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Irelia Build Guide by Okacea

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Okacea

Irelia XP and Wealth Domination

Okacea Last updated on February 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 10

Honor Guard

Defense: 3

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 17

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Helo everyone. This is my Irelia solo top guide.
With my guide you will be rich, you will have +2-4 more lvl then anyone, you will simply dominate mid/late games and you will be best farmer in game.
Just watch your gold earned after game ends you will have a big surprise.
With this guide you will get after first 5-7 minutes +1000 gold for every 10 minutes without doing NOTHING!

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Summoner Spells

I take and .
Flash can save your life or can get you some kills i think is one of best summoner spells.
Teleport helps fast shop, u can go fast regen if needed and return at lane without lose any xp/farm or you can teleport to help your team or for a gank.

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One of the best SOLO farmer in game couse lane sustain.
Best lvl on map you will be lvl 18 when all others lvl ~14-16.
You will have a full build in 30-40 minutes with plenty gold left for elixirs or oracle.
Mid/late game with this build you are true tanky/dps carry for team EVEN IF U FAIL YOU LANE!

Not so stronk at start becouse gold runes and build.

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Skill Sequence.

Open with 1 point in to prevent a lvl 1 gank and have a handy stun. Max this last. (5 points at lvl 18)
Max first. This is what keeps you in lane, this keeps u full hp.
Second u max . 2 points in this talent and u can't miss any creep.

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For red i take becouse we want to stay lane and farm and couse had to drop armour seals for gold ones.

But why and ?
OMG but Ad or Arp runes much better u have moare dmg!
YES been there, done that.
OK let me explain.
This is much better, this gives u a FREE Tier 3 tank item in ~ 20 mins.
This game is about FARM.
All is about gold.
You kill minion You get gold, You kill enemy You get gold, You get assist guess what? You get gold !
Money makes the world go round and best farmer win 99% games.
The more gold u have the more powerfull you are.
Irelia is a solo top farmer one of the best.

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9 points in Offense couse we need some dmg.

We take to farm even more and not lose any creep if possible.

3 points in Defense tree couse we don't want to take to much dmg, we want stay and farm as much as possible.

17 points in Utility we take for more gold, and becouse this build is focusing on GOLD and not so strong first minutes.

We need to dominate our lane with +lvl and awarness will help farm safe and deny enemy farm, you will be 1-2 more lvl then your solo top opponent.

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I wake up in a morning and i said to myself, what if we mix Irelia farming, gold/sec runes and mastery.
This gives u lane advantage and u will win your lane and maybe carry the game mid/late.
With this build u start with 7.3 gold per 10 sec ( seals, quints and mastery ).
U make very fast in ~7-8 minutes Philosopher's Stone and that is another 10 gold per 10 sec.
Buy those items as fast as you can, teleport back so u dont lose any farm or xp.
U have now a total of 17.3 gold per 10 sec that is 104 gold / minute
That is 1040 free gold in 10 minutes without doing NOTHING !!!
Don't forget a ward, and don't be cheap buy a .
Try destroy enemy ward, maybe this will bring a kill or a assist if jungler help you and gank. Let you jungler know that you destroyed top ward and ask for a gank.
Don't push your lane to much.

Play safe at start and farm. Don't die this is very important!
Never go for a kill if u are likely to die. NEVER!
Harass and go for kill when u are sure u make it safe. Try deny enemy farm.
Your W gives u enough health back to stay full hp.
Next item will be , this item gives insane amount of HP when proc on minions and will help u farm more, has nice life steal some armour and will give you free ward so you dont get ganked or waste any gold on wards.
Is very important not to die. Farm farm farm and dodge death !
In ~25-30 minutes u should have ready, and now u are a killing machine.
Also u should be +3-5 lvl more then anyone on map due to
No one take 5% more XP masterie as solo, top most go for 21 offense or 21 defence.
You dominate them mid/late with wealth and need to dominate them with +level untill you buy items.
But when u buy items my friend .. they will be like OMFG WHO DA FooK FEEDED IRELIA!
Try steal enemy red buff, ward it, get map awarness, use teleport when u can to help your team or to make nice ganks.
This build has only 5 items, if the game is long +40 mins for your 6th item need to adapt to enemy, but always be a tanky item.
U have and this is all u need for damage. Rest is tank items.
For last item u have to adapt to your opponents.
If they are heavy AD dmg make a
If they are AP nukers make
If they are mixed and u don't know what to do, make
Don't forget Elixirs. U are a rich ***** u can afford ,

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Laning vs AP champions

When u lane vs a AP opponent like Rumble or Vlad etc your build order changes just a bit.
U go for :
1.Philosopher's Stone
4.replace with
5. , then upgrade to
7. upgrade last items to Shurelya's Reverieand

Hope u enjoy this and stay tuned for more crazy guides.
Okacea over and out, tnx for reading my guide.