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League of Legends Build Guide Author Periphetes


Periphetes Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Fairly simple build for racking up kills without putting yourself in much danger. Good surv, incredible arpen, and general faceroll.

This is J E N O V A.

This is a revolution in Urgot destruction.

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Pros / Cons

-Near-best Urgot dps
-High sustained survivability
-Great 1v1ing, especially mid
-In the right hands, impossible to reach to kill
-Cheap items

-Skill and map awareness dependant
-Squishy early-mid game

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We take standard greater mark of desolation and greater quintessence of desolation for obvious reasons.

We also take Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration because you need a bit more mana.

We use Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction just to speed up pur early game offense rush.

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Skill Sequence

Like all good builds, we max Acid Hunter first.

Mid-game, Terror Capacitor is a waste of mana at rank 1, but you can't really go without it, so we get two points.

Finally, we max Noxian Corrosive Charge followed by Terror Capacitor.

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-Through Acid Hunter and Terror Capacitor combos, you can efficiently kite people chasing you. Try it!
- Acid Hunter can lock on through fog of war if your mouse is over them.
- Acid Hunter's range (even through fog) is about equal to kog'maw's rank 2 ultimate, if you can lock on.
-Don't zerg like a Tryndamere. You want to avoid being in the line of fire.
-Don't chase for early kills (-9) unless it's a sure thing.
-Use Noxian Corrosive Charge and Terror Capacitor to open, then hit with a few acid hunters and if possible auto attack. Getting the acid hunters down is slightly difficult. Once you can chain 3-4 acid hunters you will hurt a LOT.
- Terror Capacitor slows activate upon Acid Hunter's HITS. This means you can activate it while a missile is midair to add a slow.
-If you need to spam dps, and are not in danger, just keep hitting Acid Hunter and auto attacking. Use other skills if they are up and you have the mana.
-You can use hyper-kinetic position reverse to catch runners.
-If nobody else is taking it, get blue buff.
- Noxian Corrosive Charge on the ground gives you sight for a short time, use it to preclear bushes.
-In ranked draft games, if you see a lot of dangerous stuns on the enemy team, replace Ghost with Cleanse at the last second.
- sight Ward your damn lane! If you are any good at last hitting at all, wards are cheap! (That means stop being a scrub and farm harder so you can afford wards). Ultimately, the main reason good players ward and bad ones don't, is that the good ones have lots of spare cash from last hitting and so feels like less of a sacrifice. IE: If you're killing 2 minions per wave, you only get 30g per wave, whereas a pro hits all six, netting 100g or so. Wards are nothing to good players, and you're good right?

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A lot of people struggle to know what to do as Urgot in a teamfight. I was one of them. Over time I found out the proper method.

1. Hit as many people as possible with Noxian Corrosive Charge, follow up with Acid Hunters if you managed to hit the carry(s) and just stay on the carry damage. Irelia and Xin Zhao, DPS Renekton or Tryndamere, a fed ap Amumu, all count as carries. You have to keep in mind the carries are essentially the people doing the most damage, not necessarily particular champions.

1a. Once the carries are dead, pick off your opponents like flies.

2. If you did not manage to hit the carry(s) spare a few Acid Hunter hits until you see a good chance to use hyper-kinetic position reverse on a carry. This shuts down most of the enemy team's damage and makes yourself damn near invulnerable for a short time, with your damage during the channel as a price.

2a. Kill the carry you swapped, while trying to move yourself back into a safe spot. Yes this does mean you can't herp derp and auto-attack stationary.

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There's a couple things you can do to make your farming more efficient on Urgot, especially if you're not particularly good at last-hitting. I was once bad at last-hitting, then I played Urgot for a while and Acid Hunter helped me train :)

1. USE the timing between Acid Hunter and auto-attacks. There are a lot of windows you hit on Urgot that just wouldn't be possible on another champion, take advantage of them.

2. Don't neglect auto-attack kills or you will go oom fast! Many times it's better to just use auto-attacks until you pick up more of your mana items.

3. If you get minion aggro at some point, shield up! Saving a little hp is worth it in the long run.

4. It can be harder to last-hit if you use Noxian Corrosive Charge. Play with the timing sparingly, and don't just AoE everything like a derp hoping for CS.

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+ x2:
Standard start. I've experimented with other starts and none really compare. If you are bad at last-hitting, or on a duo lane, you could start with Regrowth Pendant+ Mana Potion to build into a philosopher's stone.

Simple mana, cheap and ready to scale up. There's no good reason to wait with this, your ability capacity goes up by triple with it.

Cheap, important, normal.

Rush it and you can combo more than half your mid opponent's health.

When your aim is as perfect as mine, the only thing stopping you from many kills is movement speed, you can't get in range fast enough. This fixes that, at very little cost considering how powerful CDR runes are compared to ionian boots.

A lot of people like to get more CDR before finishing this, I don't. It helps your farm, it gives a huge damage boost on Acid Hunter, and it's cheap.

If brutalizers stacked, we would save this for later, but they don't, and we need more CDR.

You are now max CDR with 66 arpen. YES it does stack with Youmuu's Ghostblade!

Quick boost to survivability.

WTF YOU NOB. Lol but seriously, this item is godly on a core-built Urgot, since Acid Hunter scales 100% with spellvamp and Corrosive Charge scales 50%. You can't really beat constant 60 heals from Acid Hunter and as much as 100HpS from Corrosive Charge. It also fills the void of lifesteal that most AD carries have. It's like The Bloodthirster without AD for 1600g cheaper, but even better scales for Urgot. Optionally, you may leave this for after Warmog's Armor so you can buy wards.

Stacks better than Banshee's Veil with hyper-kinetic position reverse, scares bad players from shutting you down, and has similar survivability to any other defensive item.

WTF NAB. But seriously, the amount of surv this adds to a fully built Urgot is downright stupid, we're talking penta-kill level surv. Added bonus: It's barely any less damage than The Bloodthirster, but a lot more useful for good, distance-keeping, acid spamming Urgots. Don't bother using the active unless you're OOM.

+ :
It will be INCREDIBLY rare that you actually reach this point, but if you do, replace The Brutalizer with Stinger, build that into Nashor's Tooth, then replace Youmuu's Ghostblade with Last Whisper.

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How to easily escape elo hell with this build

So you're tired of playing with scrubs eh?

Think you're better than these noobs who don't ward?

Tired of overpushing nabs?

Here is your guide to escape.

Rule number one: It is always your fault when an ally dies. ALWAYS. Did your bottom lane get double killed by jungle Shaco? That's because you didn't deliver them a river bush sight ward on a silver platter. Janna died at enemy ? That's because you didn't tell her to back. Vladimir just barely lost a 1v1 fight with the enemy top carry? You should have been there making it a 2v1. Adopting this attitude is the primary key to success.

Rule number two
: If isn't warded, you should lose. End of story. is the best spot for a ward and failing to ward this spot 100% of the time will severely handicap your team. This applies to Baron Nashor to a lesser degree at mid-end game, and becomes invalid when dragon becomes soloable.

Rule number three: Mid is not the 'farming' lane, mid is the 'leave constantly and gank people' lane (while in low elo). You should hardly be killing minions at all when a gank is available post- Manamune. While you won't always have gank opportunities, take advantage of every single one that becomes available. Again, there are tons of these in low elo and few in high elo.

Rule number four
: Do not troll or rage at your team. This is a one-way ticket to elo-hell, as bad players tend to do worse when they are validated in their failure by you.

For example, instead of saying "Janna you feeding **** get behind the ****ing turret!", you should either ping the turret and say "Janna defend please", or say nothing at all. People tend to rebel against good advice given by good players who they see as their troll enemy.

Giving good advice in an optimistic way will make your team play better.

Rule number 5:

When a specific enemy is getting fed, in particular farming, it is YOUR job to shut down their farm and kills. You can try to gather ally support, but ultimately it's up to you to take charge. OH NOES Katarina ULT! Swap her to stop it. There's all sorts of neat tricks you can use on Urgot to eliminate the enemy carry damage setup, USE THEM.

Basic gameplay strategy which most people don't know about:
-Towers are worth global exp and gold, inhibitors are not. Unless the inhibitor is going to die fast, you should be swapping or trying to push 2 lanes at once for the bonuses.

-Warding Dragon and ganking Warwick and his Sion buddy THEN taking dragon is worth more gold than trashing dragon when they aren't looking.

-You can do Baron easily around level 14 as a full team. You SHOULD be doing this immediately if the enemy team either 1. hasn't warded and is farming or 2. is aced with a longer timer. It doesn't matter if you can push to the inhib, unless your current goal is fast easy, drop it and go get Baron.

-If another lane is getting ganked and you can't stop them, push your lane fast and make a possible turret trade for their scallywag gankery.

-You should ALWAYS be buying at least 1 ward per base trip once you have your core items. (In this case, all we need for high dps is + ).