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Irelia Build Guide by galden1412

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League of Legends Build Guide Author galden1412

Irelia: The best of the... sure whatever

galden1412 Last updated on November 5, 2012
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Solo Top


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Hey guys! This is my first guide I have ever made so let's see how I'll do. I'm Galden1412 and my guide is on Irelia. Irelia is my main and I always play her. She is fun to play because of the true damage she can do. Everyone says Irelia is still OP which does get annoying sometimes. Since Irelia's nerfs she became a lot more viable.

Erm... I'm not that good at talking but I will try my best on explaining my build in this guide.

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Pros & Cons

(Ok, so far into this guide, I have found out the tab doesn't do anything '>-')

So then, like all champs, there are their pros and cons.


-Good early game
-Fun to play
-A lot of sustain
-True damage= TONS OF DAMAGE!
-If played well, very slipery

-If no runes nor masteries used, she can become very weak
-The joke "Better nerf Irelia" sucks and now it became even worse
-Can't be played as effectively if not solo top

You see the Irelia build I will be showing you guys will trail along these pros and cons. I have tried a couple other builds but this one has to be shining out.

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Other Summoner Spells You Can Use

I usually don't pick up anything than what I recommended in the beginning but here are some more summoner spells I use so I'll name them off first.

My favourite (yes I am Canadian) summoner spell is ignite like most people. Ignite picks off people, stops healing, and is entertaining to watch people burn. When you are in a fight, and they are running away or if you are just fighting them off full out ignite is definitely a good choice.

It's an amazing spell when going someone slippery like Fiddlesticks and other people squishy but as Irelia you can chase and run away. Knowing how to flash is also easy making it a good idea to use.

I use ghost instead of flash sometimes. This summoner spell helps significantly when chasing down people or running away from ganks but flash is better in my opinion.

People will probably call you "noob heal" but I don't really give a... whatever. Healing helps you in a 1v1 or just simply running away. In my opinion, a support can give you the health/shield you need if in trouble.

Hell yah. This summoner spell is an amazing one. I use it quite frequently to get back into the battle but sometimes, if you get all the sustain (I say this word too much ;-; I'm gonna be typing "sustain" in my sleep) from Hiten Style you really don't need it that much.

Uh... I prefer relying on our true damage than making them weaker. exhaust only works in a 1v1 so unless you REALLY want it go ahead but if you get ganked, don't come crying to me.

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So there aren't that many item selections I do like because I always use the build I mentioned at top, the first build but here are the items I think are the only ones you really need. The second build I mentioned top is just what you can get.

Doran's Shield is one of my favourite items. It has good early game health and regen. Everyone does tell me not to get this but when I try otherwise, it goes kinda badly.

Hell yes. Never leave Irelia hanging without this item. I absolutely LOVE this item. So good against AP solo top and CC is muffled instantly.

Lots of people tell me to stop going after this item but it's a good item. It gives you armor, AD and lifesteal. On top of that, it's cost efficient to put down its wards instead of buying a stack of sight wards.

Need AD? Get this item. Need AP? Get this item. Need Attack Speed? Get this item. Irelia needs AD for both her ult and "q". AP on her "e" and attack speed to max out Hiten Style's potential.

Irelia needs her health to become a true AD offtank. So much health along with health regen, it helps you to run in there, pick up a kill, and run out.

This item works amazingly on champs like Lee Sin and Riven and Irelia. Their health along with this item dishes out damage like throwing cupcakes at your sister (wait you don't do that?)

Extra Items

I seriously doubt you will make it this far because usually, once I get a full build, I start bull dozing them over. However, this replaces Doran's Shield and there are better items to replace this.

I actually get this more often than Infinity Edge. When rushing into team fights and getting tons of CC rushed onto you, you easily use this item and jump back in there. Ignite getting to you? Quicksilver Sash. Stunned and then getting chased? Quicksilver Sash. Any other CC? Quicksilver Sash.

A well know item used well on people who just wont die. Cho'Gath and Malphite uses this item godly but Irelia can stick on beating the living day lights out of people instead of tanking. I mean, who needs health to tank a turret when you can single-handedly attack speed it down?

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Items Early Game

The items for Irelia make her shine. Using the items I use to build her she can run into a battle with full health, dish out tons of damage with both her true damage and the AD you build on her.

Doran's Shield is a favourite item to me. I always pick it up when solo toping. It gives you bonus health and regen and because of Irelia's true damage from Hiten Style you do not need any AD thanks to it.

Next, rush Mercury's Treads to abuse her passive. Any CC sent your way will be instantly muffled. If only it could stack...

Pick up a couple of health potions and then try to get a Vampiric Scepter to make a Wriggle's Lantern. Using the Wriggle's Lantern you can ward the river or the brush on the river to save your *** from gankers.

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Early Game

When playing Irelia attempt to solo top. When soloing top take Hiten Style first. This will help your sustain. On top of that, try not to get into trouble when starting the game. Let them initiate you, that way you can easily fight back by activating your W. If you want the kill and they are running away, I don't mind activating Flash or picking up the kill with Ignite. Grab a Doran's Shield for the extra health and regen. As you can see, I enjoy staying in lane and not getting pushed out. This helps me with out leveling the opponent. Irelia can dish out tons of damage with her runes and true damage itself so don't get any AD until later. Focusing on CSing and if you totally need to, Bladesurge to all of the low life minions. When you want to initiate, there is a very simple trick. Bladesurge close by minion with low health, kill the creep, cooldown refreshes imidiatly, jump onto unsuspecting fool.

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The Matchups

I can't believe I managed to get this far so let me try to continue this. Irelia has very few weaknesses and that makes her an AMAZING solo toper. Here are some examples of what I faced. I have faced them multiple times with different people and with this build, this is how it should be like.

Lee Sin Easy Lee Sin looks like he can be trouble but out of the 30 times I have faced him, I only lost once. (Thanks to that mother cheesing Skarner jungler) He attempts to initiate on you with sonic wave/resonating strike and then tempest/cripple you. If he does this and attempts to get away with safegaurd/iron will, Equilibrium Strike him and then Hiten Style to jump with Bladesurge to take him down. If he still manages to get away, that's what Flash and Ignite is for.

Riven Easy-Medium Riven can be easy or medium sometimes. Depending on how the skill of the Riven is, you can never know what you are up against. If the Riven maxes her stun first, try to CS and hope that the jungler will save you. If she is maxing her Broken Wings AH HA HA HA HA HA! Laugh in her face and brutally initiate when ever possible.

Volibear Medium Volibear can be difficult sometimes. His passive, Chosen of the Storm always wants to make you rage and his burst damage from Frenzy is annoying. If you initiate on him, use ignite when he is down to about 1/3 healh. This way his passive is countered instantly. Most of the time he will try Rolling Thunder away but just Equilibrium Strike or Bladesurge after him.

Irelia Mediumish Another Irelia? Uh... I have won a couple times before and tried different things but in the end, just try to out CS her by a long shot. If you get ahead in your build you have a better chance on succeeding. Good luck on her!

Fiora Pretty hard Fiora is usually not a huge push up unless this Fiora takes "the grand duelist" well. I have faced sh*tty Fioras and really, really good ones. If anything, she initiates, you lead with Equilibrium Strike and try to Hiten Style her to death. When she goes with Riposte just wait because your Hiten Style will come back against to you.

Shen Easy I eat Shens for breakfast. The only thing that will hurt you is a 2v1 (gankers or 2 top... what?) and a taunt under his turret. He tries to 1v1 you just show him who's baus.

Xin Zhao Easy Long story short. Easier version of Fiora except he can't deflect a shot. You just continue shutting him down early game and keep him down.

I can't really think of anymore at the moment so if there is something you would like me to write about the match ups, just ask.

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Late game

Late game is simple. Irelia is known as an off tank assasin just like Lee Sin. When an ADC decides it is safe to pick up all that CS down bot when there are backdooring minions. You will be there to shut him/her down. Once you get you Atma's Impaler you pretty much have this game down packed. In fact, once trinity force is picked up (if you use my preferred build) you should be raping people left and right.

Only trouble there might be is a team fight. You can only pick off people one by one. Using your ult you can deal a good starter damage. Once both teams decide it is time to initiate, Bladesurge to either the ADC for sure or a very low health champion who is attempting to get away. If your team loses, just run. Use your Bladesurge whenever possible to get away and use Equilibrium Strike if someone decides to catch up to you with Ghost or a volibear using Rolling Thunder.

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I hope this Irelia build tried to help you. I, once again, am not that good with talking but I hope this build did truly help you. Good luck out there and remember; if you forget Trinity Force I will find you and kill you while you sleep. Have fun out there and if anything, tell me if anything is badly written and I will fix it. ^^

~Galden1412 or mrboogy in the battle field