe typos

Alright, i will start of by saying that english aint' my native language, i appologize for any typos and such. and also that this is my first guide :D

So, more to the point. alot of ppl have been curious about my way to play irelia (especially when i jungle with her)
the reason i do this is becuz her Q and E makes her an AMAZING ganker, along with the fact that you dont "NEED" to have her ulti to gank (unlike say Nocturne and Fiddle**** (oh yes he did!))
but also that her Hiten Style and Transcendent Blades lets her stay jungleing/roaming for quite a long time

Now, lets got down to some (srs) bsns!

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ AMAZING ganker with her Q and E
+ Not very mana dependant
+ Can stay in jungle/roaming for along time due to her W and R
+ Almost immune to CC with her passive and mercs!
+ Can be built tanky, dmg or both!
+ Extremly fun to play!

- Imo, the hardest melee to play well (tho thats the fun isent it?)
- Not very forgiving if you screw up (times stuff wrong = doom O_O )
- Needs good farm and preferbly a kill/assist or 2
- has freakishly small arms (srsly, check it out!)

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Not alot to say here, "build 1" if you wanna go a bursty jungeler, "build 2" if you wanna go a tanky/offtank jungeler

and last but not least, the solotop masteries
obviously its all personal preferences but these are the one's i like the most :)

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Skill Sequence

While jungeling, you are going to want to skill Hiten Style first, for obvious reasons (lifesteal and/or more dmg)
i only take 2 points in Hiten Style before skilling my Equilibrium Strike, since that's all the lifesteal you need to succesfully jungle/gank early on (you should be able to get Wriggle's Lantern around level 5-6 atleast)
after that, i max out Equilibrium Strike for maximum dmg and CC

while laning i do the same, except i take Bladesurge at lvl 1 to help with my lasthits.
after that, proceed in skilling Equilibrium Strike mainly, then Hiten Style

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Summoner Spells

Not alot to say, quite obvious..
is the most "OP" summoner spell there is, and YOU can have it! ._O

well.. you are jungling? xD

not jungling? O_O then you are (hopefully) sololaning, teleport is a great choise!

you prefer?;

I dont, becuz i feel like its very limited.. since you got amazing runspeed with your Trinity Force anyway, tho it is personal preference's :)

Personally i dont use Ignite at all, can be very good if facing like, Fiddle**** and/or Tryndamere, tho you would "have" to replace it with your and who wants that??

Same thing as Ignite
Tho Exhaust is good in pretty much everygame, i wouldent wanna switch it out for Flash



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First of.. GET Wriggle's Lantern !!!
its an AMAZING starter item on Irelia, weather you are jungling, soloing, mid, or even going 3 guys bot!


the reason i start off with Vampiric Scepter is becuz i dont wanna waste money on alot of pots, since you are getting abit less money from jungling (wich u can hopefully make up for by ganking) than you would in sololane, also you dont need the bluebuff (eventho you can take it at lvl 1 with a good pull)
the reason for getting Wriggles over anything is becuz the lifesteal, the 500dmg procc, the free ward, the armor AND the dmg, for that small amount is just impossible to say no to, also it makes the Dragon a breeze to grab (more on that later)


"whadda fakk? ya' crazy brah?! cloth arm0r and 5 potZ?!"
Naah man... since most of the time you will be sololaning 1v2, and you still need them lasthits.. 5 pots and the extra armor from [[Cloth Armor] is amazing.. it should let you stay in lane till lvl6 where you should be able to recall and buy your wriggles (same thing applys to wriggles here as in does while jungling, just trust me on this one ;)

Spirit Visage
Also a great item on Irelia, it may not seem much but the extra healing given along with your Wriggles Lantern, your Hiten Style, and your Transcendent Blades makes a great deal, also abit of health and MR to add to the tankyness that is Irelia ;)

Mercury's Treads
Give's you an ***wooping 45-65% CC reduction! thats ****ing amazing!
along with some extra MR, to add to the tankyness that is Irelia! (tho i would pick swiftness/berserker if the enemy team got no CC)

Trinity Force
Simply amazing.. srsly.. runspeed.. atk speed.. procc slow.. tankyness (that is Irelia!...) and also the 150% dmg from Sheen that works INCREDIBLY well with irelia (further explenation in the "pr0 tips")

The Bloodthirster alot of dmg, and quite some lifesteal.. also another addition to why you want Spirit Visage

Guardian Angel
MOAR tankyness (to what is....) and lets face it.. your enemys wants to kill you.. and we dont want that! especially concidering the pain in the *** from stacking that forsaken bloodthirster...
Oh and the fact that you are melee and will get smacked in the face

Other items that i do concider good on Irelia:

The Black Cleaver its a sweet item, you will probably want to sell your wriggles for this once you get that far into the game (tho i doubt the game will last that long :P)
i have yet to switch out Guardian Angle for The Black Cleaver.. but if you feel ballsy and/or suecidal be my guest! :D

Items to avoid;

Infinity Edge this is not a AS/critt build.. if you want that go play trynda or yi, honestly :P
Phantom Dancer ---^

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i could not find a picture of the minimap(that wasent use'd to mark locations by others) on google, nor did taking a screenshot ingame work out so well

so i will just have to explain it, and add them fancy fancy pictures later xD
i will explain WHY i do what i do after the walktrough

1, start off by smiting the blue wraith then head to wolfcamp immeadiatly after (leave the other 3 wraiths there)

2, start of by (obviously) killing the big wolf, using W ([*] Hiten Style) just before the first attack, you can then decide if you want to use it again on the small wolfs, costs abit more mana, but you kill them quicker.. your health% is about the same (except for the last wolf, you dont wanna use W while killing him becuz you will want the extra lifesteal from W's passive)- level up, pick E

3, head to the remaining wraith's, use E+W to finnish of the first, i do suggest only using W once here becuz your lifesteal is more then they dmg, meaning that you will heal urself up

4, head over to the double golems, your smite should be up and should be used, burst down the first one with W+E+smite and finnish off the 2nd one with W+E (you should be able to stun the 2nd golem making it pretty easy to finnish off)

5, if you got alot of health/mana here, you might wanna counterjungle or gank (you can pick up [*] Bladesurge after the double golem if you feel like you can gank, otherwise pick W again)
- if you are on low health, simply recall, buy a cloth armor and 1-2 pots

6, head over to the wolfcamp again, wait 3-4 sec's and they will respawn kill them

7, head to the bluebuff finnish it off with smite
- here on after, you can jungle however you feel like. i personally prefer roaming at this stage, meaning i run to help/gank in lanes and picking up camps on the way (you can obviously counter jungle aswell)


-you will in alot of games have to hold a lane for one of your teamates, inorder for them to recall, do not question this.. just do it, since you will still get the xp/gold needed, you will prevent your tower from taking damage AND quite possibly save your teamate by giving him the chanse to heal up without worrying about the tower
(this is especially true if there is someone in a 1v2 lane)

-if you see your teamate in trouble, head over there IMMEADIATLY! preventing a kill on your teamate, and maybe even score one, is ALOT more important then finnishing off that last wolf

-if ALL your lanes are failing/having trouble, they will quite possibly (and sadly) call you a noob for not beeing able to hold and gank 3 lanes at the same time while jungling and securing dragon... dont worry.. no one can, just tell them to L2P :D

-Irelia is not the best hero to single the dragon, i have not yet succseded in doing so at lvl 6 (might be possible with some AS runes??) but you can single him at lvl8 wihtout much difficulty (wriggles ftw!)

-you CAN start of with blue if you get a good pull.. tho i do not suggest this as you will be low health, and mana is not an issue early on

the reason you want to smite the blue wraith and then head of at the start is becuz your smite will get off CD just as you are about to kill the double golem (you need the smite there). also, you need to kill the wolfs early, after you finnished the double golem and (posiblly) recalled, you can head over to the wolfs and they will spawn in 3-4 secounds, while your smite will get off CD just as they die, giving you smite for the blue.
Pretty neat huh? =)

also, the reason i pick Vampiric Scepter instead of the standard Cloth Armor and 5 healthpots, is becuz irelias build is quite expensive as it is, without "wasting" money on alot of pots :P

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Pr0 tips

-beeing able to use your Equilibrium Strike is what makes the diffrence between a good and a "bad" Irelia, always know if your opponent will do more dmg then you, simply wait for him to dropp to a few %age below your health then use it to the a stun that quite likly will turn the fight

-dont use your Hiten Style while harassing, this will most likly trick your opponent into beliving your dmg output is actually less than you can do (sneaky sneaky!)

-knowing how to use your Transcendent Blades is crucial! this becomes especially true once you get Sheen/ Trinity Force, do NOT spam your ulti UNLESS you are using it for the heal, if you are using it for the dmg, you instead want to try and time every charge with the sheen procc, meaning that every charge of your ulti proccs sheen, giving you 100-150% more dmg on your auto attacks!!

-your Transcendent Blades has alot of use's, for example, you should be able to match the dmg of ignite while using your ulti, lets say you got jumped/screwed up and needs to flash away and your opponent ignites you, use your ulti and spam it backwards, hitting the chasing enemy and hopefully some creeps.. this have saved me ALOT of times

-if in the same situation as about (wiht or without the ignite involved) and your enemy tower dives you,
Transcendent Blades- spam backwards, i have got alot of kills by greedy enemys towerdiving me, underestimating what Irelia can do. Heal abit with your ulti, use Bladesurge] and [[Equilibrium Strike to attack and stun him/her preferbly under the tower, and turn your deah into an amazing kill!

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This is obviously work in progress since its my first guide and all that, cool pictures and all WILL be added as soon as i figure this **** out O_O

Thanks alot for reading my guide, and i hope it helped you atleast abit :)

please vote and comment, both pros and cons are welcome but please try to me constructive, "amg n00b plz fu" dosent help anyone :P

and PLEASE dont vote down before even trying..