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Heimerdinger Build Guide by RascallacsaR

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RascallacsaR

Iron Curtain Heimer

RascallacsaR Last updated on October 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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If you don't like my guide you can go fk urself ;) If you think my guide, sucks don't use it.

I love Dominion Heimer! Why? Because when played smart he can solo hold bot all game, freeing 4/5 of your team to DOMINATE top. The only other champion (this is an opinion, not necisarrily fact) that I believe compares to the defend capabilities of Heimer is Teemo.

Anyways, lets begin by summing up both Masteries and Runes right here and now. to give a lil umph to those Rockets early on. and help counter any 'umph' that your oposition's runes might be bringing to the table. ... 'nough said.

Ok perhaps I can express a bit more as to why I choose this guy. I've been asked "Why not use to beef up your Magic Pen? BECAUSE LOOK AT HOW SMALL THE BUFF IS ON THAT!?!?!? even if you were to round it up to a flat +2 Magic Pen you'd only be getting an additional 6 Magic Pen from a set. I'll take the 15 Ability Power thank you.

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Skill Sequence

This build is very simple. By lvl 6 of nearly any game you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether u want to focus more on Ability Power & Magic Pen and strictly defend bot or if you wanna throw in some Armor, Magic Resist & Movement Speed gear and run around like a mad man hiding turrets in bushes and just being an all out **** head. Choose wisely!

This idea of making choices also applies to your skills. IMO If I'm defending bot against an AP champ I max first cause I'll just be nuking him anytime he gets in range. If, however, the enemy team consistently springs out of the wood works attempting to take bot then max your .

I don't trip on the Grenade because I've never had to..

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Summoner Spells

because AD's will fk ur world up without it. If you're quick and smart enough to pick the right enemy to exhaust you'll find Heimer capable of defending 4v1 solo long enough for anyone on your team (even if they JUST died) to respawn and defend your point. Even if you die, 4v1 is something ya just can't talk **** about. If your team doesn't come to defend then I can't express how much I feel for you and wish I could hunt down and annihilate every single newb out there. Better luck next matchmaking!

cause I like it, move quick, ignore minions, added to the speed boost in game and correct use of turrets and what I love doing is preQ'ing my flank decaping all their turrets.

you are a bit rusty with Heimer I HIGHLY suggest getting &/or

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Okey dokey, this is the build for those games when you are almost exclusively playing the bottom lane tug-o-war. It focuses on high Ability Power and Magic Penetration thus requiring less attacks to severely damage your enemies and giving you more oportunities to stay far from the enemy team. Never forget that while Heim is very capable of holding these points and wreaking some havoc, he will go down like a dry leaf vs a blow torch if they choose to focus you so your goal is to hurt your enemies from as far away as possible.

With both build versions you want to start off with x2 and

+ will give you 45 Ability Power to start with, not counting any mastery buffs.

get ya where you need to go quickly obviously.

Next get Catalyst the Protector. asap. In Dominion leveling happens quickly. The sooner you get your hands on this the more you'll actually use the passive on it. Nothing compares to the fight I'm sure everyone will get at some point in which you are outnumbered greatly fighting for your life at the base of the point, all hope seeming lost and BOOM! you level up, Catalyst procs, ur healed for leveling as per usual, you Ctrl+hotkey whatever spell you need to level and they entire game changes face. Moments like that are crucial! It's times like that when their team has chosen to invest all their efforts into one push that, if it fails, allow for 5 caps. And I'll tell you what, if you ever get 5 capped by a Heimer its GG. Get an if they have a stealthy and just slap their ***** ***es back into that base till the game ends.

Sorry, got side tracked. Moving on!

and I personally finish before I finish the boots so the passive starts collecting sooner. My buddy here eloquently stated that I am of a lesser degree of intelligence for doing so and suggests anyone get first. I think that's a hard headed stupid *** idea. Bot turret is the closest to base and if you went to base voluntarily (rather than at the hands of the other team) then you probably have at least one at the point keeping the peace. So you go ahead and decide which you want to grab first.

At this point in the game the other team will begin to notice how stubborn you are and are thus likely to start giving you a bit more attention. We still need Ability Power, but if we jump right to we'll be a bit squishy when we finally complete it. If you allow them to kill you now, when they are just starting to despise you, then you lose the whole stigma of being difficult to kill and they'll start rushing u like crazy and all of a sudden you can't farm and defend and downward spiral yadda yadda. Instead, get and keep your momentum. The increased Health will keep you fighting longer, the Unique Passive will help out if they dive you under the turret, keeping them in turret range a bit longer, often ensuring that the turret gets a shot off on em. Also it has great AP, so you won't be sacrificing damage for survivability, nor survivability for damage.

Once has been completed get . I know you're itching to get it, lil AP fiend.

I've yet to actually have a game last long enough to need another item so do what you want if you do get that far. I've often wondered what I'd get if I hadn't stomped them so quickly. It's a toss up between and I think... I doubt I'll ever get to find out what I'll pick, lol.

This is the other end of the stick. If you start off strong right away and you have a team that you are confident has never ridden the short bus, then take a whack at this. Instead of building high Ability Power and Magic Penetration and turtling bot, this item build gives more mobility and a bit more defensive utility that should help you escape any hairy situation you may encounter whilst rollin through the jungle.

As stated above, both the builds start with x2 and . Unless you're a rash and most likely immature jackass you won't decide which build you want to go down until at least level 5. In other words there is no need to rush this decision. Take the time to look at the enemy team scores and item builds and really weigh the choices. I don't know about you but I hate losing, so choosing to run around the forest and later finding out my team has no awareness, or their team is ganktastic pisses me off to no end. There's a lot more risk to this build because you aren't going be sitting in your lil safe zone down below. It's also a lot more fun.

You shouldn't have to return to base until you can grab your Catalyst the Protector in one purchase. At this point it is my prerogative to complete Rod of Ages first so that it's passive reaches full potential sooner. As stated earlier I am aware that many people believe that completing boots is a greater priority.

With this build we want movement speed to help us escape any ganks so I usually get . I choose over because I most certainly want the speed boost when in combat. I'm stacking speed to get away from, not to get TO places. I stress this because with other champions like Eve for instance I refuse to get because I spend so much time in stealth and out of combat running around to cap. Not the case here.

Also, regarding boots; it is perfectly fine to stick with if you want the Magic Penetration. When you can't get away from the AD ******* in the jungle I hope u can hear me snickering in your subconscious. :P

Onward to . This'll give you a nice cushion against nukers, some speed to gtfo of their area, and some Health Regen that may be the difference between having to tele to base and being able to mad dash to a couple Health Regen beacons and be able to go setup camp in their area with a safe % of HP.

Next I snag me a giving me a nice Health and Armor increase, and yet MORE Health Regen. You now regen about 80 hp/5. So you've just sent them to their graves, usually you have 3 choices:
  1. Hopelessly attempt to regain enough health to defend the point you just spent so much time and effort obtaining. Most champs fail at this unless (like us) they have high HP/5 or healing abilities. In most cases they respawn, they kill you, your team scatters to all points because they don't know where the enemy will go now, and it's just all bad for the team. Being able to stand your ground AFTER capturing the ground and HOLD it until your team gets there is a big deal.
  2. Tele home and run back. You'll get full HP/Mana, wewt? You'll probably waste a lil time spending the money you just earned also! :D You know what you WON'T do though? Make it back in time to KEEP the point held. Moments like this feel like resetting the game. 60-80% of the players are all at base again and a lot of times a lack of communication turns moments like these into a ****shoot.
  3. Lastly, the best option, is to be this kinda Heimer. Just setup turrets, run around and grab the hp floaties and by the time they consider making another move on you you'll be strong enough to at least put up a fight and buy time for your team to get there and back you up, if not stomp them all together, a second time, likely resulting in another teen suicide somewhere. One less newb in the world, you've done a great thing for all of mankind.

Lets not forget Active. I call it Twix. Need a minute? Hit and the fk outa there.

Lastly the elusive . Good luck. I'm stoked if a game lasts long enough for me to get .

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Team Work

In any game and with any champ it is imperative that I live to see 6!

In the beginning your only job is to hold bot. If you are capable of taking their bot while you're at it great.


attempting to cap that damn turret!!!!! Even if you DID neutralize it it's not likely u'll fully cap it. ****, even if you fully cap it you are hardly geared enough to keep it for long. Heim is very very item dependent, and you cannot afford the delay of income that dying grants you. Pushing bot is a huge risk early on. Early pushers on Heim fail. Period. Just don't do it. And if your team says anything about it, give them the gift a using their profanity filter.

Assuming your team communicates you'll dominate every game with these two, very basic mini strategies. When you've played a few games and get a good feel for turret placement during tower caping you're gonna dominate every game.

MiniStrat 1

"Want some candy lil kid?"

Once you're able to drop 2 start luring the enemy to you or your ally's flank. This works well with communicative ally's of course, it's also a way to make use of those moronic teammates that are always in your lane, pushing too far, and lacking in map awareness.
[list=2][*] Dead center between turrets and just inside from the lane is a floating HP dealio. Above that is the Speed Buff. Place a turret in the bushes between the buffs closest to your base, just 1.
[*] Stick your ginormous yellow head in the bush closest to the enemy team's base.
[*] If the enemy comes from your side allow them to get as close as possible to you, thus making it less likely that they try to escape by going up. When they get close enough CH-1 Concussion Grenade their face. If however they went above and around to the side you already have a turret placed on, pop ur ult to slow them, run over the speed buff to them, nade them rocket, block escape rout, exhaust, ult, nade, randuins etc.
[*] If you don't suck you stunned them. Drop a turret behind them, where they just came from then run and place one between them and their closest allied turret.
[*] Randuins, Exhaust, nade, rocket, etc. Just kill the bastard.
Take a backroad to the bushes next to the HP Floater and just wait. Tell your buddy to be a bit brazen and push a lil harder than his instinct would suggest. Any enemy champ nearby will pop their summoner spells to get there in time. If you have grenades stun a mthrfkr! Next identify the routes they could take without resistance and drop a turret right thurr. Trigger Randuin's Omen so they move like a slug after the stun giving your turrets ample time to burn them down. Generally they'll die before you have to trip on any of this, but if they are still truckin em, if they are STILL not dead stun em again, still going? Fk it pop your Ultimate. There's really no reason they should ever make it out alive.

If they are as intimidated as they should be of ur turrets, and you took the .003 seconds to block the correct avenues of escape, then they'll run right into an ally and again, they die.

That's a fun lil mini game, but the real deal is protecting your capping ally's. If you went with the speed build it is YOUR DUTY to make sure that before you or an ally start capping a turret you've set turrets in the jungle blind spots. If you see someone coming stop capping the turret and grenade stun their ***es. Now their team is boned. They either go as a team of 3 or more to try and stop every cap in progress if they want any chance of success or they feed/quit/surrender/qq/try to sneak behind you etc. All feeble attempts to get a grip on something that maybe possibly will kinda almost sorta make them feel less newbile for losing with a score of 0-350.