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Janna Build Guide by RagingRitalin

Support Janna gives a good blow

Support Janna gives a good blow

Updated on March 23, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RagingRitalin Build Guide By RagingRitalin 8 2 18,988 Views 3 Comments
8 2 18,988 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RagingRitalin Janna Build Guide By RagingRitalin Updated on March 23, 2013
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Introduction to Support

A lot of players hate going support. I too found support boring until I
a) started playing ranked and cared about whether my team won or lost and
b) discovered Janna.
Now nothing makes me happier than supporting.

Especially as Janna.

Still dont like support? If you care about winning games and improving your ELO then maybe you too should consider specializing in the role most people hate going. How often do you join a ranked game in solo or duo only to be greeted with the following scenario

Player 1 mid Katarina
Player 2 mid Akali
Player 2 top Akali
Player 3 adc Ezreal
Player 4 jungle Lee Sin
Player 5 reluctantly got lumped with support after missing out on mid or top and took Taric; for the second time ever. And or ignored team and went Poppy for the hell of it.

Now in this above scenario your going to end up with some half support who didnt want to be support, or someone who went support because he was forced to and therefore maybe
a) sucks at it or
b) at best is defecient in a key area of support such as sight ward's. Your chances of losing precious ELO have just gotten a whole lot worse.

Which is why I always call support early. No one else ever wants it and getting it off the table early is a good way to start the match and communicate to the potential ADC that the lane will be warded, his farm wont be touched and he will be helped by a champion who has actual support properties. Bottom can be quite confusing when you dont really know to what extent the support is going to be supporting. I just find its a really good start to the match if someone calls support.
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Introduction to Janna


Your team mates will love you because of Tailwind
Monsoon is a game changing ultimate (can turn a team fight).
3 crowd controls in Howling Gale, Zephyr and Monsoon.
Her combo Howling Gale + Zephyr + Eye Of The Storm saves lives and gets kills.
Monsoon has an un underated heal.
Eye Of The Storm grants team mate a shield and a temporary B. F. Sword.
Thanks to Tailwind and Zephyr; Janna is fast like a Nidalee or Gangplank
Good application of Monsoon, Tailwind, Zephyr, Eye Of The Storm, and Howling Gale can produce highlight reel escapes
Her Monsoon synergises particularly well with Flash
Not ugly like Urgot, Trundle and Garen.
The term Pro- Janna is not merely someone chucking the word Pro in front. Its an actual title commonly bestowed on a good Janna. And being called it is awesome.

Fun to play.


A bad Monsoon will lose a team fight and perhaps the game.
Riot rate her almost at maximum hardness difficulty just below Orianna and Cassiopeia.
Can not spam a heal like Soraka and Taric and a lot of the other supports.
Cant 'hard CC' an opponent like Leona, Taric and Blitzcrank
Sometimes you miss your Howling Gale when you really needed to hit it.
Sometimes you get raged at for your Monsoon.
Sometimes you get raged at for your Monsoon and you deserve it.
Got nerfed more times this year than Michael Jackson got arrested for playing with kids.

However despite the nerfs mechanically she is still the OP support she always was and still enjoys one of the highest win percentages in the leauge, close to the 55% mark.
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Introduction to Skills

is one of the best passives in the game. It provides the entire team with a 3% movement buff while Janna is alive. When you think of how many champions take greater quintessence of movement runes you realise that a passive that gives the entire team the equivalent of two of them is quite an amazing passive. Another way of looking at it; its the equivilant of an additional Nimble . A buff you would only obtain by taking 21 in Utility.

Tips & Tricks
  • Try not dying because the team loses the passive when you do.

Howling Gale
is probably her most important skill. It can be tricky to hit people with but when you do hit them it will knock them up for a brief duration. Particularly effective at interupting champion skills such as Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero (skills where there is a cast time) or generally interupting champion advance and retreat movements. Particular favorute skills to interupt (and shut down) are Leona's Zenith Blade and Tristana's Rocket Jump. Intercepting skills like this completely voids them of all damage and effect. The best part of this skill is that you can hit multiple enemies with it.

Tips & Tricks
  • If you have the river warded and have sight of a ganker charge one up in his direction/bush he probably will presume you have targeted the lane rather than him
  • Charge one up and then charge/initiate the enemy with auto attacks, you can release the gale at the first sign of trouble, and bait the enemy in to getting hit by it
  • In team fights try to save it for the bruiser advancing on the carry.
  • In team fights try to save it for a moment where the enemy team is grouped up and hit all of them with it for maximum disruption and utility. Just dont wait too long. Some of the best Howling Gale's I have ever done have been in team fights I was late to. Because we were about to lose it and then Flash + Howling Gale turned it around.

this passive increases Janna's movement speed and ignores unit collision (think Fizz) provided the active is up. You know the passive is active because Janna's bird swirls around her. The active is a click skill slow that at level 5 reduces movement speed by 48% while also dealing magic damage of 280 (+ 60% AP). Zephyr particularly syngerises well with Howling Gale.

Tips & Tricks
  • Remember you lose the passive speed boost when you use this skill
  • This is your biggest nuke damage, try not to steal kills with it.
  • This is your biggest nuke damage, make sure you remember to use it to secure a kill
  • Landing this on an enemy can almost certainly spell death (in some situations), so remember to size up the situation and ask yourself, if they got hit by this would they then likely die (from team mates jumping in)? if the answer is yes be prepared to Flash in, and follow up with a Howling Gale to further secure the kill if required.

Eye Of The Storm
is the skill we max first because it gives the Vayne, Ezreal, Sivir and Corki extra damage while the shield is up. This is my personal favorite skill because I enjoy applying the shield at the exact moment my Ezreal is about to take damage. It acts like a heal then. I use it throughout the game but its particularly strong in the early lane phase. It scales off late game but still always has its place. Even late game when its shield is weaker and its damage boost is weaker (due to late game damage scaling) its still providing a key +/- difference between your team mate and your enemy. I stil burn flash to preform rapid Flash + Eye Of The Storm combos on dying team mates. It can be the difference between winning and losing.

Tips & Tricks
  • When defending I tend to keep my cursor (as much as I can) on my lane partner that way all I have to do is press E for an instant shield the second he takes damage or is about to take damage.
  • When attacking I tend to do the exact same thing with the cursor, anticipating when my carry is about to poke, and give the shield right as they poke.

is her ultimate and can absolutly turn a team fight. It knocks the enemy outside an 850 radius of Janna who can then channel a heal over 4 seconds. A good Monsoon can produce an ace and a bad one can get your team aced. It liturally can decide the match. Its probably why Janna has a difficulty rating of Orianna and Cassiopeia level. Simply because of this skill. Not that her Howling Gale is a walk through the park. But you definitely spam that at the enemy and still provide utility. Where as Monsoon can really mess things up; or drastically turn things around.

Tips & Tricks
  • If you position yourself in the middle of your team you can channel a very decent heal
  • If you position yourself in the middle of their team you can scatter their entire team just be careful not to save low health enemies who were about to die by scattering them to safety.
  • Be careful not to scatter high dangerous opponents in to advantageous situations
  • Always be ready to use this to cancel an enemy ability. If you save it for those moments, you probably wont get raged at by your team because no matter what the fall out of the Monsoon is in terms of positioning, if you cancelled out an enemy ability such as Absolute Zero or Death Lotus then you have provided massive utility to the situation.
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Skill Combos

Howling Gale + Zephyr
Standard combo. Use it all the time. Its your bread and butter. Its Jannas main combo. Knocks them up and then slows them. Both do a little bit of damage.
Howling Gale + Zephyr + Eye Of The Storm Carry
Same as before. Except you give your carry a shield so he does more damage.
Zephyr + Howling Gale
Standard combo in reverse. Makes it easier to land the Howling Gale when the target has been effected from the slow of Zephyr (which is also easier to land). However you lose the passive initiating with this and you have to get within closer range to begin it. I have noticed a lot of Janna's spam Zephyr. Therefore this might be the preferred combo if your one of those spam- Zephyr- Janna's
Flash + Howling Gale
Particularly useful combo to chase down a fleeing enemy. This is your longest range of CC. I often use this combo when I am late to a team fight and things are not looking to good for my team. Its the most I can do in the shortest space of time. So its a really handy usage of Flash.
Flash + Zephyr Enemy
If getting a slow will get the kill and you cant get the slow without the Flash then its worth burning the flash. Do it all the time.
Flash + Eye Of The Storm Carry
If shield will save your team mates life and you cant get the shield on in time unless you burn flash. Then burn your flash.
Flash + Monsoon
Very tricky. But with good use of Flash a better Monsoon can be executed. Sometimes you want to divide their team up and the only efficient way to do it is to Flash in to the middle of them and Monsoon.
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I'm big on sight warding, and usually have 5 on me every time I leave the spawn. Except at the start of the game when I have 4 and or 3 depending on whether I took the Vision Ward. Sometimes I will leave the spawn with less than 5 sight wards if it means an item I could have afforded but for the sake of 1 or 2 sight wards. Or factoring in current sight ward coverage. My point is. Every time I buy the items in my build. I give strong consideration to having 5 sight wards on me as a rule of thumb.

Starting Items
Faerie Charm + 4 Sight Ward's or 2 sight wards and a Vision Ward

Early Game
Philosopher's Stone and Ruby Crystal, Boots

Mid Game
Locket of the Iron Solari

End Game
Shurelya's Battlesong
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I have tried so many different rune combinations on support champions and particularly on this Janna build that it doesn't really matter what you take. It really depends on your play style. I have found my current set up gives me the best balance of gold generation, armor and magic resistance. However you could tinker with this. I would only really recommend strongly that Greater Quintessence of Gold runes be included in any variation you decide.
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Nimble and Wanderer work well with Janna's Tailwind and Zephyr
Hardiness and Resistance synergises well with Jannas Armor and Magic Resist runes.
Durability and Veteran's Scars synergises well with all of the Ruby Crystal's in this build.
Mastermind and Summoner's Insight are essential for Flash and Clairvoyance
Meditation synergises well with the mana regen seals.
Greed , Wealth and Pickpocket synergises well with the Greater Quintessence of Gold runes.
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Team Work

Its essential as support that you protect your Vayne or Urgot. Keep a close eye on their health bar. Be prepared to give them Eye Of The Storm's. Use Howling Gale's on the enemies who dare engage them or perhaps slow them with a Zephyr.

And if all things go pear shape or executing Monsoon will turn things in your favor. Then roll the dice and do what makes you Janna. Maybe burn your Flash when you do it for extra style points.
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Lane Partners

Often a hard lane for you and Vayne as Vayne is out ranged and countered by almost all carries. One trick I employ is when the vayne Tumble's, its often a good idea to give it an Eye Of The Storm because vayne's usually Tumble when they are under attack or attacking. Another important aspect of laning with vayne is being aware of her Condemn. Good usage of Clairvoyance will help pull off kills in the brush.

His damage early is extremely over powered. With a Janna's Eye Of The Storm this can be an early kill lane. I have often watched aggressive Draven's charge in and given them an Eye Of The Storm just as they are about to land their Spinning Axe. I've seen a quick first blood many times using this when combined with Ignite
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Enemy Lane

Watch her vary carefully as her Hymn of Valor does a lot of poke you dont want your carry having to eat. I usually manage to put an Eye Of The Storm on my carry just as the Sona lands it. Preventing any damage taken.

Nunu & Willump
You cant stop the slow from Ice Blast but you can negate the damage. Its very telegraphed and easy to apply Eye Of The Storm before the Ice Blast hits your carry. Also make sure to always have a Howling Gale or Monsoon available when Nunu & Willump channels Absolute Zero because you absolutely counter it and shut it down from releasing its over powered damage.

A champion I particularly enjoy shutting down. This can be quite a tough lane as shes very accomplished in setting up kills for her Graves or Vayne. But I usually Howling Gale all of her Zenith Blade's and thats how she usually initiates.

Piss easy champ to shut down. Its called picks and bans. Make sure hes your first ban. If you have to face him. Then ether dodge the game or learn to play Taric. Alternatively; play it safe, dont you or your carry get grabbed; and call for as many ganks as your Lee Sin or whoever can muster.

Be aware of Ezreal's Arcane Shift, ill often charge Howling Gale on an angle that will hit Ezreal if he Arcane Shift's from the current position where I Zephyr'd him. Alternatively I will resist using Howling Gale on an Ezreal until hes burned Arcane Shift. Ezreal is very squishy so I tend to save my Eye Of The Storm for the moments my carry pokes as to increase his poke damage against a rather squishy target.

If he lands Dazzle on your Vayne make sure you Howling Gale his Miss Fortune or Ashe and if you can manage it Howling Gale the Taric as well. Remember to also be ready to give your Vayne an Eye Of The Storm whenever Dazzle is landed as well. But focus on landing the Howling Gale in an accurate way that ideally knocks up both Taric and his carry.
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This Build is a work in progress. Whenever LoL is down getting updated my goal is to gradually improve it. Adding sections, expanding sections, formatting it so its prettier etc.
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