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Pantheon Build Guide by Shockwave17

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shockwave17

its a bird its a plane its SPARTA!!!

Shockwave17 Last updated on May 10, 2013
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hey guys and gals welcom to my pantheon build guide in this guide im gonna show you how to be a strong AD tank that can whipe a team out in a matter of seconds.

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i like to base my runes around damage armour and magic resist per level some people liek to argue armour pen are the best runes for pantheon i agree they are good but teh extra AD early in teh game can be devastating for teh enimy team.

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i use teh 21/9/0 masteries basing my offensie around armour pen to make up for teh lack of no armour pen runes and just extra AD my defensive is based around giving me extra health and armour and magic resist.

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i go for 2 dorans blades first so i can get that extra AD early in the game helpin my spearshot pick at their health and add onto it with teh 2 longswords and make them into a bruterlizer for the crit strike and cooldown most my items are based around health and AD.

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Skill Sequence

i take a point in spear shotfirst and max it first as it can do some serious damage i take a point in ageis of zeonia early and max it last for teh stun effect i take a point in heartseeker strike at lvl 3 and max it by lvl 13 and of course take points in my ult at lvl 6,11 and 16.