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Teemo Build Guide by Arruinkko

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arruinkko

It's Getting Shroomy in Here! On Hit Teemo Build

Arruinkko Last updated on October 6, 2012
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HEY!!! this is Arruinkko and this is my first Mobafire guide. I decided to make a Teemo guide because this old build wasn't really working, for me and I really love using Teemo! I hope you find the guide useful. All the feedback is welcome to help me improve on my guide making skills!


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So to me this is a basic on hit Teemo build that I adapted a bit to suit my liking.
The Malady and Wit's End are essential for attack speed. This is something I will speak lots of for the importance of it.

The Malady also has some added ability power. Your basic attacks deal 20 bonus magic damage and reduce the target's Magic Resist by 6 for 8 seconds (effect stacks up to 4 times). Which helps take down your targets health much faster.

The Wit's End adds magic resist to your build as well as attack speed which is important for being able to stay in lane longer. Your basic attacks deal 42 bonus magic damage. UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks increase your Magic Resist by 5 for 5 seconds (effect stacks up to 4 times).

Next I pick the Guinsoo's Rageblade,a rageblade is build from a Blasting Wand and a Pickaxe this item surprisingly fits quite nicely with an on hit Teemo. It has the combined attack damage and ability power. On basic attack or ability use, increases your Attack Speed by 4% and Ability Power by 6 for 5 seconds (effect stacks up to 8 times).

After that I believe it is nice to build a Frozen Mallet, this is build from a Phage and a Giant's Belt. This is where your attack damage begins to add up as well as your health. Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds (30% for ranged attacks).

Lastly I like to build a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, this adds more health and ability power to Teemo. Dealing spell damage slows the target's Movement Speed by 35% for 1.5 seconds (15% for multi-target and damage-over-time spells).

RECOMENTED I believe that after a while in the game it is always nice to build a Guardian Angel on Teemo. It has +68 Armor +38 Magic Resist which help build you a little more durable.

Another item that could be built instead of a Guinsoo's Rageblade would be a Madred's Bloodrazor this gives +40 Attack Damage +40% Attack Speed +25 Armor. Instead of that added ability power. Your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health.


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Skill Sequence

I always like to start out with the Toxic Shot because it is nice to have the d/t early in the game. I myself believe it makes it easier to farm as well.
After that I like to get Blinding Dart this helps out your jungler a bit towards better ganks in your lane. Another note that Blinding Dart does do more damage.

Do not use Blinding Dart as a poking attack. It is a waste of mana. It is much better to use just your auto attack Toxic Shot more than anything.

Last I get Move Quick. Makes it easier to move around especially if you do not have boots at this point and lets you get away a bit easier.
After that I just rotate back and fourth between leveling up my Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart. Getting your Noxious Trap leveled when you can.


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This for me is a recommended basic rune page for a champion like Teemo

Greater Mark of Attack Speed building Attack speed no matter what type of Teemo you play is really a bonus in my eyes. The damage over time on Toxic Shot really escalates I believe in its potential

Greater Mark of Attack Damage Since this is a hybrid Teemo build it really benefits in having some attack damage and ability power runes in this page.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power As I said in the explanation above attack damage and ability power runes will help out a lot to achieve the potential wanted in this build

Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration A bit of magic penetration will help out especially in a top lane situation and help break barriers on the types of champions you will face. As well this helps late game.

Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist These runes will help out in the top lane mostly for sustain and protection against any possible enemy. This is also helpful to not be so squishy early game

Greater Seal of Armor Again same as the last brief explanation this is mostly to prevent some early game damage because you are most likely very squishy against most champions

Greater Quintessence of Armor Do I need to explain again? Armor is greatly appreciated for being squishy and more lane sustain.

Greater Quintessence of Endurance Health is a nice thing to have although not necessary but does help in the early game sustain. Health regen is another thing that would be useful.

Greater Quintessence of Vigor ^^ I just said it up there. Health regeneration is something that helps a lot in top lane to recover from harass and ganks.

Now I know this is a lot of runes and normally you would not get a combination of runes like this but a few things to keep in mind when in top lane Teemo
-Health regen
-Attack speed
-Magic resist

These are super useful. Things like..
-Attack Damage
-Ability Power
-Mana Regen
..are nice but optional!

^^ Why some runes are important.

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So if you didn't completely understand the reason I pick some of those runes. That's okay I get to explain it to you again!

Magic resist and armor are beneficial to not be so squishy in a top lane situation.

Magic and armor penetration are useful for dealing extra damage past resistances.

Attack speed, Ability power and Attack damage are beneficial for Teemo in general because in my mind the faster you can do damage the better.

Cool down reduction is nice to have just on anyone really.


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Summoner Spells


My personal favorite for Teemo in top lane are Flash and Ignite.
However having your d/t with Toxic Shot a Flash and Exhaust may be more useful for you.


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Farming is such a huge deal playing as Teemo as it is with any champion.
Farming with Teemo is easy and preventing farm is just as easy! Your range advantage with Teemo means that you can safely pick off minions and even when you click to early, your d/t can clean the minion up!
Preventing farm is easy, just Q at the right time and they will lose out on farm.
I can't say this enough, but last hitting is crucial for Teemo, especially since his build is very costly, like any other AD carries. Farm as much as you can.


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Pros / Cons


-High damage output
-Better durability
-Not as squishy late game

-Squishy early game
-Build is a bit more expensive in game


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So sadly this is the end of my guide. I would like to thank you for taking the time in reading it. Like said earlier feedback is welcome and I am always accepting long as it's not mean >:(
I hope you have fun playing Teemo if you choose to use this guide. Thanks again and Good Luck, Have Fun!