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Janna Build Guide by NyteMyre

Janna - Gold/Ward Factory

Janna - Gold/Ward Factory

Updated on December 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NyteMyre Build Guide By NyteMyre 6,367 Views 5 Comments
6,367 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NyteMyre Janna Build Guide By NyteMyre Updated on December 16, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance



Hello and welcome to my first champion build. I always wanted to write a build for MOBAfire, but i rather used one from this site then to think up my own. That is until i came up with my own Janna build. This will NOT be a full guide on how to play Janna, this is just rather my way of playing her which i liked to share with you.
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So i saw you checking out the item list and thinking: MAN, THIS BUILD SUCKS. There for, proof:



Here i will occasionally put some replay's of me playing with this build.

- Janna 2/3/15
First time i recorded this build, and didn't go that well. Especially because the enemy team had a Twitch which forced me to buy Oracles sooner.

- Janna 1/3/22
Another not so great round. A decent start though, but we got terribly owned mid game.
With a lucky push we still won
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The runes i use are certainly NOT OPTIMAL. Reason is that I put in these runes is that I always used this since i started playing LoL and never bought more pages or more runes.

Although I think they are not that bad (extra MR, extra health), I can see why you would prefer other runes. Janna is extremely mana hungry and MP5 runes would be great for instance. If you have a suggestion, please write in the comments.
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My masteries are a basic 0/9/21, with focus in extra armor and health in the defense tree and extra gold and Clearvoyance/Clarity improvement in utility tree.
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Summoner Spells

I mainly use these two summoner spells:

Pretty straightforward spell for a support champion. Gives the needed Sauron's eye in the place you want to take a peek.

Yep, that's pretty much what i see every time i pick Janna in the champion selection. Janna is pretty mana hungry as i said in the rune section. Her ultimate costs 200/275/350 mana and her shield 70/80/90/100/110. When the moment comes you get ganked and you are low on mana, this WILL be a life saver.

Also, don't think only about yourself. Your AD carry would love to have a fresh new batch of mana when she just unloaded most of her abilities.

As an alternative, Heal can be used as well since Janna's lack of any healing abilities besides her ultimate.

So why no Flash? Flash on a support is very debatable. I tried to explain it on the official forum a few times but most users are to ignorant to listen.
A support is a backliner, meaning that she will not go in the middle of a battle. Her position should be behind as many champions and minions as possible.

Flash has two uses:
- To get into battles
- To escape from battles

Janna doesn't need to get INTO battles. She needs to stay around them, popping Howling Gale from a safe distance (1700 range), putting Eye of the Storm on friendly carries (range 800) and slowing enemies with Zephyr who try to escape or who try to attack you or your carry (range 600).

"But you need flash to get in the middle of a teamfight and use Monsoon."
Don't forget your movement speed and the anti-collision effect of Zehpyr. You can get very fast to your teammates who need the heal.
Also if your team is good, they will fall back, which means THEY MOVE TO YOU.

And then there is flash to ESCAPE from battles. Again, do not forget your position as a backliner. To get to you, they need to pass all of your teammates. And you can also slow them, knock them up and race away with your movement speed.
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Items buying guide

As you may have seen, this build isn't very variable. I always buy the exact same stuff every round.

Gold items:
Philosopher's Stone Kage's Lucky Pick
These 3 items are your gold factory items. They give you health/mana regen, max health and some ability power. Avarice Blade is ofcourse out of the question since that item won't do anything good for Janna.

This is your only defensive item. It will give you (and your team in range) some extra armor, magic resistance and extra attack damage.

Yep, Boots of Mobility. Why you ask? With this and Zephyr you become a freaking racecar. When you are 5 seconds out of combat you gain a whooping 497 movement speed. Enough to outrun most of the champions. But that's not the only reason. I also find that these boots make recalling less of a pain. You can recall, buy wards, place wards, recall, buy new wards and race back to the action.

Early game:

Start with the basic support build:
1x 3xSight Ward 2x 1x

Put up wards in the river and in the bushes, yadiyadiya, you know the deal.

First return:

On your first return you should at least get Philosopher's Stone and Boots. If you have money left, buy some extra sight wards.

Optional: if you think you are good enough to stay alive, buy Oracle's Elixir and remove the wards from the enemy team in the river. This way you make sure that your jungler can approach your lane without getting spotted and it will force the enemy bot team to play more defensive. Oracle is an expensive item early game, so make sure that you do not take much risk when you buy it.

Early/Mid Game

You should get your 3 gold items and boots as fast as possible while still buying wards in between. When you got all of the gold items it's time to build your Aegis of the Legion. Note that at this fase you will have some gold and inventory issues. INFORM YOUR TEAM THAT AT THIS POINT YOU WILL BUY LESS WARDS UNTIL YOU FINISHED AEGIS! I encountered a lot that the team started to get used of you buying wards and when they suddenly drop, they will whine about it. You should tell them that for the next 5/10 minutes they should all buy their own wards.

Mid/Late game

When you got your Aegis, it's time to start buying wards. And a lot of them. At this point of the game, i usually have 10 wards up and at least 5 in my inventory at all times. Stick with the team and make sure you pick up assists by either shielding/healing your team or slowing/knocking up your opponents. Assists = gold and gold = wards.

Late game

In late game, you have little influence of the battle. You aren't strong enough to deal significant damage or stay alive long enough in the middle of a teamfight. You should use your speed to pop in and out of battles, slowing opponents and shielding your carries. But when you can't seem to win teamfights, it's time to upgrade some of your gold items.

Problem: We do enough damage, but the enemy team keeps getting away
Solution: Philosopher's Stone => .
Upgrade your Phil.Stone to a Shurelya's to get the extra team wide speed buff.

Problem: We lack damage / They have very high health
Solution: Kage's Lucky Pick =>
Deathfire Grasp can do some significant damage that they won't expect from a support. It also slightly boosts your Ability Power which might give your team the edge to win a fight.

Problem: The AD carry is raping us
Solution: =>
A great anti-carry item that slows movement and attack speed of the enemy team on activation.

If these items still not help, then your team just sucks. You might want to sell some of the stuff and adapt to it, but I doubt that if this doesn't help, nothing will.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NyteMyre
NyteMyre Janna Guide
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Janna - Gold/Ward Factory

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